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Mus musculus (Mouse)
Reviewed-Annotation score: Annotation score: 5 out of 5-Experimental evidence at protein leveli


Key component in the assembly and functioning of vertebrate striated muscles. By providing connections at the level of individual microfilaments, it contributes to the fine balance of forces between the two halves of the sarcomere. The size and extensibility of the cross-links are the main determinants of sarcomere extensibility properties of muscle. In non-muscle cells, seems to play a role in chromosome condensation and chromosome segregation during mitosis. Might link the lamina network to chromatin or nuclear actin, or both during interphase.By similarity2 Publications

Catalytic activityi

ATP + a protein = ADP + a phosphoprotein.By similarity


Mg2+By similarity

Enzyme regulationi

Full activation of the protein kinase domain requires both phosphorylation of Tyr-33203, preventing it from blocking the catalytic aspartate residue, and binding of Ca/CALM to the C-terminal regulatory tail of the molecule which results in ATP binding to the kinase.By similarity


Feature keyPosition(s)DescriptionActionsGraphical viewLength
Binding sitei33069ATPPROSITE-ProRule annotationBy similarity1
Active sitei33160Proton acceptorPROSITE-ProRule annotationBy similarity1


Feature keyPosition(s)DescriptionActionsGraphical viewLength
Nucleotide bindingi33046 – 33054ATPPROSITE-ProRule annotationBy similarity9

GO - Molecular functioni

GO - Biological processi

  • actin filament organization Source: GO_Central
  • adult heart development Source: MGI
  • cardiac muscle contraction Source: MGI
  • cardiac muscle fiber development Source: MGI
  • cardiac muscle hypertrophy Source: MGI
  • cardiac muscle tissue morphogenesis Source: MGI
  • cardiac myofibril assembly Source: MGI
  • detection of muscle stretch Source: MGI
  • forward locomotion Source: MGI
  • heart development Source: BHF-UCL
  • heart growth Source: MGI
  • heart morphogenesis Source: MGI
  • in utero embryonic development Source: MGI
  • muscle contraction Source: MGI
  • positive regulation of gene expression Source: MGI
  • positive regulation of protein secretion Source: MGI
  • protein kinase A signaling Source: MGI
  • regulation of catalytic activity Source: MGI
  • regulation of protein kinase activity Source: MGI
  • regulation of relaxation of cardiac muscle Source: BHF-UCL
  • response to calcium ion Source: MGI
  • sarcomere organization Source: MGI
  • sarcomerogenesis Source: MGI
  • skeletal muscle myosin thick filament assembly Source: MGI
  • skeletal muscle thin filament assembly Source: MGI
  • somitogenesis Source: BHF-UCL
  • striated muscle cell development Source: MGI
  • striated muscle contraction Source: GO_Central
  • striated muscle myosin thick filament assembly Source: GO_Central
  • ventricular system development Source: MGI


Molecular functionCalmodulin-binding, Kinase, Serine/threonine-protein kinase, Transferase
LigandATP-binding, Calcium, Magnesium, Metal-binding, Nucleotide-binding

Enzyme and pathway databases

ReactomeiR-MMU-114608. Platelet degranulation.
R-MMU-390522. Striated Muscle Contraction.

Names & Taxonomyi

Protein namesi
Recommended name:
Titin (EC:
Alternative name(s):
Gene namesi
OrganismiMus musculus (Mouse)
Taxonomic identifieri10090 [NCBI]
Taxonomic lineageiEukaryotaMetazoaChordataCraniataVertebrataEuteleostomiMammaliaEutheriaEuarchontogliresGliresRodentiaMyomorphaMuroideaMuridaeMurinaeMusMus
  • UP000000589 Componenti: Chromosome 2

Organism-specific databases

MGIiMGI:98864. Ttn.

