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Swiss-Prot release 3.0

Published November 28, 1986

                            SWISS-PROT RELEASE 3.0

        Announcing SWISS-PROT release 3.0

   Release 3.0  of the  SWISS-PROT data  bank is  now available.  The total
   number of  sequence entries has grown from 3939 (in release 2.0) to 4160
   and the total number of amino-acids from 900'163 to 969'641.

   Release 3.0  has been  updated using  mainly protein  sequence data from
   release 10.0  of the  P.I.R(1) protein data bank, as well as translation
   of nucleic-acid sequence data from release 8.0 of the EMBL data library.

        Availability of SWISS-PROT.

   -  SWISS-PROT will  be available  very  soon,  on-line,  on  the  BIONET
      resource computer.
   -  EMBL will start distributing tapes of SWISS-PROT in the near future.
   -  PC/GENE American customers can acquire from IntelliGenetics both EMBL
      and SWISS-PROT on floppy media.
   -  PC/GENE European  customers will  receive SWISS-PROT  release 3  from

        The next release.

   SWISS-PROT release  4.0 will be probably ready in the spring of 1987, it
   will include  new data  from  P.I.R,  translated  EMBL  sequences  (from
   release 9.0)  and sequences entered by the staff of Medical Biochemistry
   Department of the University of Geneva.

   A new  feature will  be introduced  in the next release: sequences whose
   three dimensional  structure has  been  published  will  have  an  extra
   reference data block pointing to the name of the entry in the Brookhaven
   National Laboratory Protein Data Bank which list atomic coordinates from
   the crystallographic  data. A new keyword: 3D-STRUCTURE will be added to
   all those sequence entries.

   A. Bairoch / 28 November 1986.
   Medical Biochemistry Department.
   University of Geneva.

   1  P.I.R (Protein  Identification Resource) is supported by the Division
      of Research  Resources of  the NIH  and prepared  by the staff of the
      National Biomedical Research Foundation.