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UniProt release 1.6

Published March 29, 2004


UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot major release (43.0)

Release 43.0 of Swiss-Prot contains 146'720 sequence entries, comprising 54'093'154 amino acids abstracted from 113'719 references. 10'760 sequences have been added since release 42, the sequence data of 663 existing entries has been updated and the annotations of 44'948 entries have been revised. This represents an increase of 8%.

Many improvements were carried out in the last 6 months at the level of the CC and FT lines.

Full statistics and release notes

UniProtKB news

Discontinuation of the plain text versions of the user manual and release notes

Both, the userman.txt and relnotes.txt files have been replaced by an HTML-formatted version, userman.html and relnotes.html. The plain text version of these files are no longer available.