Subcellular locationi

Extracellular region or secreted Cytosol Plasma membrane Cytoskeleton Lysosome Endosome Peroxisome ER Golgi apparatus Nucleus Mitochondrion Manual annotation Automatic computational assertionGraphics by Christian Stolte; Source: COMPARTMENTS

Keywords - Cellular componenti

Cytoplasm, Nucleus

PTM / Processingi

Molecule processing

Feature keyPosition(s)DescriptionActionsGraphical viewLength
ChainiPRO_00003116961 – 35213TitinAdd BLAST35213

Amino acid modifications

Feature keyPosition(s)DescriptionActionsGraphical viewLength
Modified residuei263Omega-N-methylarginineCombined sources1
Modified residuei264PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei266PhosphothreonineCombined sources1
Modified residuei278Omega-N-methylarginineCombined sources1
Modified residuei286Omega-N-methylarginineCombined sources1
Modified residuei296Asymmetric dimethylarginine; alternateCombined sources1
Modified residuei296Omega-N-methylarginine; alternateCombined sources1
Modified residuei299PhosphothreonineCombined sources1
Modified residuei301PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei304Omega-N-methylarginineCombined sources1
Modified residuei307PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei322PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei756PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Disulfide bondi967 ↔ 1018PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Modified residuei1251PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei1415PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei1420PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei1424PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei1429PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei1434PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Disulfide bondi1730 ↔ 1783PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Modified residuei2078PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei2080PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Disulfide bondi2202 ↔ 2252PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi3265 ↔ 3317PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Modified residuei3516PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei3784PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Disulfide bondi4365 ↔ 4416PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi4460 ↔ 4511PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi4553 ↔ 4604PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi4647 ↔ 4698PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi4740 ↔ 4791PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi5022 ↔ 5073PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi5209 ↔ 5260PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi5584 ↔ 5635PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi5771 ↔ 5822PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi5864 ↔ 5915PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi6146 ↔ 6197PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi6333 ↔ 6384PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi6426 ↔ 6477PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi6709 ↔ 6760PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi6988 ↔ 7039PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi7084 ↔ 7135PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi7180 ↔ 7231PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi7274 ↔ 7325PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi7367 ↔ 7418PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi7650 ↔ 7701PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi7929 ↔ 7980PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi8025 ↔ 8076PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi8121 ↔ 8172PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi8215 ↔ 8266PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi8308 ↔ 8359PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Modified residuei8387PhosphothreonineCombined sources1
Disulfide bondi8591 ↔ 8642PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi8870 ↔ 8921PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi8966 ↔ 9017PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi9062 ↔ 9113PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Modified residuei9144PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei9164PhosphoserineBy similarity1
Modified residuei9168PhosphothreonineBy similarity1
Disulfide bondi9255 ↔ 9306PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Modified residuei9459PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Disulfide bondi9654 ↔ 9704PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Modified residuei10281PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei12869PhosphothreonineCombined sources1
Modified residuei12884PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Disulfide bondi12929 ↔ 12979PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Modified residuei12972PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Disulfide bondi13473 ↔ 13522PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi13828 ↔ 13878PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Modified residuei13904PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Disulfide bondi14095 ↔ 14145PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi14184 ↔ 14234PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi14273 ↔ 14323PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Disulfide bondi14633 ↔ 14683PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Modified residuei21152PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei21895PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei21980PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei22390PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei23387PhosphoserineBy similarity1
Modified residuei23396PhosphothreonineBy similarity1
Modified residuei25920PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Disulfide bondi32343 ↔ 32394PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Modified residuei32870PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei33203PhosphotyrosineBy similarity1
Disulfide bondi33378 ↔ 33430PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Modified residuei33859PhosphothreonineCombined sources1
Modified residuei33861PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei33875PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei33880PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei33915PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei34009PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei34292PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei34464PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei34467PhosphothreonineCombined sources1
Modified residuei34470PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei34476PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Modified residuei34481PhosphothreonineCombined sources1
Disulfide bondi34526 ↔ 34580PROSITE-ProRule annotation
Modified residuei34756PhosphoserineCombined sources1
Isoform 3 (identifier: A2ASS6-3)
Modified residuei3432PhosphoserineCombined sourcesCurated1
Modified residuei3636PhosphoserineCombined sourcesCurated1
Modified residuei3678PhosphoserineCombined sourcesCurated1
Modified residuei3763PhosphoserineCombined sourcesCurated1
Modified residuei3827PhosphoserineCombined sourcesCurated1
Modified residuei3836PhosphothreonineCombined sourcesCurated1
Modified residuei4672PhosphoserineCombined sourcesCurated1
Modified residuei4720PhosphoserineCombined sourcesCurated1

