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Keyword - Biotin biosynthesis (KW-0093)


Protein involved in the synthesis of biotin, a prosthetic group for some carboxylase and decarboxylase enzymes. This water-soluble vitamin is essential for fatty acid biosynthesis, catabolism, and it acts as a growth factor for many cells.


  • Biopeiderm anabolism
  • Biopeiderm biosynthesis
  • Biopeiderm biosynthetic process
  • Biopeiderm formation
  • Biopeiderm synthesis
  • Biotin anabolism
  • Biotin biosynthetic process
  • Biotin formation
  • Biotin synthesis
  • Coenzyme R anabolism
  • Coenzyme R biosynthesis
  • Coenzyme R biosynthetic process
  • Coenzyme R formation
  • Coenzyme R synthesis
  • Vitamin B7 anabolism
  • Vitamin B7 biosynthetic process
  • Vitamin B7 formation
  • Vitamin B7 synthesis
  • Vitamin B8 anabolism
  • Vitamin B8 biosynthetic process
  • Vitamin B8 formation
  • Vitamin B8 synthesis
  • Vitamin H anabolism
  • Vitamin H biosynthesis
  • Vitamin H biosynthetic process
  • Vitamin H formation
  • Vitamin H synthesis


Biological process


biotin biosynthetic process [ GO:0009102 ]


Biotin biosynthesisBiological process