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UniProt release 2.7

Published October 11, 2004

UniProtKB News

Cross-references to H-InvDB

Cross-references have been added to the human gene database H-Invitational Database (H-InvDB), which provides information on annotated full-length cDNA clones available from six high throughput cDNA sequencing projects. The H-Invitational Database is available at

The format of the explicit links in the flat file is:

Resource abbreviation H-InvDB
Resource identifier H-InvDB's unique identifier for a cDNA cluster.
DR   H-InvDB; HIX0004037; -.

Cross-references to WormBase

We have added cross-references to WormBase, which provides information concerning the genetics, genomics and biology of C. elegans and some related nematodes. WormBase is available at

The identifiers of the appropriate DR line are:

Resource abbreviation WormBase
Resource identifier WormBase's unique identifier for a gene.
Optional information 1 Gene designation.
DR   WormBase; WBGene00006806; unc-74.

Changes concerning keywords

New keywords:

Deleted keyword:

  • Semen
  • Yolk