Post-translational modificationi


Keywords - PTMi

Disulfide bond, Methylation, Phosphoprotein

Proteomic databases


PTM databases



Developmental stagei

Expressed in cardiac muscle from 8 dpc and in skeletal muscle from 9 dpc.1 Publication

Gene expression databases

ExpressionAtlasiA2ASS6. baseline and differential.
GenevisibleiA2ASS6. MM.


Subunit structurei

Interacts with MYOM1, MYOM2, tropomyosin and myosin. Interacts with actin, primarily via the PEVK domains and with MYPN. Interacts with FHL2, NEB, CRYAB, LMNA/lamin-A and LMNB/lamin-B. Interacts with TCAP/telethonin and/or ANK1 isoform Mu17/ank1.5, via the first two N-terminal immunoglobulin domains. Interacts with TRIM63, TRIM55, ANKRD1, ANKRD2, ANKRD23, and CAPN3 through several Ig domains. Interacts with NBR1 through the protein kinase domain (By similarity). Interacts with CMYA5 (By similarity).By similarity

Binary interactionsi


GO - Molecular functioni

Protein-protein interaction databases

IntActiA2ASS6. 3 interactors.


3D structure databases


Family & Domainsi

Domains and Repeats

Feature keyPosition(s)DescriptionActionsGraphical viewLength
Domaini6 – 98Ig-like 1Sequence analysisAdd BLAST93
Domaini104 – 192Ig-like 2Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Repeati412 – 454Z-repeat 1Sequence analysisAdd BLAST43
Repeati463 – 504Z-repeat 2Sequence analysisAdd BLAST42
Repeati509 – 548Z-repeat 3Sequence analysisAdd BLAST40
Repeati553 – 594Z-repeat 4Sequence analysisAdd BLAST42
Repeati599 – 640Z-repeat 5Sequence analysisAdd BLAST42
Repeati645 – 686Z-repeat 6Sequence analysisAdd BLAST42
Domaini946 – 1034Ig-like 3Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini1084 – 1174Ig-like 4Sequence analysisAdd BLAST91
Domaini1293 – 1384Ig-like 5Sequence analysisAdd BLAST92
Domaini1463 – 1552Ig-like 6Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini1562 – 1652Ig-like 7Sequence analysisAdd BLAST91
Domaini1709 – 1799Ig-like 8Sequence analysisAdd BLAST91
Domaini1847 – 1934Ig-like 9Sequence analysisAdd BLAST88
Domaini2084 – 2173Ig-like 10Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Repeati2095 – 2128TPR 1Sequence analysisAdd BLAST34
Domaini2177 – 2268Ig-like 11Sequence analysisAdd BLAST92
Domaini2270 – 2356Ig-like 12Sequence analysisAdd BLAST87
Domaini2359 – 2449Ig-like 13Sequence analysisAdd BLAST91
Domaini2436 – 2535Ig-like 14Sequence analysisAdd BLAST100
Domaini2626 – 2709Ig-like 15Sequence analysisAdd BLAST84
Repeati2810 – 2844TPR 2Sequence analysisAdd BLAST35
Domaini2886 – 2971Ig-like 16Sequence analysisAdd BLAST86
Repeati3028 – 3068WD 1Sequence analysisAdd BLAST41
Domaini3064 – 3147Ig-like 17Sequence analysisAdd BLAST84
Repeati3208 – 3248WD 2Sequence analysisAdd BLAST41
Domaini3245 – 3333Ig-like 18Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini3350 – 3438Ig-like 19Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini3509 – 3599Ig-like 20Sequence analysisAdd BLAST91
Domaini3625 – 3716Ig-like 21Sequence analysisAdd BLAST92
Domaini4251 – 4337Ig-like 22Sequence analysisAdd BLAST87
Domaini4344 – 4432Ig-like 23Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini4439 – 4527Ig-like 24Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini4532 – 4620Ig-like 25Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini4625 – 4716Ig-like 26Sequence analysisAdd BLAST92
Domaini4719 – 4807Ig-like 27Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini4812 – 4897Ig-like 28Sequence analysisAdd BLAST86
Domaini4904 – 4993Ig-like 29Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini5001 – 5089Ig-like 30Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini5094 – 5182Ig-like 31Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Repeati5131 – 5164TPR 3Sequence analysisAdd BLAST34
Domaini5186 – 5276Ig-like 32Sequence analysisAdd BLAST91
Domaini5281 – 5369Ig-like 33Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini5374 – 5462Ig-like 34Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini5466 – 5555Ig-like 35Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini5563 – 5651Ig-like 36Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini5656 – 5744Ig-like 37Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini5749 – 5838Ig-like 38Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini5842 – 5931Ig-like 39Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini5936 – 6024Ig-like 40Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini6028 – 6117Ig-like 41Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini6125 – 6213Ig-like 42Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini6218 – 6308Ig-like 43Sequence analysisAdd BLAST91
