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Last modified October 4, 2016

This subsection of the ‘Pathology and Biotech’ section describes the effect of the experimental mutation of one or more amino acid(s) on the biological properties of the protein.

We describe only those experiments in which a limited number of amino acid residues are altered: gross alterations in protein structure, such as the deletion of hundreds of amino acids, are not described. We report the amino acid change, the name of the mutant (if known), and the effect(s) of the mutation on the protein, the cell or the complete organism.
Examples: Q1LCS4, P04395, Q38914

When the experimental observation was obtained with a combination of several point mutations, we indicate not only the global effect, but also the exact combination of mutations (positions and amino acid modifications). This information can be found in the ‘Description’ field in the sentence ‘when associated with…’.
Examples: P62166, O14776