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Batch retrieval

Select the Retrieve tab of the toolbar to download a list of UniProt entries:

  1. Enter the UniProt identifiers into the form field or upload them from a file.
  2. Click the Retrieve button.

The following kinds of UniProt identifiers are supported:

P00750 UniProtKB entry
P00750-2 UniProtKB entry isoform sequence
P00750[39-81] UniProtKB sequence range
A4_HUMAN UniProtKB entry name
UPI0000000001 UniParc entry
UniRef100_P00750 UniRef entry

If you want to retrieve entries based on a list of identifiers from external databases, you must first use our database identifier mapping service to map them to UniProt identifiers.

Instead of entering identifiers into the form, you can mark sequences using the checkboxes found in various places such as:

Once one or more sequences have been marked, the Retrieve button in the green bar becomes available:

After you have submitted your data, you are forwarded to a download page that lists the available formats. Note that if you mix different kinds of identifiers, the choice of formats will be limited to the greatest common denominator (usually FASTA).

Jobs have unique identifiers, which (depending on the job type) can be used in queries (e.g. to get the intersection of two sequence similarity searches). Job identifiers and the related data are kept for 7 days, and are then deleted.

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