Domaini6311 – 6401Ig-like 44Sequence analysisAdd BLAST91
Domaini6405 – 6493Ig-like 45Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Repeati6435 – 6468TPR 4Sequence analysisAdd BLAST34
Domaini6498 – 6587Ig-like 46Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini6591 – 6682Ig-like 47Sequence analysisAdd BLAST92
Repeati6615 – 6653WD 3Sequence analysisAdd BLAST39
Domaini6688 – 6776Ig-like 48Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini6781 – 6869Ig-like 49Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini6873 – 6962Ig-like 50Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini6966 – 7054Ig-like 51Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini7063 – 7151Ig-like 52Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini7159 – 7247Ig-like 53Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini7252 – 7343Ig-like 54Sequence analysisAdd BLAST92
Domaini7346 – 7434Ig-like 55Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini7439 – 7528Ig-like 56Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini7532 – 7623Ig-like 57Sequence analysisAdd BLAST92
Domaini7629 – 7717Ig-like 58Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini7722 – 7810Ig-like 59Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini7814 – 7903Ig-like 60Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini7907 – 7996Ig-like 61Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini8004 – 8094Ig-like 62Sequence analysisAdd BLAST91
Domaini8099 – 8190Ig-like 63Sequence analysisAdd BLAST92
Domaini8193 – 8282Ig-like 64Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini8287 – 8375Ig-like 65Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini8380 – 8469Ig-like 66Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini8473 – 8564Ig-like 67Sequence analysisAdd BLAST92
Domaini8570 – 8658Ig-like 68Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini8663 – 8751Ig-like 69Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini8755 – 8844Ig-like 70Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini8849 – 8937Ig-like 71Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini8945 – 9035Ig-like 72Sequence analysisAdd BLAST91
Domaini9040 – 9129Ig-like 73Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini9137 – 9226Ig-like 74Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Repeati9145 – 9182TPR 5Sequence analysisAdd BLAST38
Domaini9233 – 9322Ig-like 75Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini9331 – 9431Ig-like 76Sequence analysisAdd BLAST101
Domaini9621 – 9716Ig-like 77Sequence analysisAdd BLAST96
Repeati9662 – 9695TPR 6Sequence analysisAdd BLAST34
Domaini9721 – 9812Ig-like 78Sequence analysisAdd BLAST92
Repeati9865 – 9892PEVK 1Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati9940 – 9963PEVK 2Sequence analysisAdd BLAST24
Repeati9991 – 10024TPR 7Sequence analysisAdd BLAST34
Repeati10001 – 10050Kelch 1Sequence analysisAdd BLAST50
Repeati10062 – 10085PEVK 3Sequence analysisAdd BLAST24
Repeati10091 – 10115PEVK 4Sequence analysisAdd BLAST25
Repeati10145 – 10169PEVK 5Sequence analysisAdd BLAST25
Repeati10170 – 10197PEVK 6Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati10198 – 10225PEVK 7Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati10227 – 10254PEVK 8Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati10255 – 10281PEVK 9Sequence analysisAdd BLAST27
Repeati10282 – 10307PEVK 10Sequence analysisAdd BLAST26
Repeati10308 – 10332PEVK 11Sequence analysisAdd BLAST25
Repeati10333 – 10359PEVK 12Sequence analysisAdd BLAST27
Repeati10397 – 10431TPR 8Sequence analysisAdd BLAST35
Repeati10404 – 10427PEVK 13Sequence analysisAdd BLAST24
Repeati10451 – 10476PEVK 14Sequence analysisAdd BLAST26
Repeati10477 – 10504PEVK 15Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati10505 – 10532PEVK 16Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati10533 – 10560PEVK 17Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati10561 – 10588PEVK 18Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati10683 – 10707PEVK 19Sequence analysisAdd BLAST25
