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UniProt release 5.7

Published August 16, 2005


Integration of data from an enzyme genomics project

We have integrated into UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot the results of Aled Edwards' and Alexander Yakunin's group which were summarized in FEMS Microbiology Reviews 29:263-279 (2005) (PubMed: 15808744). Using general enzymatic assays to screen individually purified proteins for enzymatic activity, they have identified activity for 36 previously uncharacterized proteins of E.coli, T. maritima, T. acidophilum, M. jannaschii and P. aeruginosa.

The sequencing of complete genomes produce increasing number of CDSs which are annotated as "hypothetical proteins". Approximately 40% of the protein sequences deposited in databases do not have any characterized function. This hinders the progress and research in many areas ranging from genome annotation to metabolic engineering. It is therefore of fundamental importance to carry on with experimental verification of function of these proteins, and, equally important, to integrate the results into the database. One of the major priorities in Swiss-Prot is to be up-to-date with respect to this kind of new findings, and we strive to integrate new characterizations as quickly as possible. We urge all groups obtaining these results to submit update requests to us. We will treat these requests with the highest priority.