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Pan proteomes

Last modified March 21, 2017

A pan proteome is the full set of proteins thought to be expressed by a group of highly related organisms (e.g. multiple strains of the same bacterial species).

Pan proteomes provide a representative set of all the sequences within a taxonomic group and capture unique sequences not found in the group’s reference proteome. UniProtKB pan proteomes encompass all non-redundant proteomes and are aimed at users interested in phylogenetic comparisons and the study of genome evolution and gene diversity.

When a proteome has proteins that are part of a larger pan proteome, you will see it indicated on the proteome page in the ‘Pan proteome’ row. You will also see a link to download the full fasta sequence set, e.g. Bacillus subtilis 168.

Pan proteome sets can be downloaded from the UniProt FTP site through the Pan proteomes subdirectory.

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