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Entry Entry name Status Show full text Protein names Gene names Organism Length
Putative protein pog
Acute bee paralysis virus (strain Rothamsted) (ABPV)92
Replicase polyprotein
ORF1Acute bee paralysis virus (strain Rothamsted) (ABPV)1,906
Replicase polyprotein
ORF1Cricket paralysis virus (isolate Teleogryllus commodus/Australia/CrPVVIC/1968) (CrPV)1,771
Replicase polyprotein
ORF1Drosophila C virus (strain EB) (DCV)1,759
Structural polyprotein
ORF2Acute bee paralysis virus (strain Rothamsted) (ABPV)904
Structural polyprotein
Cricket paralysis virus (isolate Teleogryllus commodus/Australia/CrPVVIC/1968) (CrPV)895
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