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StatusReference proteome
Proteome IDiUP000002415
Taxonomy381764 - Fervidobacterium nodosum (strain ATCC 35602 / DSM 5306 / Rt17-B1)
StrainATCC 35602 / DSM 5306 / Rt17-B1
Last modifiedJanuary 23, 2018
Genome assembly and annotationi GCA_000017545.1 from ENA/EMBL

Fervidobacterium nodosum is a thermophilic, Gram-negative, motile, non-sporulating, glycolytic, obligately anaerobic rod that exists singly, in pairs or in chains. It is a member of the order Thermotogales and was isolated from a New Zealand hot spring. Its optimal growth temperature is 65 to 70 degrees Celsius.

It can use a wide range of carbohydrates including glucose, sucrose, starch and lactose. The major end products of glucose fermentation are lactate, acetate, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide and to a lesser extent ethanol. Growth is inhibited by tetracycline, penicillin and chloramphenicol.


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