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Proteome nameCandidatus Altiarchaeales archaeon A3 - Reference proteome
Proteome IDiUP000192741
Taxonomy1933927 - Candidatus Altiarchaeales archaeon A3
Last modifiedNovember 2, 2017
Genome assembly and annotationi GCA_002083985.1 from ENA/EMBL


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Component nameGenome Accession(s)
Unassembled WGS sequence1305


  1. "Novel large sulfur bacteria in the metagenomes of groundwater-fed chemosynthetic microbial mats in the Lake Huron basin."
    Sharrar A.M., Flood B.E., Bailey J.V., Jones D.S., Biddanda B., Ruberg S.A., Marcus D.N., Dick G.J.
    Submitted (JAN-2017) to the EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ databases