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Keyword - Clathrin- and caveolin-independent endocytosis of virus by host (KW-1167)

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Viral protein involved in virus internalization into the host cell via endocytic pathways that involve neither clathrin nor caveolins. These pathways can be further defined by their dependency on various molecules such as cholesterol, DNM2/Dynamin-2, small GTPases or tyrosine kinase and possibly involve non-caveolar lipid rafts. Clathrin- and caveolin-independent pathways are used by viruses including poliovirus, human rhinovirus 14, lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus, murine norovirus-1 and SV40.


  • Non-clathrin/non caveolin-mediated endocytosis by host


Biological process


receptor-mediated endocytosis of virus by host cell [ GO:0019065 ]


Virus entry into host cellViral penetration into host cytoplasmVirus endocytosis by hostClathrin- and caveolin-independent endocytosis of virus by hostBiological process