Repeati10709 – 10734PEVK 20Sequence analysisAdd BLAST26
Repeati10739 – 10764PEVK 21Sequence analysisAdd BLAST26
Repeati10765 – 10790PEVK 22Sequence analysisAdd BLAST26
Repeati10850 – 10877PEVK 23Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati10878 – 10903PEVK 24Sequence analysisAdd BLAST26
Repeati10904 – 10931PEVK 25Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati10932 – 10959PEVK 26Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati10960 – 10987PEVK 27Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati10988 – 11011PEVK 28Sequence analysisAdd BLAST24
Repeati11084 – 11109PEVK 29Sequence analysisAdd BLAST26
Repeati11111 – 11135PEVK 30Sequence analysisAdd BLAST25
Repeati11136 – 11160PEVK 31Sequence analysisAdd BLAST25
Repeati11161 – 11188PEVK 32Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati11201 – 11225PEVK 33Sequence analysisAdd BLAST25
Repeati11226 – 11248PEVK 34Sequence analysisAdd BLAST23
Repeati11249 – 11272PEVK 35Sequence analysisAdd BLAST24
Repeati11273 – 11295PEVK 36Sequence analysisAdd BLAST23
Repeati11373 – 11400PEVK 37Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati11401 – 11425PEVK 38Sequence analysisAdd BLAST25
Repeati11426 – 11453PEVK 39Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati11454 – 11481PEVK 40Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati11508 – 11533PEVK 41Sequence analysisAdd BLAST26
Repeati11562 – 11587PEVK 42Sequence analysisAdd BLAST26
Repeati11671 – 11698PEVK 43Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati11700 – 11726PEVK 44Sequence analysisAdd BLAST27
Repeati11727 – 11754PEVK 45Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati11755 – 11782PEVK 46Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati11783 – 11810PEVK 47Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati11811 – 11838PEVK 48Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati11839 – 11866PEVK 49Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati11867 – 11895PEVK 50Sequence analysisAdd BLAST29
Repeati11896 – 11923PEVK 51Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati11924 – 11950PEVK 52Sequence analysisAdd BLAST27
Repeati11954 – 11977PEVK 53Sequence analysisAdd BLAST24
Repeati11979 – 11999PEVK 54Sequence analysisAdd BLAST21
Repeati12004 – 12026PEVK 55Sequence analysisAdd BLAST23
Repeati12051 – 12077PEVK 56Sequence analysisAdd BLAST27
Repeati12080 – 12104PEVK 57Sequence analysisAdd BLAST25
Repeati12105 – 12126PEVK 58Sequence analysisAdd BLAST22
Repeati12129 – 12154PEVK 59Sequence analysisAdd BLAST26
Repeati12155 – 12182PEVK 60Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati12183 – 12210PEVK 61Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati12211 – 12238PEVK 62Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati12239 – 12266PEVK 63Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati12267 – 12294PEVK 64Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati12295 – 12322PEVK 65Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati12323 – 12351PEVK 66Sequence analysisAdd BLAST29
Repeati12352 – 12379PEVK 67Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati12380 – 12404PEVK 68Sequence analysisAdd BLAST25
Repeati12405 – 12430PEVK 69Sequence analysisAdd BLAST26
Repeati12431 – 12458PEVK 70Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati12459 – 12486PEVK 71Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati12491 – 12516PEVK 72Sequence analysisAdd BLAST26
Repeati12517 – 12542PEVK 73Sequence analysisAdd BLAST26
Repeati12543 – 12570PEVK 74Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Repeati12572 – 12598PEVK 75Sequence analysisAdd BLAST27
Repeati12599 – 12626PEVK 76Sequence analysisAdd BLAST28
Domaini12903 – 12995Ig-like 79Sequence analysisAdd BLAST93
Domaini13000 – 13084Ig-like 80Sequence analysisAdd BLAST85
Domaini13361 – 13446Ig-like 81Sequence analysisAdd BLAST86
Domaini13452 – 13534Ig-like 82Sequence analysisAdd BLAST83
Domaini13628 – 13712Ig-like 83Sequence analysisAdd BLAST85
Domaini13807 – 13894Ig-like 84Sequence analysisAdd BLAST88
Repeati13817 – 13850TPR 9Sequence analysisAdd BLAST34
Domaini13982 – 14068Ig-like 85Sequence analysisAdd BLAST87
Domaini14072 – 14157Ig-like 86Sequence analysisAdd BLAST86
Domaini14161 – 14246Ig-like 87Sequence analysisAdd BLAST86
Domaini14250 – 14335Ig-like 88Sequence analysisAdd BLAST86
