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Invertebrate iridescent virus 6 (IIV-6) (Chilo iridescent virus) (SPECIES)

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    Taxon identifieri176652
    Scientific nameiInvertebrate iridescent virus 6
    Common nameiIIV-6
    SynonymiChilo iridescent virus
    Other namesi › CIV
    › Chilo iridescent virus CIV
    › Chilo iridescent virus type 6
    › Iridescent virus type 6
    › Iridovirus CIV
    › insect iridescent virus type 6
       › dsDNA viruses, no RNA stage
         › Iridoviridae
           › Iridovirus
    Virus hostsiAcheta domesticus (House cricket)
    Gryllus bimaculatus (Two-spotted cricket)
    Spodoptera frugiperda (Fall armyworm)
    Gryllus campestris
    Chilo suppressalis (striped riceborer)
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