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Bacterial flagellumBacterial flagellum basal body


The basal body of a bacterial flagellum is a rod and a system of rings embedded in the cell envelope. Gram-negative flagella usually have an L ring in the plane of the lipopolysaccharide in the outer membrane, a periplasmic P ring in the plane of the peptidoglycan around the flagellar rod and a MS ring that is located within and above the cytoplasmic membrane. A C ring extends into the cytoplasm. The rod is a major component of the flagellar basal body and it spans the bacterial periplasm. The L and P rings are not found in Gram-positive bacteria.


Bacterial flagellar basal body
Bacterial flagellar kinetosome
Bacterial flagellar motor


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bacterial-type flagellum basal body [ GO:0009425 ]
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