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Uridine phosphorylase



Lactobacillus rhamnosus
Reviewed-Annotation score: Annotation score: 3 out of 5-Experimental evidence at protein leveli


The enzymes which catalyze the reversible phosphorolysis of pyrimidine nucleosides are involved in the degradation of these compounds and in their utilization as carbon and energy sources, or in the rescue of pyrimidine bases for nucleotide synthesis.

Catalytic activityi

Uridine + phosphate = uracil + alpha-D-ribose 1-phosphate.

Pathwayi: UMP biosynthesis via salvage pathway

This protein is involved in step 1 of the subpathway that synthesizes uracil from uridine (phosphorylase route).
Proteins known to be involved in this subpathway in this organism are:
  1. Uridine phosphorylase (udp)
This subpathway is part of the pathway UMP biosynthesis via salvage pathway, which is itself part of Pyrimidine metabolism.
View all proteins of this organism that are known to be involved in the subpathway that synthesizes uracil from uridine (phosphorylase route), the pathway UMP biosynthesis via salvage pathway and in Pyrimidine metabolism.

GO - Molecular functioni

GO - Biological processi


Molecular functionGlycosyltransferase, Transferase

Enzyme and pathway databases

UniPathwayiUPA00574; UER00633.

Names & Taxonomyi

Protein namesi
Recommended name:
Uridine phosphorylase (EC:
Alternative name(s):
Gene namesi
OrganismiLactobacillus rhamnosus
Taxonomic identifieri47715 [NCBI]
Taxonomic lineageiBacteriaFirmicutesBacilliLactobacillalesLactobacillaceaeLactobacillus

PTM / Processingi

Molecule processing

Feature keyPosition(s)DescriptionActionsGraphical viewLength
ChainiPRO_00000631891 – ›23Uridine phosphorylaseAdd BLAST›23


Subunit structurei


Family & Domainsi

Sequence similaritiesi

Belongs to the PNP/UDP phosphorylase family.Curated

Family and domain databases

InterProiView protein in InterPro
IPR000888. dTDP_sugar_isom.
ProDomiView protein in ProDom or Entries sharing at least one domain
PD001462. dTDP_sugar_isom. 1 hit.


Sequence statusi: Fragment.

P19662-1 [UniParc]FASTAAdd to basket

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        10         20 
Mass (Da):2,630
Last modified:February 1, 1991 - v1

Experimental Info

Feature keyPosition(s)DescriptionActionsGraphical viewLength
Sequence uncertaintyi1R or S1
Sequence uncertaintyi7E or T1
Non-terminal residuei231

Sequence databases


Similar proteinsi

Links to similar proteins from the UniProt Reference Clusters (UniRef) at 100%, 90% and 50% sequence identity:
100%UniRef100 combines identical sequences and sub-fragments with 11 or more residues from any organism into one UniRef entry.
90%UniRef90 is built by clustering UniRef100 sequences that have at least 90% sequence identity to, and 80% overlap with, the longest sequence (a.k.a seed sequence).
50%UniRef50 is built by clustering UniRef90 seed sequences that have at least 50% sequence identity to, and 80% overlap with, the longest sequence in the cluster.

Entry informationi

Entry nameiUDP_LACRH
AccessioniPrimary (citable) accession number: P19662
Entry historyiIntegrated into UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: February 1, 1991
Last sequence update: February 1, 1991
Last modified: July 22, 2015
This is version 61 of the entry and version 1 of the sequence. See complete history.
Entry statusiReviewed (UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot)
Annotation programProkaryotic Protein Annotation Program


Keywords - Technical termi

Direct protein sequencing


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