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Description: Scorpion potassium channel toxins: nomenclature and list of
Name:        scorpktx.txt
Release:     2018_04 of 25-Apr-2018


This document  lists potassium channel-specific  scorpion toxins alpha-,
gamma- and kappa-KTx,  according to the  nomenclature system  originally
described by  Tytgat et al [1] in 1999 and extended in  de la Vega et al
[2].  Beta-KTx listed here are divided into  the three classes  proposed
by  Zhu et al [3].   For a  detailed  description  of  the animal  toxin
annotation program  in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, see [4].  We would  like to
thank Dr. Ricardo C. Rodriguez de la Vega and  Prof. Lourival D. Possani
for their help in establishing this list.

[1] [Pubmed: 10542442]
    Tytgat J., Chandy K.G., Garcia M.L., Gutman G.A.,
    Martin-Eauclaire M.F., van der Walt J.J., Possani L.D.
    A unified nomenclature for short-chain peptides isolated from
    scorpion venoms: alpha-KTx molecular subfamilies.
    Trends Pharmacol. Sci. 20:444-447(1999).

[2] [Pubmed: 15208019] [Article from publisher]
    Rodriguez de la Vega R.C., Possani L.D.;
    Current views on scorpion toxins specific for K+-channels.
    Toxicon 43:865-875(2004).

[3] [Pubmed: 20045493] [Article from publisher]
    Zhu S., Gao B., Aumelas A., Del Carmen Rodriguez M., Lanz-Mendoza H.,
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    Possani L.D.;
    Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1804:872-883(2010).

[4] [Pubmed: 22465017] [Article from publisher]
    Jungo F., Bougueleret L., Xenarios I., Poux S.;
    The UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot Tox-Prot program: A central hub of
    integrated venom protein data.
    Toxicon 15:60:551-557(2012).

__________  ___________  ______________  ____________________________________________________________________________________
Swiss-Prot  Entry name   Systematic      Other names
AC          name
__________  ___________  ______________  ____________________________________________________________________________________
P13487      KAX11_LEIQH  alpha-KTx 1.1   Charybdotoxin, ChTX, ChTX-Lq1, ChTx-a
P45628      KAX12_LEIQH  alpha-KTx 1.2   Charybdotoxin-2, ChTX-Lq2, Toxin 18-2, Lqh 18-2, ChTx-d
P24663      KAX13_MESTA  alpha-KTx 1.3   Iberiotoxin, IbTx
P0C167      KAX14_CENLM  alpha-KTx 1.4   Limbatotoxin, LbTx, Limbatustoxin
Q9NII6      KAX15_MESMA  alpha-KTx 1.5   Neurotoxin TX1, BmTX1
Q9NII5      KAX16_MESMA  alpha-KTx 1.6   Neurotoxin TX2, BmTX2
                         alpha-KTx 1.7   [Corresponds to P45660 reclassified as alpha-KTx 16.5]
                         alpha-KTx 1.8   [Corresponds to P0C173 reclassified as alpha-KTx 16.1]
P59848      KAX19_CENLM  alpha-KTx 1.9   Hongotoxin-2, HgTX2
P83112      KAX1A_PARTR  alpha-KTx 1.10  Parabutoxin-3, PBTx3
P0C182      KAX1B_CENNO  alpha-KTx 1.11  Slotoxin, SloTx
P59943      KAX1C_LEIQH  alpha-KTx 1.12  Charybdotoxin b, ChTx-b
P59944      KAX1D_LEIQH  alpha-KTx 1.13  Charybdotoxin c, ChTx-c
H2ETQ6      KAX1E_MESMA  alpha-KTx 1.14  Kcug1
H2ER23      KAX1F_MESMA  alpha-KTx 1.15  Kcug2
C0HJQ8      KAX1G_MESEU  alpha-KTx 1.16  Toxin MeKTx11-1
C0HJQ7      KAX1H_MESEU  alpha-KTx 1.17  Toxin MeKTx11-3
C0HJS9      KAX1I_RHOJU  alpha-KTx 1.18  Peptide Rj1m1

