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UniProt manual annotation

Manual annotation consists of a critical review of experimental and predicted data for each protein as well as manual verification of each protein sequence .

Annotation methods applied to UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot include manual extraction and structuring of information from the literature, manual verification of results from computational analyses, mining and integration of large-scale data sets, and continuous updating as new information becomes available.

How do we manually annotate a UniProtKB entry
Standard operating procedure (SOP) for UniProt manual curation

UniProt concentrates its manual annotation effort on entries from model organisms. We aim to provide high quality annotation for representative members of all protein families across diverse taxonomic groups.

UniProt manual annotation programs

The quality assurance (QA) program provides support for annotation, including the creation of controlled vocabularies and guidelines.

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Chordata protein annotation program

The Chordata protein annotation program focuses on the manual annotation of chordata-specific proteins and protein families.