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Ras-like GTP-binding protein Rho1



Drosophila melanogaster (Fruit fly)
Reviewed-Annotation score: Annotation score: 5 out of 5-Experimental evidence at protein leveli


Has a role in regulating actin cytoskeletal organization: required during early development for proper execution of morphogenetic movements of individual cells and groups of cells important for the formation of the embryonic body plan (PubMed:10556060, PubMed:25739458). Plays a role in regulating dorsal closure during embryogenesis (PubMed:10556060, PubMed:10323867). During embryogenesis, acts upstream of wash to regulate the developmental migration of tail hemocytes anteriorly along the ventral midline (PubMed:25739458). May have a role in eye development (PubMed:7835340).4 Publications


Feature keyPosition(s)DescriptionActionsGraphical viewLength
Nucleotide bindingi12 – 19GTPBy similarity8
Nucleotide bindingi59 – 63GTPBy similarity5
Nucleotide bindingi117 – 120GTPBy similarity4

GO - Molecular functioni

  • actin binding Source: UniProtKB-KW
  • GTPase activity Source: FlyBase
  • GTP binding Source: UniProtKB-KW
  • kinase binding Source: FlyBase

GO - Biological processi

  • actin cytoskeleton organization Source: FlyBase
  • actin cytoskeleton reorganization Source: FlyBase
  • actin filament bundle assembly Source: FlyBase
  • actin filament organization Source: FlyBase
  • actin-mediated cell contraction Source: FlyBase
  • adherens junction maintenance Source: FlyBase
  • axon guidance Source: FlyBase
  • border follicle cell migration Source: FlyBase
  • cell elongation involved in imaginal disc-derived wing morphogenesis Source: FlyBase
  • cellularization Source: FlyBase
  • cellular protein localization Source: FlyBase
  • compound eye morphogenesis Source: FlyBase
  • cortical actin cytoskeleton organization Source: FlyBase
  • dendrite morphogenesis Source: FlyBase
  • dendrite self-avoidance Source: FlyBase
  • determination of left/right symmetry Source: FlyBase
  • dorsal closure Source: UniProtKB
  • dorsal closure, leading edge cell differentiation Source: FlyBase
  • dorsal closure, spreading of leading edge cells Source: FlyBase
  • endocytic recycling Source: FlyBase
  • endocytosis Source: FlyBase
  • epidermal growth factor receptor signaling pathway Source: FlyBase
  • establishment of planar polarity of embryonic epithelium Source: FlyBase
  • establishment of protein localization Source: FlyBase
  • establishment or maintenance of actin cytoskeleton polarity Source: FlyBase
  • gastrulation involving germ band extension Source: FlyBase
  • germ-band extension Source: FlyBase
  • glial cell migration Source: FlyBase
  • hemocyte migration Source: FlyBase
  • imaginal disc-derived leg morphogenesis Source: FlyBase
  • imaginal disc-derived wing hair organization Source: FlyBase
  • lumen formation, open tracheal system Source: FlyBase
  • maintenance of epithelial cell apical/basal polarity Source: FlyBase
  • melanization defense response Source: FlyBase
  • mitotic actomyosin contractile ring assembly Source: FlyBase
  • mitotic cytokinesis Source: FlyBase
  • motor neuron axon guidance Source: FlyBase
  • negative regulation of canonical Wnt signaling pathway Source: FlyBase
  • neuroblast proliferation Source: FlyBase
  • neuron projection morphogenesis Source: FlyBase
  • open tracheal system development Source: FlyBase
  • peripheral nervous system development Source: FlyBase
  • positive regulation of protein serine/threonine kinase activity Source: UniProtKB
  • positive regulation of wound healing Source: FlyBase
  • posterior midgut invagination Source: FlyBase
  • protein localization involved in establishment of planar polarity Source: FlyBase
  • protein localization to adherens junction Source: FlyBase
  • pseudocleavage involved in syncytial blastoderm formation Source: FlyBase
  • regulation of axonogenesis Source: FlyBase
  • regulation of cell migration Source: FlyBase
  • regulation of cytoskeleton organization Source: FlyBase
  • regulation of embryonic cell shape Source: FlyBase
  • regulation of filopodium assembly Source: FlyBase
  • regulation of locomotor rhythm Source: FlyBase
  • regulation of Malpighian tubule size Source: FlyBase
  • regulation of myoblast fusion Source: FlyBase
  • regulation of tube length, open tracheal system Source: FlyBase
  • salivary gland morphogenesis Source: FlyBase
  • small GTPase mediated signal transduction Source: InterPro
  • spiracle morphogenesis, open tracheal system Source: FlyBase
  • ventral furrow formation Source: FlyBase
  • visual perception Source: UniProtKB-KW
  • wound healing Source: FlyBase


