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UniProt release 1.5

Published March 15, 2004

UniProtKB news

Cross-references to Rat Genome Database (RGD)

We have added cross-references to the Rat Genome Database (RGD), available at, which collects data from rat genetic and genomic research efforts and provides curation of mapped positions for quantitative trait loci, known mutations and other phenotypic data.

The identifiers of the appropriate DR line are:

Resource abbreviation RGD
Resource identifier RGD's unique identifier for a gene.
Optional information 1 RGD's gene symbol.
DR   RGD; 70968; Ddah1.

Changes concerning keywords

New keyword:

Changes concerning the controlled vocabulary for PTMs

New terms for the feature key 'CROSSLNK':

  • Isoaspartyl glycine isopeptide (Gly-Asn)
  • Isoglutamyl glycine isopeptide (Gly-Glu)

New term for the feature key 'LIPID':

  • GPI-anchor amidated carboxyl end