P08815      KAX21_CENNO  alpha-KTx 2.1   Noxiustoxin, NTx, Toxin II.11
P40755      KAX22_CENMA  alpha-KTx 2.2   Margatoxin, MgTX
P45629      KAX23_CENLI  alpha-KTx 2.3   Toxin-1, Toxin I, Toxin II.10.9.1, CllTx1
Q9TXD1      KAX24_CENNO  alpha-KTx 2.4   Noxiustoxin-2, NTx2, NTx-2
P59847      KAX25_CENLM  alpha-KTx 2.5   Hongotoxin-1, HgTX1
P59849      KAX26_CENLM  alpha-KTx 2.6   Hongotoxin-3, HgTX3
P45630      KAX27_CENLI  alpha-KTx 2.7   Toxin II, Toxin II.10.9.2, CllTx2
P0C161      KAX28_CENEL  alpha-KTx 2.8   Toxin Ce1
P0C162      KAX29_CENEL  alpha-KTx 2.9   Toxin Ce2
P0C163      KAX2A_CENEL  alpha-KTx 2.10  Toxin Ce3
P0C164      KAX2B_CENEL  alpha-KTx 2.11  Toxin Ce4
P0C165      KAX2C_CENEL  alpha-KTx 2.12  Toxin Ce5
P85529      KAX2D_CENSU  alpha-KTx 2.13  Toxin Css20
P0DL43      KAX2E_RHOGI  alpha-KTx 2.14
C0HJW1      KAX2F_CENTE  alpha-KTx 2.15  Toxin II.10.5
C0HJW6      KAX2G_CENTE  alpha-KTx 2.16  Toxin II.12.5
C0HJW5      KAX2H_CENTE  alpha-KTx 2.17  Toxin II.12.8
P0DL70      KAX2I_CENLI  alpha-KTx 2.18  CllTx5
C0HJT0      KAX2J_RHOJU  alpha-KTx 2.19  Rj1m2, alpha-KTx 2.15

P24662      KAX31_ANDMA  alpha-KTx 3.1   Kaliotoxin-1, KTX-1
P46111      KAX32_LEIQH  alpha-KTx 3.2   Agitoxin-2, AGTX-2, AgTx2
P46112      KAX33_LEIQH  alpha-KTx 3.3   Agitoxin-3, AGTX-3, AgTx3
P46110      KAX34_LEIQH  alpha-KTx 3.4   Agitoxin-1, AGTX-1, AgTx1, Leiurotoxin-2, Leiurotoxin II, LeTx II
P45696      KAX35_ANDAU  alpha-KTx 3.5   Kaliotoxin-2, KTX-2
Q9NII7      KAX36_MESMA  alpha-KTx 3.6   Kaliotoxin, BmKTX
P55896      KAX37_ORTSC  alpha-KTx 3.7   Toxin OsK1, OsK-1
P59886      KAX38_HOTTS  alpha-KTx 3.8   Charybdotoxin-like peptide Bs 6, Bs6
P59290      KAX39_BUTOC  alpha-KTx 3.9   Kaliotoxin-3, KTX-3
P0C908      KAX3A_BUTOS  alpha-KTx 3.10  BoiTx1
P0C909      KAX3B_ODODO  alpha-KTx 3.11  OdK2
P0C8R1      KAX3C_ANDAM  alpha-KTx 3.12  Kaliotoxin analog, Aam-KTX
P86396      KAX3D_MESEU  alpha-KTx 3.13  MeuKTx-3
                         alpha-KTx 3.14  Synthetic peptide (see PubMed:20007782)
B3EWY0      KAX3F_MESGB  alpha-KTx 3.15  MegKTx1
K7XFK5      KAX3G_MESGB  alpha-KTx 3.16  MegKTx4, Tx4
P0DL44      KAX3H_BUTPA  alpha-KTx 3.17  Toxin BoPKTX
C0HJQ4      KAX3I_MESEU  alpha-KTx 3.18  Toxin MeKTx13-2
C0HJQ6      KAX3J_MESEU  alpha-KTx 3.19  Toxin MeKTx13-3