Domaini14341 – 14424Ig-like 89Sequence analysisAdd BLAST84
Domaini14427 – 14517Ig-like 90Sequence analysisAdd BLAST91
Domaini14521 – 14610Ig-like 91Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Repeati14576 – 14615WD 4Sequence analysisAdd BLAST40
Domaini14611 – 14695Ig-like 92Sequence analysisAdd BLAST85
Domaini14789 – 14874Ig-like 93Sequence analysisAdd BLAST86
Domaini14881 – 14976Fibronectin type-III 1PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Repeati14946 – 14998RCC1 1Sequence analysisAdd BLAST53
Domaini14982 – 15077Fibronectin type-III 2PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Repeati15047 – 15100RCC1 2Sequence analysisAdd BLAST54
Domaini15083 – 15178Fibronectin type-III 3PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini15279 – 15374Fibronectin type-III 4PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini15379 – 15476Fibronectin type-III 5PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST98
Domaini15477 – 15570Ig-like 94Sequence analysisAdd BLAST94
Domaini15575 – 15668Fibronectin type-III 6PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST94
Domaini15674 – 15769Fibronectin type-III 7PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Repeati15690 – 15738Kelch 2Sequence analysisAdd BLAST49
Domaini15775 – 15869Fibronectin type-III 8PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Repeati15794 – 15839Kelch 3Sequence analysisAdd BLAST46
Repeati15848 – 15898Kelch 4Sequence analysisAdd BLAST51
Domaini15872 – 15969Fibronectin type-III 9PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST98
Domaini15975 – 16069Fibronectin type-III 10PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Domaini16076 – 16172Fibronectin type-III 11PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST97
Domaini16176 – 16264Ig-like 95Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini16271 – 16365Fibronectin type-III 12PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Domaini16371 – 16466Fibronectin type-III 13PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Repeati16436 – 16492RCC1 3Sequence analysisAdd BLAST57
Domaini16470 – 16586Ig-like 96Sequence analysisAdd BLAST117
Domaini16593 – 16688Fibronectin type-III 14PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini16694 – 16793Fibronectin type-III 15PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST100
Domaini16794 – 16887Fibronectin type-III 16PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST94
Domaini16988 – 17080Fibronectin type-III 17PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST93
Repeati16996 – 17042WD 5Sequence analysisAdd BLAST47
Domaini17086 – 17180Fibronectin type-III 18PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Domaini17184 – 17282Ig-like 97Sequence analysisAdd BLAST99
Domaini17289 – 17384Fibronectin type-III 19PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Repeati17309 – 17355Kelch 5Sequence analysisAdd BLAST47
Domaini17390 – 17490Fibronectin type-III 20PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST101
Domaini17496 – 17596Fibronectin type-III 21PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST101
Domaini17589 – 17696Ig-like 98Sequence analysisAdd BLAST108
Domaini17703 – 17796Fibronectin type-III 22PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST94
Domaini17803 – 17903Fibronectin type-III 23PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST101
Domaini17906 – 18001Ig-like 99Sequence analysisAdd BLAST96
Domaini18009 – 18102Fibronectin type-III 24PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST94
Domaini18108 – 18207Fibronectin type-III 25PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST100
Domaini18210 – 18307Fibronectin type-III 26PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST98
Domaini18311 – 18398Ig-like 100Sequence analysisAdd BLAST88
Domaini18407 – 18502Fibronectin type-III 27PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini18508 – 18603Fibronectin type-III 28PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Repeati18573 – 18631RCC1 4Sequence analysisAdd BLAST59
Domaini18607 – 18696Ig-like 101Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini18703 – 18797Fibronectin type-III 29PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Repeati18792 – 18831WD 6Sequence analysisAdd BLAST40
