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Entry Entry name Status Show abbreviated text Protein names Gene names Organism Length
Hepatoma-derived growth factor (HDGF) (High mobility group protein 1-like 2) (HMG-1L2)
HDGF HMG1L2Homo sapiens (Human)240
Protein IWS1 homolog (IWS1-like protein)
IWS1 IWS1LHomo sapiens (Human)819
Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase 12 (EC (Deubiquitinating enzyme 12) (Ubiquitin thioesterase 12) (Ubiquitin-hydrolyzing enzyme 1) (Ubiquitin-specific-processing protease 12)
USP12 UBH1 USP12L1Homo sapiens (Human)370
Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase 1 (EC (Deubiquitinating enzyme 1) (hUBP) (Ubiquitin thioesterase 1) (Ubiquitin-specific-processing protease 1)
USP1Homo sapiens (Human)785
Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase 46 (EC (Deubiquitinating enzyme 46) (Ubiquitin thioesterase 46) (Ubiquitin-specific-processing protease 46)
USP46Homo sapiens (Human)366
WD repeat-containing protein 48 (USP1-associated factor 1) (WD repeat endosomal protein) (p80)
WDR48 KIAA1449 UAF1Homo sapiens (Human)677
Transcription factor HIVEP3 (Human immunodeficiency virus type I enhancer-binding protein 3 homolog) (KB-binding and recognition component) (Kappa-B and V(D)J recombination signal sequences-binding protein) (Kappa-binding protein 1) (KBP-1) (Recombinant component) (Schnurri-3) (Zinc finger protein ZAS3)
Hivep3 KBP1 Kiaa1555 Krc Rc shn3 Zas3Mus musculus (Mouse)2,348
Hepatoma-derived growth factor (cDNA FLJ75113)
HDGFHomo sapiens (Human)208
Protein IWS1 homolog (cDNA FLJ59547, highly similar to IWS1 homolog)
IWS1Homo sapiens (Human)503
Shattering protein 4
Sh4Oryza sativa (Rice)254
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