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Cupriavidus basilensis (SPECIES)

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Taxon identifieri68895
Scientific nameiCupriavidus basilensis
Common namei-
Other namesi › Cupriavidus basilensis (Steinle et al. 1999) Vandamme and Coenye 2004
› DSM 11853
› LMG 18990
› LMG 19474
› Ralstonia basilensis
› Ralstonia basilensis Steinle et al. 1998 (sic)
› Ralstonia basilensis Steinle et al. 1999 emend. Goris et al. 2001
› Wautersia basilensis
› Wautersia basilensis (Steinle et al. 1999) Vaneechoutte et al. 2004
› strain RK1
Lineageicellular organisms
   › Bacteria
     › Proteobacteria
       › Betaproteobacteria
         › Burkholderiales
           › Burkholderiaceae
             › Cupriavidus
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