P46114      KAX41_TITSE  alpha-KTx 4.1   Tityustoxin K-alpha, TsTX-K-alpha, TSK4, Toxin II-9, Ts7
P56219      KAX42_TITSE  alpha-KTx 4.2   Neurotoxin Ts-kappa, TsKapa, TsK
P59925      KAX43_TITDI  alpha-KTx 4.3   Toxin TdK1
P60210      KAX44_TITOB  alpha-KTx 4.4   Toxin Tc30
Q5G8B6      KAX45_TITCO  alpha-KTx 4.5
P0CB56      KAX46_TITST  alpha-KTx 4.6   Tst23

P16341      KAX51_LEIQH  alpha-KTx 5.1   Leiurotoxin-1, Leiurotoxin I, LeTx I, Scyllatoxin, ScyTx
P31719      KAX52_ANDMA  alpha-KTx 5.2   Leiurotoxin I-like toxin P05, AmP05
Q9TVX3      KAX53_MESMA  alpha-KTx 5.3   Neurotoxin BmP05, Potassium ion channel blocker P05
P59869      KAX54_MESTA  alpha-KTx 5.4   Tamapin
P59870      KAX55_MESTA  alpha-KTx 5.5   Tamapin-2

Q10726      KAX61_PANIM  alpha-KTx 6.1   Potassium channel-blocking toxin 1, Pi1, Pi-1, PiTX-K-gamma
P80719      KAX62_SCOPA  alpha-KTx 6.2   Maurotoxin, MTX
P59867      KAX63_HETSP  alpha-KTx 6.3   Neurotoxin HsTX1
P58498      KAX64_PANIM  alpha-KTx 6.4   Potassium channel-blocking toxin 4, Pi4, Pi-4
P58490      KAX65_PANIM  alpha-KTx 6.5   Pi7, Pi-7, Toxin-7
Q6XLL9      KAX66_OPICA  alpha-KTx 6.6   OcKTx1
Q6XLL8      KAX67_OPICA  alpha-KTx 6.7   OcKTx2
Q6XLL7      KAX68_OPICA  alpha-KTx 6.8   OcKTx3
Q6XLL6      KAX69_OPICA  alpha-KTx 6.9   OcKTx4
Q6XLL5      KAX6A_OPICA  alpha-KTx 6.10  OcKTx5
P0C194      KAX6B_OPIMA  alpha-KTx 6.11  Male-specific potassium channel inhibitor IsTX
P0C166      KAX6C_ANUPH  alpha-KTx 6.12  Anuroctoxin
P84094      KAX6D_HETSP  alpha-KTx 6.13  Spinoxin
P84864      KAX6E_HADGE  alpha-KTx 6.14  HgeTx1
P85528      KAX6F_HEMLE  alpha-KTx 6.15  Hemitoxin
C5J896      KAX6G_OPICY  alpha-KTx 6.16
P86116      KAX6H_OPICY  alpha-KTx 6.17  Toxin OcyKTx2

P55927      KAX71_PANIM  alpha-KTx 7.1   Toxin PiTX-K-alpha, Pandinotoxin-alpha, Potassium channel-blocking toxin 2, Pi2, Pi-2
P55928      KAX72_PANIM  alpha-KTx 7.2   Toxin PiTX-K-beta, Pandinotoxin-beta, Potassium channel-blocking toxin 3, Pi3, Pi-3

