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VesicleMembraneEndomembrane systemCytoplasmic vesicleCytoplasmic vesicle membraneCOPI-coated vesicleCOPI-coated vesicle membrane


The membrane surrounding a COPI-coated vesicle. COPI-coated vesicles mediate the vesicular transport of cargo such as proteins. COPI-coated vesicles are believed to bud from the cis-cisternae of the Golgi apparatus, mediate traffic from the cis-Golgi back to the ER (retrograde), and govern the flow pattern of materials within the Golgi stack. COPI is composed of the coatomer, which is a seven-subunit protein complex that participates in the formation of Golgi-derived coated vesicles. Evidence has also been presented for anterograde intra-Golgi transport mediated by COPI in yeast and mammals.


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COPI-coated vesicle membrane [ GO:0030663 ]
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