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Keyword Host cell lysis by virus

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DefinitionViral protein involved in the lysis of the host cell allowing the release of mature, newly formed virions. Viruses use different way to lyse their host cell. They can express viroporins as Adenoviridae or Picornaviridae do in the late phase of infection. Phycodnaviridae for their part seem to express lytic phospholipids. In dsDNA prokaryotic viruses, lysis-specific proteins are expressed: a holin, which permeabilizes the inner membrane and an endolysin which then gains access to and degrades the host peptidoglycans. Some bacterioviruses express a signal-containing endolysin and thus do not need the holin function.
CategoryBiological process
GOcytolysis by virus of host cell [ GO:0044659 ]
GraphicalCytolysisHost cell lysis by virusBiological processVirus exit from host cell
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Virus exit from host cell