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Keyword - Fusion of virus membrane with host endosomal membrane (KW-1170)

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Viral protein involved in the merging of the virus envelope with host endosomal membrane during viral penetration into host cell. Viral fusion proteins drive this fusion reaction by undergoing a major conformational change that is triggered by interactions with the target cell. The specific trigger is mainly endosome acidification which induce activation of the fusion protein by conformational change. This pathway is used by enveloped viruses which are endocytosed and whose fusion protein is usually pH-dependent like influenza A virus, rhabdoviruses, bornaviruses, filoviruses, asfarviridae, flaviviridae, alphaviruses, HIV-1, avian leukosis virus, SARS, 229E, and MHV-2 coronaviruses.


  • Viral entry into host cell via plasma membrane fusion


Biological process


fusion of virus membrane with host endosome membrane [ GO:0039654 ]


Fusion of virus membrane with host membraneFusion of virus membrane with host endosomal membraneVirus entry into host cellViral penetration into host cytoplasmBiological process