P56215      KAX81_ANDMA  alpha-KTx 8.1   Neurotoxin P01, AmP01
Q9U8D2      KAX82_MESMA  alpha-KTx 8.2   Neurotoxin BmP01, Potassium ion channel blocker P01
P80670      KAX83_LEIQH  alpha-KTx 8.3   Toxin GaTx2, Gating modifier of anion channels 2, Leiuropeptide II, LpII, Leiuropeptide-2
P80671      KAX84_LEIQH  alpha-KTx 8.4   Leiuropeptide-3, Leiuropeptide III, LpIII
P0CC12      KAX85_ODODO  alpha-KTx 8.5   OdK1
P86400      KAX86_MESEU  alpha-KTx 8.6   Toxin MeuKTx-1
C0HJQ5      KAX87_MESEU  alpha-KTx 8.7   Toxin MeKTx1-2
A0A1L2FZD4  KAX88_ORTSC  alpha-KTx 8.8   OSK3

Q9NJP7      KAX91_MESMA  alpha-KTx 9.1   Neurotoxin BmP02, Potassium ion channel blocker P02, Toxin Kk6, BmKK6
Q9U8D1      KAX92_MESMA  alpha-KTx 9.2   Neurotoxin BmP03, Potassium ion channel blocker P03
P80669      KAX93_LEIQH  alpha-KTx 9.3   Leiuropeptide-1, Leiuropeptide I, LpI
P60209      KAX94_MESTA  alpha-KTx 9.4   Toxin BTK-2, Bt BTK-2
P84744      KAX95_BUTOC  alpha-KTx 9.5   Neurotoxin Kbot1
P83405      KAX96_HOTJU  alpha-KTx 9.6   Neurotoxin Tx-1, BjTx-1
P83406      KAX97_HOTJU  alpha-KTx 9.7   Neurotoxin Tx-2, BjTx-2
B8XH46      KAX98_BUTOS  alpha-KTx 9.8   Toxin Tx784
B8XH33      KAX99_BUTOS  alpha-KTx 9.9   Toxin Tx549
P86398      KAX9A_MESEU  alpha-KTx 9.10  Toxin MeuKTx-5
B3EWX9      KAX9B_MESGB  alpha-KTx 9.11  Toxin MegKTx2

O46028      KA101_CENNO  alpha-KTx 10.1  Cobatoxin-1, CoTx1, gtIX
P58504      KA102_CENNO  alpha-KTx 10.2  Cobatoxin-2, CoTx2
C0HJW2      KA104_CENTE  alpha-KTx 10.4

P60164      KA111_PARVI  alpha-KTx 11.1  Parabutoxin-1, PBTx1
P60165      KA112_PARVI  alpha-KTx 11.2  Parabutoxin-2, PBTx2
Q6WGI9      KA113_PARGR  alpha-KTx 11.3  Parabutoxin-10, PBTx10

P59936      KA121_TITSE  alpha-KTx 12.1  Butantoxin, BuTX, TsTX-IV, Ts6
P0C168      KA122_TITTR  alpha-KTx 12.2  Butantoxin, BuTX, TtBut
P0C185      KA123_TITCO  alpha-KTx 12.3  Butantoxin-like peptide, Tco30
P0C8L1      KA124_TITST  alpha-KTx 12.4  Butantoxin, BuTX, TstBut
P0CH12      KA125_LYCMC  alpha-KTx 12.5  Neurotoxin KTx10
P0CI47      KA126_LYCMC  alpha-KTx 12.6
P0CI48      KA127_LYCMC  alpha-KTx 12.7

P83243      KA131_TITOB  alpha-KTx 13.1  Toxin Tc1
P83244      KA132_ORTSC  alpha-KTx 13.2  Toxin OsK2, OsK-2
P84630      KA133_TITPA  alpha-KTx 13.3  Toxin Tpa1
P0C8L2      KA134_TITST  alpha-KTx 13.4  Toxin Tst-17

Q967F9      KA141_MESMA  alpha-KTx 14.1  Toxin Kk1, BmKK1
Q95NK7      KA142_MESMA  alpha-KTx 14.2  Toxin Kk2, BmKK2, BmTXKS3, Neurotoxin BmP07, Potassium ion channel blocker P07, KK1
Q9BJX2      KA143_MESMA  alpha-KTx 14.3  Toxin Kk3, BmKK3, Neurotoxin SKTx2
Q9BKB4      KA144_MESMA  alpha-KTx 14.4  Neurotoxin SKTx1, BmSKTx1
A0A059U906  KA145_MESGB  alpha-KTx 14.5  Toxin Mgib29

