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Description: Restriction enzymes and methylases: classification and list of
Name:        restric.txt
Release:     2018_04 of 25-Apr-2018


Further informations about restriction enzymes and their associated
methylases is available from:

Type II enzymes and methylases

_________  _________________________ ____________________ ____  ____________________
Name       Recognition site(s)       Restriction          Type  Methylase(s)
of enzyme                            enzyme               of
                                     Entry name  AC       met.  Entry name  AC
_________  _________________________ ____________________ ____  ____________________
AbrI       C^TCGAG                   T2A1_AZOBR  (P26919)  6mA  MTA1_AZOBR  (P58284)
AccI       GT^MKAC                   T2A1_ACICA  (P24546)  6mA  MTA1_ACICA  (P25201)
AgeI       A^CCGGT                   T2A1_THAGE  (Q9KHV6)  5mC  MTA1_THAGE  (P94147)
AluI       AG^CT                     N.A.                  5mC  MTA1_CELCE  (P31974)
ApaLI      G^TGCAC                   T2A1_ACEPA  (O52703)  5mC  MTA1_ACEPA  (O52702)
AquI       C^YCGRG                   N.A.                  5mC  MTAA_SYNP2  (P34882)
                                                                MTAB_SYNP2  (P34883)
AvaI       C^YCGRG                   T2A1_NOSS1  (P0A457)  4mC  MTA1_NOSS1  (P0A461)
AvaI       C^YCGRG                   T2A1_ANAVA  (P0A458)  4mC  MTA1_ANAVA  (P0A462)
BamHI      G^GATCC                   T2BA_BACAM  (P23940)  4mC  MTB1_BACAM  (P23941)
BamHII     GGATCC                    N.A.                  4mC  MTB2_BACAM  (P18051)
BanI       G^GYRCC                   T2BA_ANEAE  (P19887)  5mC  MTBA_ANEAE  (P19888)
BanIII     AT^CGAT                   N.A.                  6mA  MTB3_ANEAE  (P22772)
BbvI       GCAGC (13); GCTGC (-12)   N.A.                  5mC  MTB1_BREBE  (P34905)
BepI       CG^CG                     N.A.                  5mC  MTB1_BREEP  (P10283)
BglI       GCCNNNN^NGGC              T2B1_BACIU  (O68557)  4mC  MTB1_BACIU  (O68556)
BglII      A^GATCT                   T2B2_BACIU  (Q45488)  4mC  MTB2_BACIU  (Q45489)
BseCI      AT^CGAT                   N.A.                  5mC  MTC1_GEOSE  (P43423)
BslI       CCNNNNN^NNGG              T2BLA_BACSQ (Q9LAI1)  4mC  MTB1_BACSQ  (Q9LAI2)
                                     T2BLB_BACSQ (Q9LAI0)
BsoBI      C^YCGRG                   T2B1_GEOSE  (P70985)  4mC  MTB1_GEOSE  (P70986)
Bsp6I      GC^NGC                    T2B6_BACSF  (P43419)  5mC  MTB6_BACSF  (P43420)
BspRI      GG^CC                     N.A.                  5mC  MTB1_LYSSH  (P13906)
BstVI      C^TCGAG                   T2V1_GEOSE  (P43421)  6mA  MTV1_GEOSE  (P43422)
BsuBI      CTGCAG                    T2BB_BACIU  (P33562)  6mA  MTBB_BACIU  (P33563)
BsuFI      C^CGG                     T2BF_BACIU  (P25217)  5mC  MTBF_BACIU  (P17044)
BsuRI      GG^CC                     T2BR_BACIU  (P06529)  5mC  MTBR_BACIU  (P06530)
CeqI       GAT^ATC                   T2C1_RHOHA  (P42827)  6mA  MTC1_RHOHA  (P42828)
Cfr9I      C^CCGGG                   T2C9_CITFR  (Q60132)  4mC  MTC9_CITFR  (P14243)
Cfr10I     R^CCGGY                   T2CX_CITFR  (P56200)  5mC  N.A.
CfrBI      C^CWWGG                   T2C1_CITFR  (Q04852)  4mC  MTC1_CITFR  (Q04845)
CviAII     C^ATG                     T2C2_PBCV1  (P31117)  6mA  MTC2_PBCV1  (P31118)
CviBI      G^ANTC                    N.A.                  6mA  MTC1_PBCVC  (Q01511)
CviJI      RG^CY                     T2C1_PBCVI  (P52283)  5mC  MTC1_PBCVI  (P36216)
CviRI      TG^CA                     N.A.                  6mA  MTR1_PBCVX  (P52284)
DdeI       C^TNAG                    T2D1_DESNO  (P05301)  5mC  MTD1_DESNO  (P05302)
DpnI       GA^TC                     T2D1_STRPN  (P0A459)    ?  N.A.
DpnII      ^GATC                     T2D2_STREE  (P09357)  6mA  MTD21_STREE (P04043)
                                                                MTD22_STREE (P09358)
DsaV       ^CCNGG                    N.A.                  5mC  MTD5_DACSA  (P50185)
EcaI       G^GTNACC                  N.A.                  6mA  MTEC_ENTCL  (P14827)
Eco47I     G^GWCC                    T2E7_ECOLX  (P50194)    ?  N.A.
Eco47II    G^GNCC                    T2E8_ECOLX  (P50195)  5mC  MTE8_ECOLX  (P50196)
