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Keyword - Menaquinone biosynthesis (KW-0474)


Protein involved in the synthesis of menaquinone, a derivative of 2-methyl-1,4-naphthoquinone in which the 3-position is substituted with a variable-length polyisoprene chain. In mammals, menaquinone is an important component of the blood coagulation system. Mammals need to obtain this vitamin by their diet or from the bacterial flora of the gut.


  • Menaquinone anabolism
  • Menaquinone biosynthetic process
  • Menaquinone formation
  • Menaquinone synthesis
  • Vitamin K2 anabolism
  • Vitamin K2 biosynthesis
  • Vitamin K2 biosynthetic process
  • Vitamin K2 formation
  • Vitamin K2 synthesis


Biological process


menaquinone biosynthetic process [ GO:0009234 ]


Menaquinone biosynthesisBiological process