P60233      KA151_ANDAU  alpha-KTx 15.1  Peptide Aa1
Q8I0L5      KA152_MESMA  alpha-KTx 15.2  Toxin BmTX3, Neurotoxin TX3, BmTX3A
P60208      KA153_ANDMA  alpha-KTx 15.3  Toxin AmmTX3
Q867F4      KA154_ANDAU  alpha-KTx 15.4  Toxin AaTX1, Toxin Aa1
Q86SD8      KA155_ANDAU  alpha-KTx 15.5  Toxin AaTX2
P84777      KA156_TITDI  alpha-KTx 15.6  Discrepin
Q5K0E0      KA157_ANDAM  alpha-KTx 15.7  Neurotoxin AamTX
Q86BX0      KA158_MESMA  alpha-KTx 15.8  Neurotoxin Kk4, BmKKx1
D9U2A8      KA159_LYCMC  alpha-KTx 15.9  Neurotoxin KTx9

P0C173      KA161_MESTA  alpha-KTx 16.1  Tamulotoxin, TmTX
Q9NBG9      KA162_MESMA  alpha-KTx 16.2  Martentoxin, BmK 622, BmTx3B, [Contains: Martentoxin-1 Martentoxin I,
Q8MQL0      KA163_MESMA  alpha-KTx 16.3  Charybdotoxin-like toxin 1, Kchtx1, KTX1
D3JXM1      KA164_MESEU  alpha-KTx 16.4  Alpha-KTx MeuTx3B, MeuKTx-4
P45660      KA165_LEIQH  alpha-KTx 16.5  Alpha-KTx 1.7, Lqh 15-1, Toxin 15-1
B8XH42      KA166_BUTOS  alpha-KTx 16.6  Toxin Tx608
B3EWY1      KA167_MESGB  alpha-KTx 16.7  Alpha-KTx 16.5, MegKTx3
P0DL45      KA168_BUTPA  alpha-KTx 16.8  Toxin BoP1
P0DL46      KA169_BUTPA  alpha-KTx 16.9  Toxin BoP2

Q95NJ8      KA171_MESMA  alpha-KTx 17.1  Toxin Kk4, BmKK4, Toxin TXKs4
P0CI46      KA172_LYCMC  alpha-KTx 17.2

P60211      KA181_TITOB  alpha-KTx 18.1  Toxin Tc32
P0C1X5      KA182_TITDI  alpha-KTx 18.2  Toxin TdK2
P0C1X6      KA183_TITDI  alpha-KTx 18.3  Toxin TdK3

P83407      KA191_MESMA  alpha-KTx 19.1  Neurotoxin BmBKTx1, BmK37

P0C183      KA201_TITTR  alpha-KTx 20.1  Toxin Tt28

P86270      KA211_TITSE  alpha-KTx 21.1  Tityustoxin-15, TS15

Q8MUB1      KA221_MESMA  alpha-KTx 22.1  Toxin Kcugx, Neurotoxin BmK38

P0DJ31      KA231_VAEMS  alpha-KTx 23.1  Toxin Vm24, Toxin alpha-KTx 21.1
P0DJ32      KA232_VAEMS  alpha-KTx 23.2  Toxin Vm23, Toxin alpha-KTx 21.2
P0DP36      KA233_SCOTI  alpha-KTx 23.3  Toxin St20

A7KJJ7      KA261_MESMA  alpha-KTx 26.1  Neurotoxin BmK86
D9U2B2      KA262_LYCMC  alpha-KTx 26.2
A0A059UI21  KA263_MESGB  alpha-KTx 26.3  Toxin Mgib2

