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6 results for author:"Sahin A.A." in UniProtKB

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Entry Entry name Status Show full text Protein names Gene names Organism Length
C-X-C motif chemokine 14
CXCL14 MIP2G NJAC SCYB14 PSEC0212 UNQ240/PRO273Homo sapiens (Human)111
Dynein light chain 1, cytoplasmic
DYNLL1 DLC1 DNCL1 DNCLC1 HDLC1Homo sapiens (Human)89
Epidermal growth factor receptor
EGFR ERBB ERBB1 HER1Homo sapiens (Human)1,210
Serine/threonine-protein kinase PAK 1
PAK1Homo sapiens (Human)545
Proline-, glutamic acid- and leucine-rich pro...
PELP1 HMX3 MNARHomo sapiens (Human)1,130
Tubulin-folding cofactor B
TBCB CG22 CKAP1Homo sapiens (Human)244
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