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Last modified September 9, 2013

This subsection of the ‘Sequence annotation (Features)’ section describes interesting single amino acid sites on the sequence that are not defined in any another subsection of ‘Sequence annotation’.

Examples: P00451, Q10471, P80969, P02730

The ‘Site’ subsection is frequently used for:

1. Cleavage sites

Example: P09884

When the protease is known, it is specified:
Example: Q8K1S2

Autocatalytic cleavages are specified:
Example: Q02936

Related keyword: Autocatalytic cleavage

2. Inhibitory sites for proteases

Example: P00995

When the protease that is subject to inhibition is known, it is specified:
Example: P01070

Related keyword: Protease inhibitor

3. Breakpoint sites for fusion proteins due to chromosomal rearrangement

Example: Q9UDY8

Related keyword: Chromosomal rearrangement

Each ‘Site’ subsection may refer to a single amino acid or to a peptide bond, which is represented by the positions of the two flanking amino acids.