B8XH44      KA271_BUTOS  alpha-KTx 27.1  Toxin BoiTx771, Toxin Tx771
P0CI83      KA272_LYCMC  alpha-KTx 27.2  Putative neurotoxin-B
P0CI84      KA273_LYCMC  alpha-KTx 27.3  Putative neurotoxin-C
A0A059UEE4  KA274_MESGI  alpha-KTx 27.4  Toxin Mgib23

R4GUQ3      KA281_ISOMC  alpha-KTx 28.1  Toxin ImKTx104

D9U2A6      KA291_LYCMC  alpha-KTx 29.1  Neurotoxin-F, Toxin LmKTx2
R4GUQ1      KA292_LYCMC  alpha-KTx 29.2  Neurotoxin KTx3, Toxin LmKTx71
P0CI86      KA293_LYCMC  alpha-KTx 29.3  Neurotoxin-E, Neurotoxin LmKTx95

P0DL33      KA301_SCOR   alpha-KTx 30.1  Toxin StKTx23
P0DL34      KA302_SCOJE  alpha-KTx 30.2  Toxin SjKTx32
P0DL35      KA303_SCOJE  alpha-KTx 30.3  Toxin SjKTx51

P0DL62      KA311_BUTOC  alpha-KTx 31.1  Kbot55

class 1 subfamily:
P69939      KBX1_ANDAU                   AaTXK-beta, AaTXKbeta, beta-KTx 2
B8XH40      KBX1_BUTOS                   BuTXK-beta, BuTXKbeta, Tx690
Q9N661      KBX1_MESMA                   BmTXK-beta-2, BmTX K-beta2, BmTXKbeta2, BmTX K beta2', beta-KTx 4
Q5G8A6      KBX1_TITCO                   Tco-beta-KTx, TcobetaKTx, Tco 41.46-2, Tco 42.14
Q0GY44      KBX1_TITDI                   Tdi-beta-KTx, TdibetaKTx
P69940      KBX1_TITSE                   TsTXK-beta, Tityustoxin K-beta, TsTX-K beta, TsTX K beta, TsTXKbeta, TSK2, beta-KTx 1
P0C2F3      KBX1_TITST                   Tst-beta-KTx, TstbetaKTx
Q0GY46      KBX1_TITTR                   Ttr-beta-KTx, TtrbetaKTx
P0CI49      KBX11_LYCMC                  Neurotoxin beta-KTx 31.1
A9XE60      KBX11_MESEU                  MeuTXK-beta-1, MeuTXKbeta1
A9XE59      KBX12_MESEU                  MeuTXK-beta-2, MeuTXKbeta2
D9U2A7      KBX17_LYCMC                  Neurotoxin beta-KTx 7
A0A059UI30  KBX1_MESGB                   Meg-beta-KTx1, MegbetaKTx1, Beta potassium channel toxin 1

class 2 subfamily:
Q0GY41      KBX2_HADGE                   Hge-beta-KTx, HgebetaKTx
P0CH57      NDB51_MESEU                  MeuTXKbeta3, BeL-5, BeL-69, Meucin-24, MeuTXKbeta3
Q9NJC6      KBX2_MESMA                   BmTXK-beta, BmTX K-beta, BmTXKbeta, BmKLK, beta-KTx 3
Q0GY42      KBX2_TITCO                   TcoKIK
Q0GY43      KIK2_TITDI                   TdiKIK, TdKIK;
P0C8W4      KBX2_TITST                   TstKMK, Toxin 5536
P86822      KBX2_TITSE                   Beta-Ktx 2
Q0GY45      KBX2_TITTR                   TtrKIK
P0CJ45      KBX21_LYCMC                  Neurotoxin beta-KTx 52.1
D9U2B1      KBX22_LYCMC                  Neurotoxin beta-KTx 12
P0CI42      KBX23_LYCMC                  Neurotoxin beta-KTx 14.3
C6ZH27      KBX27_LYCMC                  Neurotoxin beta-KTx 17

