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Submitted name:

AraC family transcriptional regulator



Escherichia coli
Unreviewed-Annotation score: -Protein predictedi

Names & Taxonomyi

Protein namesi
Submitted name:
AraC family transcriptional regulatorImported
Submitted name:
Putative regulatory proteinImported
Submitted name:
Putative transcriptional regulatorImported
Submitted name:
Putative transcriptional regulator YgiVImported
Submitted name:
Transcription activator effector binding proteinImported
Submitted name:
Transcriptional regulatorImported
Submitted name:
Transcriptional regulator, effector binding domain proteinImported
Submitted name:
Transcriptional repressor for mcbR biofilm proteinImported
Gene namesi
ORF Names:A8C65_08470Imported, A9R57_08115Imported, ACU57_05145Imported, AKN40_0749Imported, AM266_09970Imported, AM333_00985Imported, AM341_17190Imported, AUQ13_02225Imported, BHS87_17095Imported, BJJ90_03625Imported, BK248_17645Imported, BMR12_03060Imported, BMR49_17090Imported, BMT91_14665Imported, BMT94_12100Imported, BUE81_02815Imported, BW690_03810Imported, BZL31_12665Imported, CA268_25475Imported, CA593_11205Imported, CIJ94_22555Imported, CR534_03925Imported, CRN68_23405Imported, CTI76_21635Imported, EC1094V2_628Imported, EC3234A_51c00780Imported, EL79_0683Imported, EL80_0675Imported, ERS085365_00343Imported, ERS085366_01707Imported, ERS085416_02287Imported, ERS139211_00693Imported, ERS150873_01635Imported, HMPREF3040_02130Imported, PGD_04093Imported, SK85_03337Imported, WR15_10490Imported
OrganismiEscherichia coliImported
Taxonomic identifieri562 [NCBI]
Taxonomic lineageiBacteriaProteobacteriaGammaproteobacteriaEnterobacteralesEnterobacteriaceaeEscherichia
  • UP000184168 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000044893 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000229255 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000193530 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000194908 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000030018 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000203621 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000188758 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000188724 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000070045 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000234324 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000037564 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000042305 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000040934 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000070450 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000185422 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000036012 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000051850 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000230960 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000186204 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000223505 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000050556 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000188855 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000233768 Componenti: Chromosome iv
  • UP000222175 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000196822 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000029988 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000230043 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000095183 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000077380 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000194199 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000041959 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000194331 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000216687 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000045242 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000225731 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence

Family & Domainsi

Domains and Repeats

Feature keyPosition(s)DescriptionActionsGraphical viewLength
Domaini6 – 160AraC_E_bindInterPro annotationAdd BLAST155

Phylogenomic databases

eggNOGiENOG4105F4I. Bacteria.
COG3449. LUCA.

Family and domain databases

Gene3Di3.20.80.10. 1 hit.
InterProiView protein in InterPro
IPR010499. AraC_E-bd.
IPR029442. GyrI-like.
IPR011256. Reg_factor_effector_dom_sf.
PfamiView protein in Pfam
PF06445. GyrI-like. 1 hit.
SMARTiView protein in SMART
SM00871. AraC_E_bind. 1 hit.
SUPFAMiSSF55136. SSF55136. 1 hit.


Sequence statusi: Complete.

W8SUC2-1 [UniParc]FASTAAdd to basket

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        10         20         30         40         50
60 70 80 90 100
110 120 130 140 150
Mass (Da):17,827
Last modified:May 14, 2014 - v1

