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The annotation and conditions in this rule are derived from the following entries: P69222 (IF1_ECOLI), Q5SHR1 (IF1_THET8)

If a protein meets these conditions... i

Common conditions

    • Matches HAMAP signature MF_00075
    • taxon = Bacteria
    • fragment ≠ the sequence is fragmented
    • Matches HAMAP signature MF_00075
    • gene location = Plastid
    • fragment ≠ the sequence is fragmented

Special conditions

    • gene location = Plastid; Chloroplast
    • gene location ≠ Plastid; Chloroplast

... then these annotations are applied i

Protein namesi

  • Recommended name:
    Translation initiation factor IF-1, chloroplastic
  • Recommended name:
    Translation initiation factor IF-1

Gene namei

  • Name:infA

Subcellular locationi

Subunit structurei

  • Component of the 30S ribosomal translation pre-initiation complex which assembles on the 30S ribosome in the order IF-2 and IF-3, IF-1 and N-formylmethionyl-tRNA(fMet); mRNA recruitment can occur at any time during PIC assembly.

Sequence similaritiesi


  • One of the essential components for the initiation of protein synthesis. Stabilizes the binding of IF-2 and IF-3 on the 30S subunit to which N-formylmethionyl-tRNA(fMet) subsequently binds. Helps modulate mRNA selection, yielding the 30S pre-initiation complex (PIC). Upon addition of the 50S ribosomal subunit IF-1, IF-2 and IF-3 are released leaving the mature 70S translation initation complex.

Modified residuei

  • Phosphotyrosine (to residues corresponding to position 60)


GO (Gene Ontology) termsi