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UniProt release 2.4

Published August 31, 2004


1'500 cited journals

It is interesting to note that information relevant to the scope of Swiss-Prot is found in a continuously increasing number of scientific journals. Currently Swiss-Prot cites 1'500 different journals. Only 5 years ago, this number was slightly less than 1'000. Out of those 1'500 journals, 157 are either no longer published or have changed their names. It is also noteworthy that about 50% of these 1'500 journals are only cited less than four times in the knowledgebase. At the other extreme, only 106 journals are cited more than 100 times.

UniProtKB News

Release notes: rnote_sp.html & rnote_tr.html

The TrEMBL release notes (rnote_tr.html) were added to the documents distributed with the UniProtKB release. The name of the Swiss-Prot release notes changed from relnotes.html to accordingly. These documents can all be downloaded from