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UniProt is updated every four weeks (see FAQ on how to be notified automatically of updates). You can download small data sets and subsets directly from this web site by following the download link on any search result page. For downloading complete data sets we recommend using If you are located in Europe, the Middle East or Africa, you may want to download data from our mirror site in the United Kingdom or in Switzerland instead.

Here are some direct links to frequently downloaded files:

UniProtKBUniProtKB/Swiss-Protxml fasta text
UniProtKB/TrEMBLxml fasta text
Isoform sequencesfasta
Taxonomic divisionstext
(Only a selected set of species are available on the FTP site. All species can be downloaded from the web site.)
ID mapping datatab
XML Schema
UniRefUniRef100xml fasta
UniRef90xml fasta
UniRef50xml fasta
XML Schema
UniParcUniParc (Sequence Archive)xml fasta
XML Schema
UniMESMetagenomic and Environmental Sequencesfasta
UniMES matches to InterPro methods
UniProt RDF distributionrdf
Releases notes
Previous releases