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Keyword - Inhibition of host RLR pathway by virus (KW-1113)

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Viral protein involved in the evasion of host innate defense by inhibiting the DDX58/RIG-I-like receptor (RLR) pathway leading to the triggering of interferon-mediated response. This pathway starts with the recognition of viral RNA by host proteins including DDX58/RIG-I or IFIH1. Then, the signal is transmitted through MAVS and TRAFs leading to the activation and nuclear localization of transcription factors IRF3 and IRF7 to induce IFNalpha/beta transcription and protein production. Many viruses interact with components of this pathway to inhibit production of interferons and establishment of the antiviral state.


Biological process


negative regulation of viral-induced cytoplasmic pattern recognition receptor signaling pathway [ GO:0039532 ]


Host-virus interactionInhibition of host innate immune response by virusViral immunoevasionInhibition of host RLR pathway by virusBiological process
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