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Lamina-associated polypeptide 2, isoforms beta/delta/epsilon/gamma



Mus musculus (Mouse)
Reviewed-Annotation score: Annotation score: 5 out of 5-Experimental evidence at protein leveli


May help direct the assembly of the nuclear lamina and thereby help maintain the structural organization of the nuclear envelope. Possible receptor for attachment of lamin filaments to the inner nuclear membrane. May be involved in the control of initiation of DNA replication through its interaction with NAKAP95 (By similarity).By similarity

GO - Molecular functioni

GO - Biological processi

  • regulation of transcription, DNA-templated Source: MGI
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Keywords - Ligandi


Names & Taxonomyi

Protein namesi
Recommended name:
Lamina-associated polypeptide 2, isoforms beta/delta/epsilon/gamma
Alternative name(s):
Thymopoietin isoforms beta/delta/epsilon/gamma
Short name:
TP beta/delta/epsilon/gamma
Gene namesi
OrganismiMus musculus (Mouse)
Taxonomic identifieri10090 [NCBI]
Taxonomic lineageiEukaryotaMetazoaChordataCraniataVertebrataEuteleostomiMammaliaEutheriaEuarchontogliresGliresRodentiaSciurognathiMuroideaMuridaeMurinaeMusMus
ProteomesiUP000000589 Componenti: Chromosome 10

Organism-specific databases

MGIiMGI:106920. Tmpo.

Subcellular locationi


Feature keyPosition(s)LengthDescriptionGraphical viewFeature identifierActions
Transmembranei410 – 43021Helical; Signal-anchor for type II membrane proteinSequence analysisAdd
Topological domaini431 – 45222LumenalSequence analysisAdd

GO - Cellular componenti

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Keywords - Cellular componenti

Chromosome, Membrane, Nucleus

PTM / Processingi

Molecule processing

Feature keyPosition(s)LengthDescriptionGraphical viewFeature identifierActions
Chaini1 – 452452Lamina-associated polypeptide 2, isoforms beta/delta/epsilon/gammaPRO_0000206146Add

Amino acid modifications

Feature keyPosition(s)LengthDescriptionGraphical viewFeature identifierActions
Modified residuei59 – 591PhosphoserineBy similarity
Modified residuei66 – 661PhosphoserineCombined sources
Modified residuei67 – 671PhosphoserineCombined sources
Modified residuei74 – 741PhosphothreonineCombined sources1 Publication
Modified residuei79 – 791PhosphoserineBy similarity
Modified residuei82 – 821PhosphoserineCombined sources
Modified residuei153 – 1531PhosphothreonineCombined sources
Modified residuei155 – 1551PhosphoserineCombined sources
Modified residuei158 – 1581PhosphoserineCombined sources
Modified residuei159 – 1591PhosphothreonineCombined sources1 Publication
Modified residuei163 – 1631PhosphothreonineBy similarity
Modified residuei165 – 1651PhosphoserineCombined sources
Modified residuei167 – 1671PhosphoserineCombined sources
Modified residuei176 – 1761Phosphoserine1 Publication
Modified residuei179 – 1791Phosphoserine; by PKC1 Publication
Modified residuei206 – 2061N6-acetyllysineCombined sources
Modified residuei210 – 2101PhosphothreonineBy similarity
Modified residuei264 – 2641PhosphoserineBy similarity
Modified residuei291 – 2911PhosphoserineBy similarity
Modified residuei305 – 3051PhosphoserineCombined sources
Modified residuei306 – 3061PhosphoserineCombined sources
Modified residuei311 – 3111PhosphothreonineBy similarity
Modified residuei314 – 3141PhosphoserineBy similarity
Modified residuei319 – 3191Citrulline1 Publication
Modified residuei361 – 3611PhosphoserineCombined sources
Modified residuei384 – 3841PhosphoserineBy similarity
Modified residuei388 – 3881N6-acetyllysineCombined sources
Isoform Zeta (identifier: Q61033-2)
Modified residuei206 – 206 Error

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