Domaini18803 – 18898Fibronectin type-III 30PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Repeati18868 – 18921RCC1 5Sequence analysisAdd BLAST54
Domaini18904 – 19001Fibronectin type-III 31PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST98
Domaini19005 – 19090Ig-like 102Sequence analysisAdd BLAST86
Domaini19101 – 19195Fibronectin type-III 32PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Repeati19120 – 19165Kelch 6Sequence analysisAdd BLAST46
Repeati19165 – 19220RCC1 6Sequence analysisAdd BLAST56
Domaini19201 – 19293Fibronectin type-III 33PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST93
Domaini19297 – 19388Ig-like 103Sequence analysisAdd BLAST92
Repeati19330 – 19363TPR 10Sequence analysisAdd BLAST34
Domaini19395 – 19494Fibronectin type-III 34PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST100
Domaini19495 – 19589Fibronectin type-III 35PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Domaini19595 – 19691Fibronectin type-III 36PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST97
Domaini19695 – 19786Ig-like 104Sequence analysisAdd BLAST92
Domaini19793 – 19887Fibronectin type-III 37PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Domaini19892 – 19986Fibronectin type-III 38PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Domaini19990 – 20081Ig-like 105Sequence analysisAdd BLAST92
Domaini20088 – 20183Fibronectin type-III 39PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Repeati20152 – 20208RCC1 7Sequence analysisAdd BLAST57
Domaini20187 – 20282Fibronectin type-III 40PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Repeati20252 – 20305RCC1 8Sequence analysisAdd BLAST54
Domaini20288 – 20389Fibronectin type-III 41PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST102
Domaini20393 – 20479Ig-like 106Sequence analysisAdd BLAST87
Domaini20490 – 20584Fibronectin type-III 42PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Repeati20509 – 20554Kelch 7Sequence analysisAdd BLAST46
Domaini20590 – 20685Fibronectin type-III 43PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini20688 – 20776Ig-like 107Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini20783 – 20877Fibronectin type-III 44PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Domaini20880 – 20978Fibronectin type-III 45PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST99
Domaini20981 – 21079Fibronectin type-III 46PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST99
Domaini21082 – 21173Ig-like 108Sequence analysisAdd BLAST92
Domaini21180 – 21273Fibronectin type-III 47PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST94
Domaini21279 – 21374Fibronectin type-III 48PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini21380 – 21475Fibronectin type-III 49PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini21578 – 21672Fibronectin type-III 50PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Domaini21675 – 21770Fibronectin type-III 51PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini21868 – 21963Fibronectin type-III 52PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Repeati21887 – 21932Kelch 8Sequence analysisAdd BLAST46
Domaini21967 – 22062Fibronectin type-III 53PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Repeati22052 – 22093WD 7Sequence analysisAdd BLAST42
Domaini22065 – 22161Fibronectin type-III 54PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST97
Repeati22084 – 22129Kelch 9Sequence analysisAdd BLAST46
Domaini22165 – 22257Ig-like 109Sequence analysisAdd BLAST93
Domaini22264 – 22357Fibronectin type-III 55PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST94
Domaini22363 – 22458Fibronectin type-III 56PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Repeati22428 – 22482RCC1 9Sequence analysisAdd BLAST55
Domaini22464 – 22559Fibronectin type-III 57PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini22659 – 22753Fibronectin type-III 58PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Domaini22756 – 22848Fibronectin type-III 59PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST93
Domaini22950 – 23044Fibronectin type-III 60PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Domaini23050 – 23145Fibronectin type-III 61PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini23148 – 23244Fibronectin type-III 62PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST97
Repeati23168 – 23212Kelch 10Sequence analysisAdd BLAST45
