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Cathepsin L2

Fasciola hepatica (Liver fluke)
Reviewed-Annotation score: Annotation score: 3 out of 5-Experimental evidence at protein leveli


Thiol protease that assists the parasite in burrowing through the gut wall and liver of its mammalian host.

Catalytic activityi

Specificity close to that of papain. As compared to cathepsin B, cathepsin L exhibits higher activity toward protein substrates, but has little activity on Z-Arg-Arg-NHMec, and no peptidyl-dipeptidase activity.

GO - Molecular functioni


Molecular functionHydrolase, Protease, Thiol protease

Enzyme and pathway databases

BRENDAi3.4.22.B60. 2230.

Protein family/group databases


Names & Taxonomyi

Protein namesi
Recommended name:
Cathepsin L2 (EC:
OrganismiFasciola hepatica (Liver fluke)
Taxonomic identifieri6192 [NCBI]
Taxonomic lineageiEukaryotaMetazoaPlatyhelminthesTrematodaDigeneaPlagiorchiidaEchinostomataEchinostomatoideaFasciolidaeFasciola

Subcellular locationi

GO - Cellular componenti

Keywords - Cellular componenti


PTM / Processingi

Molecule processing

Feature keyPosition(s)DescriptionActionsGraphical viewLength
ChainiPRO_00000505391 – ›14Cathepsin L2Add BLAST›14

Keywords - PTMi

Disulfide bond


Subunit structurei

Dimer of a heavy and a light chain linked by disulfide bonds.

Family & Domainsi

Sequence similaritiesi

Belongs to the peptidase C1 family.PROSITE-ProRule annotation


Sequence statusi: Fragment.

Mass (Da):1,605
Last modified:October 1, 1994 - v1

Experimental Info

Feature keyPosition(s)DescriptionActionsGraphical viewLength
Non-terminal residuei141

Sequence databases


Similar proteinsi

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100%UniRef100 combines identical sequences and sub-fragments with 11 or more residues from any organism into one UniRef entry.
90%UniRef90 is built by clustering UniRef100 sequences that have at least 90% sequence identity to, and 80% overlap with, the longest sequence (a.k.a seed sequence).
50%UniRef50 is built by clustering UniRef90 seed sequences that have at least 50% sequence identity to, and 80% overlap with, the longest sequence in the cluster.

Entry informationi

Entry nameiCATL2_FASHE
AccessioniPrimary (citable) accession number: P80342
Entry historyiIntegrated into UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: October 1, 1994
Last sequence update: October 1, 1994
Last modified: February 17, 2016
This is version 63 of the entry and version 1 of the sequence. See complete history.
Entry statusiReviewed (UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot)


Keywords - Technical termi

Direct protein sequencing


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