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If a protein meets these conditions... i

Common conditions

    • Matches HAMAP signature MF_00963
    • taxon = Bacteria
    • fragment ≠ the sequence is fragmented

Special conditions

    • Subsequence at position 379 - 449 aligns to entry P00579 (individually applies "Sigma-70 factor domain-2")
    • Subsequence at position 403 - 406 aligns to "D-[LI]-[IVLF]-[QE]" in entry P00579 (individually applies "Interaction with polymerase core subunit RpoC")
    • Subsequence at position 458 - 534 aligns to entry P00579 (individually applies "Sigma-70 factor domain-3")
    • Subsequence at position 547 - 600 aligns to entry P00579 (individually applies "Sigma-70 factor domain-4")
    • Subsequence at position 573 - 592 aligns to entry P00579 (individually applies "H-T-H motif")

... then these annotations are applied i

Protein namesi

  • Recommended name:
    RNA polymerase sigma factor RpoD
    Alternative name(s):
  • Recommended name:
    RNA polymerase sigma factor SigA

Gene namesi

  • Name:rpoD
  • Name:sigA

Sequence similaritiesi


  • Sigma factors are initiation factors that promote the attachment of RNA polymerase to specific initiation sites and are then released. This sigma factor is the primary sigma factor during exponential growth.

Subcellular locationi

Subunit structurei

  • Interacts transiently with the RNA polymerase catalytic core.


  • Interaction with polymerase core subunit RpoC (to residues corresponding to positions 403 - 406)


  • Sigma-70 factor domain-2 (to residues corresponding to positions 379 - 449)
  • Sigma-70 factor domain-3 (to residues corresponding to positions 458 - 534)
  • Sigma-70 factor domain-4 (to residues corresponding to positions 547 - 600)

DNA bindingi

  • H-T-H motif (to residues corresponding to positions 573 - 592)


GO (Gene Ontology) termsi