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Keyword - Two-component regulatory system (KW-0902)


Protein involved in a system responding to environmental changes characterized usually by a sensor kinase in the cell membrane that phosphorylates itself in response to a signal and a response regulator to which the phosphoryl group is transferred. The responder is typically a DNA-binding protein that regulates transcription. Several of these systems are quite complex, involving many proteins in a signaling cascade or contributing to several responses simultaneously. They are involved in a variety processes such as chemotaxis, osmoregulation, magnesium transport, pH tolerance, sporulation, or response of virulent species to host cell's environments.


  • Phosphorelay system
  • Phospho-relay system
  • Two-component sensory transduction system
  • Two-component signal transduction system
  • Two-component system


Biological process


phosphorelay signal transduction system [ GO:0000160 ]


Two-component regulatory systemBiological process