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Keyword Brassinosteroid biosynthesis

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DefinitionProtein involved in the synthesis of brassinosteroids, a class of steroid plant hormones. Brassinosteroids are involved in numerous plant processes, such as cell expansion and elongation (in association with auxin), vascular differentiation, pollen elongation and pollen tube formation and protection to plants during chilling and drought stress. Brassinolide is the first isolated brassinosteroid.
Synonyms Brassinosteroid anabolism
Brassinosteroid biosynthetic process
Brassinosteroid formation
Brassinosteroid synthesis
CategoryBiological process
GObrassinosteroid biosynthetic process [ GO:0016132 ]
GraphicalBiological processLipid metabolismLipid biosynthesisBrassinosteroid biosynthesisSteroid biosynthesis
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BroaderSteroid biosynthesis