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    "The genome sequence of Schizosaccharomyces pombe."
    Wood V., Gwilliam R., Rajandream M.A., Lyne M.H., Lyne R., Stewart A., Sgouros J.G., Peat N., Hayles J., Baker S.G., Basham D., Bowman S., Brooks K., Brown D., Brown S., Chillingworth T., Churcher C.M., Collins M.
    , Connor R., Cronin A., Davis P., Feltwell T., Fraser A., Gentles S., Goble A., Hamlin N., Harris D.E., Hidalgo J., Hodgson G., Holroyd S., Hornsby T., Howarth S., Huckle E.J., Hunt S., Jagels K., James K.D., Jones L., Jones M., Leather S., McDonald S., McLean J., Mooney P., Moule S., Mungall K.L., Murphy L.D., Niblett D., Odell C., Oliver K., O'Neil S., Pearson D., Quail M.A., Rabbinowitsch E., Rutherford K.M., Rutter S., Saunders D., Seeger K., Sharp S., Skelton J., Simmonds M.N., Squares R., Squares S., Stevens K., Taylor K., Taylor R.G., Tivey A., Walsh S.V., Warren T., Whitehead S., Woodward J.R., Volckaert G., Aert R., Robben J., Grymonprez B., Weltjens I., Vanstreels E., Rieger M., Schaefer M., Mueller-Auer S., Gabel C., Fuchs M., Duesterhoeft A., Fritzc C., Holzer E., Moestl D., Hilbert H., Borzym K., Langer I., Beck A., Lehrach H., Reinhardt R., Pohl T.M., Eger P., Zimmermann W., Wedler H., Wambutt R., Purnelle B., Goffeau A., Cadieu E., Dreano S., Gloux S., Lelaure V., Mottier S., Galibert F., Aves S.J., Xiang Z., Hunt C., Moore K., Hurst S.M., Lucas M., Rochet M., Gaillardin C., Tallada V.A., Garzon A., Thode G., Daga R.R., Cruzado L., Jimenez J., Sanchez M., del Rey F., Benito J., Dominguez A., Revuelta J.L., Moreno S., Armstrong J., Forsburg S.L., Cerutti L., Lowe T., McCombie W.R., Paulsen I., Potashkin J., Shpakovski G.V., Ussery D., Barrell B.G., Nurse P.
    Nature 415:871-880(2002) [PubMed] [Europe PMC] [Abstract]
    Category: Sequences.
    Source: UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot (reviewed).

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    Category: Pathology & Biotech.
    Source: PomBase:SPBPB8B6.05c.

    This publication is mapped to 4828 other entries.

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    "A genome-wide resource of cell cycle and cell shape genes of fission yeast."
    Hayles J., Wood V., Jeffery L., Hoe K.L., Kim D.U., Park H.O., Salas-Pino S., Heichinger C., Nurse P.
    Open Biol 3:130053-130053(2013) [PubMed] [Europe PMC] [Abstract]
    Category: Pathology & Biotech.
    Source: PomBase:SPBPB8B6.05c.

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    "A Degenerate Cohort of Yeast Membrane Trafficking DUBs Mediates Cell Polarity and Survival."
    Beckley J.R., Chen J.S., Yang Y., Peng J., Gould K.L.
    Mol. Cell Proteomics 14:3132-3141(2015) [PubMed] [Europe PMC] [Abstract]
    Category: PTM / Processing.
    Source: PomBase:SPBPB8B6.05c.

    This publication is mapped to 496 other entries.

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