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The annotation and conditions in this rule are derived from the following entries: P39815 (TRMFO_BACSU), Q9S449 (TRMFO_MYXXD)

If a protein meets these conditions... i

Common conditions

    • Matches HAMAP signature MF_01037
    • taxon = Bacteria
    • fragment ≠ the sequence is fragmented

Special conditions

    • Subsequence at position 10 - 15 aligns to "G-x-G-[LIM]-[AS]-G" in entry P39815

... then these annotations are applied i

Protein namei

  • Recommended name:
    Methylenetetrahydrofolate--tRNA-(uracil-5-)-methyltransferase TrmFO (EC:
    Alternative name(s):
    Folate-dependent tRNA(M-5-U54)-methyltransferase
    Folate-dependent tRNA (uracil-5-)-methyltransferase

Gene namei

  • Name:trmFO

Catalytic activityi

  • 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate + uracil(54) in tRNA + FADH2 = tetrahydrofolate + 5-methyluracil(54) in tRNA + FAD.

Sequence similaritiesi


Subcellular locationi


  • Catalyzes the folate-dependent formation of 5-methyl-uridine at position 54 (M-5-U54) in all tRNAs.

Nucleotide bindingi

  • FAD (to residues corresponding to positions 10 - 15)


GO (Gene Ontology) termsi