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Keyword - Flavonoid biosynthesis (KW-0284)


Protein involved in the synthesis of flavonoids, polyphenolic compounds possessing 15 carbon atoms; two benzene rings joined by a linear three carbon chain, a C6-C3-C6 skeleton. C6 presents a benzene ring, C3 often is part of of an oxygen-containing ring. Flavonoids are coloured phenolic pigments originally considered vitamins (Vitamins P, C2) but not shown to have any nutritional role. They are responsible for the red/purple colours of many higher plants.


  • Flavonoid anabolism
  • Flavonoid biosynthetic process
  • Flavonoid formation
  • Flavonoid synthesis


Biological process


flavonoid biosynthetic process [ GO:0009813 ]


Flavonoid biosynthesisBiological process