Sequence databases

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Links Updated
CP017631 Genomic DNA. Translation: APT01173.1.
CP021175 Genomic DNA. Translation: ARR33632.1.
CP021202 Genomic DNA. Translation: ARR62470.1.
CP012378 Genomic DNA. Translation: ASO77575.1.
CP023960 Genomic DNA. Translation: ATM83491.1.
CP024851 Genomic DNA. Translation: ATX40423.1.
CP024859 Genomic DNA. Translation: ATX53347.1.
CP024127 Genomic DNA. Translation: AUK20394.1.
HG976963 Genomic DNA. Translation: CDU41092.1.
CYAQ01000002 Genomic DNA. Translation: CTR84833.1.
CYAV01000014 Genomic DNA. Translation: CTS71614.1.
CYDH01000005 Genomic DNA. Translation: CTV21025.1.
CYCX01000016 Genomic DNA. Translation: CTV94764.1.
CYFX01000007 Genomic DNA. Translation: CTZ28212.1.
JPKL01000009 Genomic DNA. Translation: KGM83672.1.
JPMZ01000002 Genomic DNA. Translation: KGM85603.1.
LEUM01000019 Genomic DNA. Translation: KLX94929.1.
LGZN01000024 Genomic DNA. Translation: KNF69831.1.
LDYI01000041 Genomic DNA. Translation: KPO16300.1.
LIVE01000013 Genomic DNA. Translation: KQJ16139.1.
LSNZ01000077 Genomic DNA. Translation: KXG99369.1.
LOOZ01000005 Genomic DNA. Translation: KXR93888.1.
LCVH01000051 Genomic DNA. Translation: OAC42988.1.
LZEH01000113 Genomic DNA. Translation: OEI65328.1.
MOFD01000033 Genomic DNA. Translation: OJK74052.1.
MSEK01000019 Genomic DNA. Translation: OLR88908.1.
MTKH01000023 Genomic DNA. Translation: ONG31247.1.
MOZG01000014 Genomic DNA. Translation: OOJ07109.1.
MPAF01000025 Genomic DNA. Translation: OOK27226.1.
NAFT01000064 Genomic DNA. Translation: ORT00925.1.
MUAB01000022 Genomic DNA. Translation: OUK51106.1.
LYBG01000519 Genomic DNA. Translation: OWD72239.1.
NQIT01000090 Genomic DNA. Translation: OZX91942.1.
MOXU01000003 Genomic DNA. Translation: PGG42004.1.
NXOH01000021 Genomic DNA. Translation: PHL44188.1.
PEQI01000133 Genomic DNA. Translation: PIM56323.1.
LT883142 Genomic DNA. Translation: SMZ43724.1.
RefSeqiWP_000183505.1. NZ_PIZJ01000066.1.

Genome annotation databases

EnsemblBacteriaiAOT31257; AOT31257; FORC31_0791.
CDU41092; CDU41092; PGD_04093.
CTR84833; CTR84833; ERS085365_00343.
CTS71614; CTS71614; ERS085366_01707.
CTV21025; CTV21025; ERS139211_00693.
CTV94764; CTV94764; ERS085416_02287.
CTZ28212; CTZ28212; ERS150873_01635.
KGM83672; KGM83672; EL80_0675.
KGM85603; KGM85603; EL79_0683.
KHH09560; KHH09560; PU69_08510.
KIG75019; KIG75019; PU38_24670.
KIH35128; KIH35128; PD07_15940.
KLG80387; KLG80387; WR12_00665.
KLX93413; KLX93413; SK83_00493.
KLX94929; KLX94929; SK85_03337.
KNF69831; KNF69831; WR15_10490.
KPO16300; KPO16300; ACU57_05145.
KQJ16139; KQJ16139; AM266_09970.
KXG99369; KXG99369; HMPREF3040_02130.
KXQ38548; KXQ38548; AUQ01_17145.
KZJ62236; KZJ62236; AWG90_23490.
OAC42988; OAC42988; EC3234A_51c00780.
OAS85584; OAS85584; A6I92_18235.
ODH22829; ODH22829; A6804_12635.
ODH31785; ODH31785; A6803_05995.
OEI65328; OEI65328; A9R57_08115.

Similar proteinsi

Entry informationi

Entry nameiW8SUC2_ECOLX
AccessioniPrimary (citable) accession number: W8SUC2
Entry historyiIntegrated into UniProtKB/TrEMBL: May 14, 2014
Last sequence update: May 14, 2014
Last modified: March 28, 2018
This is version 43 of the entry and version 1 of the sequence. See complete history.
Entry statusiUnreviewed (UniProtKB/TrEMBL)


Keywords - Technical termi

Complete proteomeImported