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          Help Results

          Help search results

          Provides a stable way of identifying UniProtKB entries

          Active site

          Amino acid(s) directly involved in the activity of an enzyme

          Allergenic properties

          Information relevant to allergenic proteins

          Alternative products

          Description of the different proteins generated from the same gene

          Annotation score

          Annotation scores provide a measure of how much annotation has been associated with a given entry or proteome.

          Binary interactions

          Information relevant to binary protein-protein interactions

          Binding site

          Binding site for any chemical group (co-enzyme, prosthetic group, etc.)

          Biophysicochemical properties

          Description of biophysical and physicochemical properties

          Biotechnological use

          The use of a specific protein in the biotechnological industry

          Calcium binding

          Denotes the position(s) of calcium binding region(s) within the protein


          Covalently attached glycan group(s)

          Catalytic activity

          Description of the reaction(s) catalyzed by an enzyme


          Warning about possible errors and/or grounds for confusion


          Extent of a polypeptide chain in the mature protein


          Description of non-protein substance required by an enzyme to be active

          Coiled coil

          Denotes the positions of regions of coiled coil within the protein

          Compositional bias

          Region of compositional bias in the protein

          Sequence conflict

          Description of sequence discrepancies of unknown origin

          Cross-references section

          Cross-references that point to data collections other than UniProtKB


          Residues participating in covalent linkage(s) between proteins

          Developmental stage

          Description of how the expression of a gene varies according to the stage of cell, tissue or organism development

          Disruption phenotype

          Description of the effects caused by the disruption of a protein-encoding gene.

          Disulfide bond

          Cysteine residues participating in disulfide bonds

          DNA binding

          Denotes the position and type of a DNA-binding domain


          Denotes the position and type of each modular protein domain


          Description of the domain(s) present in a protein

          1 to 25 of 109  Show