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StatusReference proteome
Proteome IDiUP000000948
Taxonomy634452 - Acetobacter pasteurianus (strain NBRC 3283 / LMG 1513 / CCTM 1153)
StrainNBRC 3283 / LMG 1513 / CCTM 1153
Last modifiedJanuary 23, 2018
Genome assembly and annotationi GCA_000010825.1 from ENA/EMBL
Pan proteomei This proteome is part of the Acetobacter pasteurianus pan proteome (fasta)

Acetobacter pasteurianus is an acetic acid bacterium traditionally used in the production of fermented food; strain NBRC 3283 (formerly known as IFO 3283) is used in vinegar production in Japan. Acetic acid bacteria are subject to physiological and genetic instability. In order to explore this instability 8 subisolates of NBRC were completely sequenced; only one isolate is represented here (strain IFO 3283-01).

Over 280 genes, corresponding to 9% of the genome, were found to encode transposases in this isolate, with 3 single nucleotide polymorphisms and 5 transposon insertions in 32 different isolates from a multi-phenotype cell complex, indicating the propensity for genetic instability (adapted from PubMed 19638423).


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Component nameGenome Accession(s)
Plasmid pAPA01-011165
Plasmid pAPA01-020164
Plasmid pAPA01-03059
Plasmid pAPA01-0403
Plasmid pAPA01-0502
Plasmid pAPA01-0602