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Proteomes Results

Proteome IDOrganism
Organism IDProtein counte
UP000002703Rhodobacter sphaeroides (strain ATCC 17023 / 2.4.1 / NCIB 8253 / DSM 158) (Strain: ATCC 17023 / 2.4.1 / NCIB 8253 / DSM 158)2729434285
UP000008674Salinibacter ruber (strain DSM 13855 / M31) (Strain: DSM 13855 / M31)3098072812
UP000052083Erinaceus europaeus papillomavirus 14452177
UP000001949Theileria parva (East coast fever infection agent) (Strain: Muguga)58754071
UP000029768Drosophila melanogaster sigma virus (isolate Drosophila/USA/AP30/2005) (DMelSV) (Strain: Isolate Drosophila/USA/AP30/2005)6663636
UP000000641Thermofilum pendens (strain DSM 2475 / Hrk 5) (Strain: DSM 2475 / Hrk 5)3684081876
UP000002124Streptomyces phage phiC31 (Bacteriophage phi-C31) (Strain: Norwich)1071953
UP000011262Potato virus T (isolate Chenopodium amaranticolor/Peru/-/1992) (PVT) (Strain: isolate Chenopodium amaranticolor/Peru/-/1992)12893863
UP000007192Murine coronavirus (strain A59) (MHV-A59) (Murine hepatitis virus) (Strain: A59)1114211
UP000008786Fringilla coelebs papillomavirus (isolate Chaffinch/Netherlands/Dutch) (FcPV) (Strain: Isolate Chaffinch/Netherlands/Dutch)6549146
UP000002082Pseudomonas phage LUZ2448489568
UP000008780Torque teno tamarin virus (isolate So-TTV2) (Strain: Isolate So-TTV2)7661864
UP000001357Monosiga brevicollis (Choanoflagellate) (Strain: MX1 / ATCC 50154)818249188
UP000007020Rachiplusia ou multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (strain R1) (RoMNPV) (Strain: R1)654904149
UP000006709Carnation mottle virus (isolate China/Shanghai) (CarMV) (Strain: Isolate China/Shanghai)6521114
UP000031513Plasmodium knowlesi (strain H) (Strain: H)58515100
UP000000412Olive latent virus 2 (isolate Italy) (OLV-2) (Strain: Isolate Italy)6504894
UP000007080Torque teno douroucouli virus (isolate At-TTV3) (Strain: Isolate At-TTV3)7661873
UP000000958Thermus thermophilus bacteriophage P23-77171427237
UP000002339Banana bunchy top virus (isolate Autralia) (BBTV) (Strain: Isolate Autralia)6450997
UP000007648Sarcophilus harrisii (Tasmanian devil) (Sarcophilus laniarius)930522388
UP000008592Lettuce necrotic yellows virus (isolate 318) (LNYV) (Strain: Isolate 318)9283046
UP000000539Gallus gallus (Chicken) (Strain: Red jungle fowl)903129480
UP000000358Alfalfa mosaic virus (strain 425 / isolate Leiden) (Strain: 425 / isolate Leiden)123224
UP000006715Potato mop-top virus (isolate Potato/Sweden/Sw) (PMTV) (Strain: Isolate Potato/Sweden/Sw)6528397
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