class 3 subfamily:
Q0GY40      KBX3_HADGE                   Hge-scorpine, Hg-scorpine-like 1, Hgscplike1, HgeScplp1, Hge36
P0C2F4      KBX3_HETLA                   Heteroscorpine-1, HS-1
C5J891      KBX3_OPICY                   Scorpine-like, OcyC7
P56972      KBX3_PANIM                   Scorpine, Scorpin, Panscorpine
P86121      KBX3L_OPICY                  Scorpine-like
Q5WR03      KBX31_OPICA                  Opiscorpine-1
P0C8W5      KBX32_HADGE                  Hg-scorpine-like 2, Hgscplike2, HgeScplp2
Q5WR01      KBX32_OPICA                  Opiscorpine-2
Q5WQZ7      KBX33_OPICA                  Opiscorpine-3
Q5WQZ9      KBX34_OPICA                  Opiscorpine-4

Q86QT3      KGX11_CENNO  gamma-KTx 1.1   Ergtoxin, ErgTx, Ergtoxin-like protein 1, ErgTx1, CnErg1, CnErgTx1
Q86QV6      KGX12_CENEL  gamma-KTx 1.2   Ergtoxin-like protein 1, ErgTx1, CeErg1, CeErgTx1
Q86QV3      KGX13_CENGR  gamma-KTx 1.3   Ergtoxin-like protein 1, ErgTx1, CgErg1, CgErgTx1
Q86QU6      KGX14_CENSC  gamma-KTx 1.4   Ergtoxin-like protein 1, ErgTx1, CsErg1, CsErgTx1
Q86QV0      KGX15_CENLI  gamma-KTx 1.5   Ergtoxin-like protein 1, ErgTx1, CllErg1, CllErgTx1
Q86QU1      KGX16_CENEX  gamma-KTx 1.6   Ergtoxin-like protein 1, ErgTx1, CexErg1, CexErgTx1
P0C892      KGX17_CENEL  gamma-KTx 1.7   CeErg4
P0C893      KGX18_CENEL  gamma-KTx 1.8   CeErg5
C0HJW3      KGX19_CENTE  gamma-KTx 1.9

Q9BKB7      KGX21_MESEU  gamma-KTx 2.1   Neurotoxin BeKm-1
P59938      KGX22_MESMA  gamma-KTx 2.2   Neurotoxin Kk7, BmKK7, BmKKx2

P59939      KGX31_CENNO  gamma-KTx 3.1   Ergtoxin-like protein 2, ErgTx2, CnErg2, CnErgTx2
Q86QV5      KGX32_CENEL  gamma-KTx 3.2   Ergtoxin-like protein 2, ErgTx2, CeErg2, CeErgTx2
Q86QU5      KGX33_CENSC  gamma-KTx 3.3   Ergtoxin-like protein 2, ErgTx2, CsErg2, CsErgTx2
Q86QV2      KGX34_CENGR  gamma-KTx 3.4   Ergtoxin-like protein 2, ErgTx2, CgErg2, CgErgTx2

Q86QU9      KGX41_CENLI  gamma-KTx 4.1   Ergtoxin-like protein 2, ErgTx2, CllErg2, CllErgTx2
Q86QV7      KGX42_CENNO  gamma-KTx 4.2   Ergtoxin-like protein 5, ErgTx5, CnErg5, CnErgTx5
Q86QU0      KGX43_CENEX  gamma-KTx 4.3   Ergtoxin-like protein 2, ErgTx2, CexErg2, CexErgTx2
Q86QT9      KGX44_CENEX  gamma-KTx 4.4   Ergtoxin-like protein 3, ErgTx3, CexErg3, CexErgTx3
Q86QT8      KGX45_CENEX  gamma-KTx 4.5   Ergtoxin-like protein 4, ErgTx4, CexErg4, CexErgTx4
Q86QU8      KGX46_CENLI  gamma-KTx 4.6   Ergtoxin-like protein 3, ErgTx3, CllErg3, CllErgTx3
Q86QU7      KGX47_CENLI  gamma-KTx 4.7   Ergtoxin-like protein 4, ErgTx4, CllErg4, CllErgTx4
Q86QV4      KGX48_CENEL  gamma-KTx 4.8   Ergtoxin-like protein 3, ErgTx3, CeErg3, CeErgTx3
Q86QU4      KGX49_CENSC  gamma-KTx 4.9   Ergtoxin-like protein 3, ErgTx3, CsErg3, CsErgTx3
Q86QU3      KGX4A_CENSC  gamma-KTx 4.10  Ergtoxin-like protein 4, ErgTx4, CsErg4, CsErgTx4
Q86QV8      KGX4B_CENNO  gamma-KTx 4.11  Ergtoxin-like protein 4, ErgTx4, CnErg4, CnErgTx4
P59940      KGX4C_CENSC  gamma-KTx 4.12  Neurotoxin CsEKerg1
Q86QV9      KGX4D_CENNO  gamma-KTx 4.13  Ergtoxin-like protein 3, ErgTx3, CnErg3, CnErgTx3

