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UniProt release 2.2

Published July 30, 2004

UniProtKB News

Changes concerning the controlled vocabulary for PTMs

We are continuously overhauling the annotation of post-translational modifications (PTMs). For the feature key MOD_RES, the new introduced controlled vocabularies for PTMs (PTMlist.txt) are:

  • Methylation: All entries with annotated methylation sites have the keyword Methylation.

  • Hydroxylation: All entries with annotated hydroxylation sites have the keyword Hydroxylation.

  • Unidentified N-terminal blocking modifications:

     Blocked amino end (Leu)
  • Other new controlled vocabularies for PTMs that are annotated with the feature key MOD_RES:

     Glycine radical (Keyword: Organic radical) 
     Pentaglycyl murein peptidoglycan amidated alanine (Keyword: Peptidoglycan-anchor)