Molecular functionActin-binding, Developmental protein
Biological processSensory transduction, Vision
LigandGTP-binding, Nucleotide-binding

Enzyme and pathway databases

ReactomeiR-DME-114604. GPVI-mediated activation cascade.
R-DME-193634. Axonal growth inhibition (RHOA activation).
R-DME-194840. Rho GTPase cycle.
R-DME-198203. PI3K/AKT activation.
R-DME-2173791. TGF-beta receptor signaling in EMT (epithelial to mesenchymal transition).
R-DME-350368. Activation of RHO1 by FZ:DSH complex.
R-DME-350407. RHO1 GTPase cycle.
R-DME-350480. Activation of non-muscle Myosin II.
R-DME-392451. G beta:gamma signalling through PI3Kgamma.
R-DME-3928662. EPHB-mediated forward signaling.
R-DME-3928663. EPHA-mediated growth cone collapse.
R-DME-4086400. PCP/CE pathway.
R-DME-416482. G alpha (12/13) signalling events.
R-DME-416572. Sema4D induced cell migration and growth-cone collapse.
R-DME-4420097. VEGFA-VEGFR2 Pathway.
R-DME-450728. Inhibition of actin polymerisation.
R-DME-5625740. RHO GTPases activate PKNs.
R-DME-5625900. RHO GTPases activate CIT.
R-DME-5627117. RHO GTPases Activate ROCKs.
R-DME-5663220. RHO GTPases Activate Formins.
R-DME-5666185. RHO GTPases Activate Rhotekin and Rhophilins.
R-DME-5689896. Ovarian tumor domain proteases.
R-DME-6785631. ERBB2 Regulates Cell Motility.
R-DME-6798695. Neutrophil degranulation.
R-DME-8849471. PTK6 Regulates RHO GTPases, RAS GTPase and MAP kinases.

Names & Taxonomyi

Protein namesi
Recommended name:
Ras-like GTP-binding protein Rho1
Gene namesi
ORF Names:CG8416Imported
OrganismiDrosophila melanogaster (Fruit fly)
Taxonomic identifieri7227 [NCBI]
Taxonomic lineageiEukaryotaMetazoaEcdysozoaArthropodaHexapodaInsectaPterygotaNeopteraHolometabolaDipteraBrachyceraMuscomorphaEphydroideaDrosophilidaeDrosophilaSophophora
  • UP000000803 Componenti: Chromosome 2R

Organism-specific databases

FlyBaseiFBgn0014020. Rho1.

Subcellular locationi

Extracellular region or secreted Cytosol Plasma membrane Cytoskeleton Lysosome Endosome Peroxisome ER Golgi apparatus Nucleus Mitochondrion Manual annotation Automatic computational assertionGraphics by Christian Stolte; Source: COMPARTMENTS

Keywords - Cellular componenti

Cell membrane, Cytoplasm, Cytoskeleton, Membrane

Pathology & Biotechi

Disruption phenotypei

Embryonic lethal. Embryos exhibit severe defects in head involution and imperfect dorsal closure. During head involution, the head structures fail to internalize resulting in holes in the dorsal anterior region of the cuticle. The disruption in the dorsal surface stretches the ventral surface, causing the cuticle to bow.1 Publication


Feature keyPosition(s)DescriptionActionsGraphical viewLength
Mutagenesisi27 – 29KDQ → AAA: Reduces binding to wash. Reduces the number of hemocytes migrating anteriorly from the tail during embryogenesis. 1 Publication3
Mutagenesisi39F → V: No effect on binding to wash and no effect on tail hemocyte developmental migration from the tail. 1 Publication1
Mutagenesisi51 – 54KQVE → AAAA: No effect on binding to wash. 1 Publication4

PTM / Processingi

Molecule processing

Feature keyPosition(s)DescriptionActionsGraphical viewLength
ChainiPRO_00001988851 – 189Ras-like GTP-binding protein Rho1Add BLAST189
PropeptideiPRO_0000281238190 – 192Removed in mature formBy similarity3

Amino acid modifications

Feature keyPosition(s)DescriptionActionsGraphical viewLength
Modified residuei189Cysteine methyl esterBy similarity1
Lipidationi189S-geranylgeranyl cysteineBy similarity1

Keywords - PTMi

Lipoprotein, Methylation, Prenylation

Proteomic databases



Tissue specificityi

Expressed in hemocytes (at protein level).1 Publication

Gene expression databases

GenevisibleiP48148. DM.


