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Keyword - Folate biosynthesis (KW-0289)


Protein involved in the synthesis of folate, the ionic form of folic acid (Latin folium, 'leaf'), first found in spinach leaves. Folate is converted in a two-step reduction into its coenzyme form tetrahydrofolate, often abbreviated FH4 or THF, which acts as a carrier of one-carbon units at several oxidation levels in a variety of biosyntheses.


  • Folacin anabolism
  • Folacin biosynthesis
  • Folacin biosynthetic process
  • Folacin formation
  • Folacin synthesis
  • Folate anabolism
  • Folate biosynthetic process
  • Folate formation
  • Folate synthesis
  • Folic acid anabolism
  • Folic acid biosynthesis
  • Folic acid biosynthetic process
  • Folic acid formation
  • Folic acid synthesis
  • Pteroylglutamic acid anabolism
  • Pteroylglutamic acid biosynthesis
  • Pteroylglutamic acid biosynthetic process
  • Pteroylglutamic acid formation
  • Pteroylglutamic acid synthesis


Biological process


folic acid biosynthetic process [ GO:0046656 ]


Folate biosynthesisBiological process