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DefinitionProtein found in the Golgi apparatus, an organelle present in eukaryotic cells that appears as a stack of 6-8 plate-like membranous compartments and associated vesicles and vacuoles, often located near the centrosome. It has four functionally distinct compartments: cis, medial and trans Golgi stacks, and the trans Golgi network (TGN). The first three are involved in posttranslational modifications of proteins (e.g., N- or O-glycosylation, sulfation, processing of acid hydrolases), while the TGN is involved in sorting the proteins to their final destination (e.g., to lysosomes, to secretory vesicles, or to plasma membrane).
Synonyms Golgi complex
Golgi stack
CategoryCellular component
GOiGolgi apparatus [ GO:0005794 ]
GraphicalCellular componentGolgi apparatus