Subunit structurei

Interacts with capu (PubMed:10556060). Interacts (via REM repeats) with Pkn (via N-terminus) (PubMed:10323867, PubMed:17507675). Interacts (via N-terminus) with wash (via N-terminus) (PubMed:25739458).3 Publications

GO - Molecular functioni

  • actin binding Source: UniProtKB-KW
  • kinase binding Source: FlyBase

Protein-protein interaction databases

BioGridi62500. 88 interactors.
IntActiP48148. 1 interactor.


3D structure databases


Family & Domainsi


Feature keyPosition(s)DescriptionActionsGraphical viewLength
Motifi34 – 42Effector regionSequence analysis9

Sequence similaritiesi

Belongs to the small GTPase superfamily. Rho family.Curated

Phylogenomic databases

eggNOGiKOG0393. Eukaryota.
COG1100. LUCA.

Family and domain databases

InterProiView protein in InterPro
IPR027417. P-loop_NTPase.
IPR005225. Small_GTP-bd_dom.
IPR001806. Small_GTPase.
IPR003578. Small_GTPase_Rho.
PfamiView protein in Pfam
PF00071. Ras. 1 hit.
SUPFAMiSSF52540. SSF52540. 1 hit.
TIGRFAMsiTIGR00231. small_GTP. 1 hit.
PROSITEiView protein in PROSITE
PS51420. RHO. 1 hit.


Sequence statusi: Complete.

Sequence processingi: The displayed sequence is further processed into a mature form.

P48148-1 [UniParc]FASTAAdd to basket

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110 120 130 140 150
160 170 180 190
Mass (Da):21,723
Last modified:February 1, 1996 - v1

Sequence databases

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Links Updated
L38311 mRNA. Translation: AAA67042.1.
AF177871 Genomic DNA. Translation: AAF01183.1.
AF177872 mRNA. Translation: AAF01184.1.
AF177873 mRNA. Translation: AAF01185.1.
AF177874 mRNA. Translation: AAF01186.1.
AE013599 Genomic DNA. Translation: AAM70944.1.
AE013599 Genomic DNA. Translation: AAM70945.1.
AE013599 Genomic DNA. Translation: AAM70946.1.
AE013599 Genomic DNA. Translation: AAS64843.1.
AE013599 Genomic DNA. Translation: AAS64844.1.
AY119536 mRNA. Translation: AAM50190.1.
BT010085 mRNA. Translation: AAQ22554.1.
RefSeqiNP_477098.1. NM_057750.4.
NP_599135.1. NM_134308.3.
NP_599136.1. NM_134309.2.
NP_725524.1. NM_166139.3.
NP_995849.1. NM_206127.2.
NP_995850.1. NM_206128.2.

Genome annotation databases

EnsemblMetazoaiFBtr0087211; FBpp0086353; FBgn0014020.
FBtr0087212; FBpp0086354; FBgn0014020.
FBtr0087213; FBpp0086355; FBgn0014020.
FBtr0087214; FBpp0086356; FBgn0014020.
FBtr0087216; FBpp0089129; FBgn0014020.
FBtr0087217; FBpp0089130; FBgn0014020.
UCSCiCG8416-RC. d. melanogaster.

Similar proteinsi

Entry informationi

Entry nameiRHO1_DROME
AccessioniPrimary (citable) accession number: P48148
Secondary accession number(s): A4UZI6, Q0E958, Q9V3J0
Entry historyiIntegrated into UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: February 1, 1996
Last sequence update: February 1, 1996
Last modified: February 28, 2018
This is version 172 of the entry and version 1 of the sequence. See complete history.
Entry statusiReviewed (UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot)
Annotation programDrosophila annotation project


Keywords - Technical termi

Complete proteome, Reference proteome