Domaini23248 – 23339Ig-like 110Sequence analysisAdd BLAST92
Domaini23346 – 23440Fibronectin type-III 63PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Domaini23446 – 23541Fibronectin type-III 64PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini23547 – 23643Fibronectin type-III 65PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST97
Repeati23566 – 23612Kelch 11Sequence analysisAdd BLAST47
Domaini23647 – 23736Ig-like 111Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini23743 – 23838Fibronectin type-III 66PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini23840 – 23933Fibronectin type-III 67PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST94
Repeati23903 – 23953RCC1 10Sequence analysisAdd BLAST51
Domaini23937 – 24025Ig-like 112Sequence analysisAdd BLAST89
Domaini24032 – 24126Fibronectin type-III 68PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Repeati24041 – 24087WD 8Sequence analysisAdd BLAST47
Domaini24132 – 24227Fibronectin type-III 69PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini24230 – 24325Fibronectin type-III 70PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini24330 – 24417Ig-like 113Sequence analysisAdd BLAST88
Domaini24428 – 24522Fibronectin type-III 71PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Repeati24513 – 24556WD 9Sequence analysisAdd BLAST44
Domaini24528 – 24623Fibronectin type-III 72PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini24629 – 24725Fibronectin type-III 73PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST97
Domaini24729 – 24816Ig-like 114Sequence analysisAdd BLAST88
Domaini24825 – 24919Fibronectin type-III 74PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Domaini24922 – 25015Fibronectin type-III 75PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST94
Repeati24941 – 24986Kelch 12Sequence analysisAdd BLAST46
Domaini25019 – 25108Ig-like 115Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini25114 – 25208Fibronectin type-III 76PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Repeati25123 – 25169WD 10Sequence analysisAdd BLAST47
Domaini25214 – 25308Fibronectin type-III 77PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Domaini25312 – 25408Fibronectin type-III 78PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST97
Domaini25412 – 25503Ig-like 116Sequence analysisAdd BLAST92
Domaini25510 – 25604Fibronectin type-III 79PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Domaini25610 – 25705Fibronectin type-III 80PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini25711 – 25807Fibronectin type-III 81PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST97
Repeati25730 – 25778Kelch 13Sequence analysisAdd BLAST49
Repeati25891 – 25935WD 11Sequence analysisAdd BLAST45
Domaini25907 – 26002Fibronectin type-III 82PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini26004 – 26097Fibronectin type-III 83PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST94
Domaini26101 – 26187Ig-like 117Sequence analysisAdd BLAST87
Domaini26197 – 26290Fibronectin type-III 84PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST94
Repeati26281 – 26324WD 12Sequence analysisAdd BLAST44
Domaini26296 – 26390Fibronectin type-III 85PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Domaini26394 – 26489Fibronectin type-III 86PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini26494 – 26584Ig-like 118Sequence analysisAdd BLAST91
Domaini26593 – 26687Fibronectin type-III 87PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Domaini26693 – 26788Fibronectin type-III 88PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST96
Domaini26794 – 26890Fibronectin type-III 89PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST97
Domaini26894 – 26983Ig-like 119Sequence analysisAdd BLAST90
Domaini26990 – 27084Fibronectin type-III 90PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST95
Domaini27087 – 27180Fibronectin type-III 91PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST94
Domaini27168 – 27272Ig-like 120Sequence analysisAdd BLAST105
Domaini27279 – 27372Fibronectin type-III 92PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST94
Repeati27363 – 27406WD 13Sequence analysisAdd BLAST44
Domaini27378 – 27475Fibronectin type-III 93PROSITE-ProRule annotationAdd BLAST98
Domaini27476 – 27572Fibronectin type-III 94PROSITE-ProRule annotation