Q86QU2      KGX51_CENSC  gamma-KTx 5.1   Ergtoxin-like protein 5, ErgTx5, CsErg5, CsErgTx5
Q86QV1      KGX52_CENGR  gamma-KTx 5.2   Ergtoxin-like protein 3, ErgTx3, CgErg3, CgErgTx3

P0C8W3      VKT11_HADGE  delta-KTx 1.1   Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor Hg1
P0DJ47      VKT12_MESMA  delta-KTx 1.2   Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor BmKTT-3

P0DJ46      VKT21_LYCMC  delta-KTx 2.1   Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor LmKTT-1a, SdPII
P0DJ45      VKT22_LYCMC  delta-KTx 2.2   Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor LmKTT-1b, SdPI
P0DJ48      VKT23_LYCMC  delta-KTx 2.3   Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor LmKTT-1c
P0DJ49      VKT24_MESMA  delta-KTx 2.4   Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor BmKTT-1

P0DJ50      VKT31_MESMA  delta-KTx 3.1   Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor BmKTT-2

P0C174      KEX11_TITSE  epsilon-KTx 1.1 TsPep1, Ts11
P0C175      KEX12_TITSE  epsilon-KTx 1.2 TsPep2, Ts12

P82850      KKX11_HETFU  kappa-KTx 1.1   Kappa-hefutoxin-1, Kappa-HfTx1
P82851      KKX12_HETFU  kappa-KTx 1.2   Kappa-hefutoxin-2, Kappa-HfTx2
P83655      KKX13_HETSP  kappa-KTx 1.3
P0DJ33      KKX14_HETPE  kappa-KTx 1.4   HSP009C

P0C1Z3      KKX21_OPIMA  kappa-KTx 2.1   Toxin OmTx1
P0C1Z3      KKX21_OPIMA  kappa-KTx 2.2   Toxin OmTx2
P0C1Z4      KKX23_OPIMA  kappa-KTx 2.3   Toxin OmTx3
P0C1Z3      KKX21_OPIMA  kappa-KTx 2.4   Toxin OmTx4
P86110      KKX25_OPICY  kappa-KTx 2.5   OcyC8, OcyKTx6
C5J893      KKX26_OPICY  kappa-KTx 2.6   OcyC9
P0DJ34      KKX27_HETPE  kappa-KTx 2.7   HSP053C.1, Toxin HeTx203, Toxin kappa-KTx 2.6
P0DJ35      KKX28_HETPE  kappa-KTx 2.8   HSP053C.2, Toxin HeTx204, Toxin kappa-KTx 2.7

P0DJ36      KKX31_HETPE  kappa-KTx 3.1   HSP040C.1
P0DJ37      KKX32_HETPE  kappa-KTx 3.2   HSP040C.3
P0DJ38      KKX33_HETPE  kappa-KTx 3.3   HSP040C.4
P0DJ39      KKX34_HETPE  kappa-KTx 3.4   HSP040C.5

P0DJ40      KKX41_HETPE  kappa-KTx 4.1   HSP040C.2

P0DJ41      KKX51_HETLA  kappa-KTx 5.1   HelaTx1
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