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Keyword - Golgi apparatus (KW-0333)


Protein found in the Golgi apparatus, an organelle present in eukaryotic cells that appears as a stack of 6-8 plate-like membranous compartments and associated vesicles and vacuoles, often located near the centrosome. It has four functionally distinct compartments: cis, medial and trans Golgi stacks, and the trans Golgi network (TGN). The first three are involved in posttranslational modifications of proteins (e.g., N- or O-glycosylation, sulfation, processing of acid hydrolases), while the TGN is involved in sorting the proteins to their final destination (e.g., to lysosomes, to secretory vesicles, or to plasma membrane).


  • Golgi complex
  • Golgi stack


Cellular component


Golgi apparatus [ GO:0005794 ]


Golgi apparatusCellular component
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