Eco57I     CTGAAG (22); CTTCAG (-14) T257_ECOLX  (P25239)  6mA  MT57_ECOLX  (P25240)
EcoRI      G^AATTC                   T2E1_ECOLX  (P00642)  6mA  MTE1_ECOLX  (P00472)
EcoRII     ^CCWGG                    T2E2_ECOLX  (P14633)  5mC  MTE2_ECOLX  (P05101)
EcoRV      GAT^ATC                   T2E5_ECOLX  (P04390)  6mA  MTE5_ECOLX  (P04393)
FnuDI      GG^CC                     N.A.                  5mC  MTF1_FUSNU  (P34906)
FokI       GGATG (14); CATCC (-13)   T2F1_PLAOK  (P14870)  6mA  MTF1_PLAOK  (P14871)
HaeII      RGCGC^Y                   T2H2_HAEAE  (O30869)  5mC  MTH2_HAEAE  (O30868)
HaeIII     GG^CC                     T2H3_HAEAE  (O68584)  5mC  MTH3_HAEAE  (P20589)
HgaI       GACGC (10); GCGTC (-10)   T2G1_AVIPA  (P43418)  5mC  MTG1_AVIPA  (P25282)
                                                                MTG2_AVIPA  (P25283)
HgiBI      G^GWCC                    T2B1_HERAU  (P25257)  5mC  MTB1_HERAU  (P25262)
HgiCI      G^GYRCC                   T2C1_HERAU  (P25258)  5mC  MTC1_HERAU  (P25263)
HgiCII     G^GWCC                    T2C2_HERAU  (P25259)  5mC  MTC2_HERAU  (P25264)
HgiDI      GR^CGYC                   T2D1_HERAU  (P24599)  5mC  MTD1_HERAU  (P24600)
HgiDII     G^TCGAC                   N.A.                  5mC  MTD2_HERAU  (P25265)
HgiEI      G^GWCC                    T2E1_HERAU  (P25260)  5mC  MTE1_HERAU  (P25266)
HgiGI      GR^CGYC                   T2G1_HERAU  (P25261)  5mC  MTG1_HERAU  (P25267)
HhaI       GCG^C                     N.A.                  5mC  MTH1_HAEPH  (P05102)
HhaII      G^ANTC                    T2H2_HAEPH  (P00643)  6mA  MTH2_HAEPH  (P00473)
HincII     GTY^RAC                   T2C2_HAEIF  (P17743)  6mA  MTHC_HAEIF  (P17744)
HindII     GTY^RAC                   T2D2_HAEIN  (P44413)  6mA  MTHD_HAEIN  (P44414)
HindIII    A^AGCTT                   T2D3_HAEIN  (P43870)  6mA  MTH3_HAEIN  (P43871)
HindV      GRCGYC                    T2D5_HAEIN  (P44999)  5mC  MTH5_HAEIN  (P45000)
HinfI      G^ANTC                    T2F1_HAEIF  (P20588)  6mA  MTH1_HAEIF  (P20590)
HpaI       GTT^AAC                   T2H1_HAEPA  (P29537)  6mA  MTH1_HAEPA  (P29538)
HpaII      C^CGG                     T2H2_HAEPA  (P36433)  5mC  MTH2_HAEPA  (P15446)
HphI       GGTGA (13); TCACC (-7)    T2H1_HAEPH  (P50191)  5mC  MTHA_HAEPH  (P50192)
                                                           6mA  MTHB_HAEPH  (P50193)
KpnI       GGTAC^C                   T2K1_KLEPN  (P25237)  6mA  MTK1_KLEPN  (P25238)
LlaDCHI    ^GATC                     T2L2_LACLC  (P50177)  6mA  MTL21_LACLC (P50179)
                                                                MTL22_LACLC (P50178)
MamI       GATNN^NNATC               T2M1_MICAM  (P50189)  6mA  MTM1_MICAM  (P50190)
MboI       ^GATC                     T2M1_MORBO  (P34719)  6mA  MT1A_MORBO  (P34720)
                                                                MT1B_MORBO  (P34721)
MboII      GAAGA (13); TCTTC (-7)    T2M2_MORBO  (P23191)  6mA  MTM2_MORBO  (P23192)
MjaI       C^TAG                     T2M1_METJA  (Q58391)  4mC  MTM1_METJA  (Q58392)
MjaII      CCNG                      T2M2_METJA  (Q58844)  4mC  MTM2_METJA  (Q58843)
MjaIII     ^GATC                     T2M3_METJA  (Q58017)  6mA  MTM3_METJA  (Q58015)
MjaIV      GTNNAC                    T2M4_METJA  (Q58723)    ?  MTM4_METJA  (Q58724)
MjaV       GTAC                      T2M5_METJA  (Q58895)  4mC  MTM5_METJA  (Q58893)
MjaVI      CCGG                      T2M6_METJA  (P81326)  4mC  MTM6_METJA  (Q58606)
MspI       C^CGG                     T2M1_MORSP  (P11405)  5mC  MTM1_MORSP  (P11408)
MthTI      GGCC                      T2MT_METTF  (P29565)  5mC  MTHT_METTF  (P29567)
MthZI      C^TAG                     T2MZ_METTF  (P29566)  4mC  MTHZ_METTF  (P29568)
MunI       C^AATTG                   T2MU_MYCSP  (P43642)  6mA  MTMU_MYCSP  (P43641)
MvaI       CC^WGG                    N.A.                  4mC  MTMV_KOCVA  (P14244)
MwoI       GCNNNNN^NNGC              T2MW_METWO  (O59646)  4mC  MTMW_METWO  (O59647)
NaeI       GCC^GGC                   T2N1_NOCAE  (P50187)  5mC  MTN1_NOCAE  (P50188)
NgoBI      RGCGC^Y                   T2B1_NEIGO  (Q50973)  5mC  MTB1_NEIGO  (Q59603)
NgoBV      GGN^NCC                   T2B5_NEIGO  (Q50975)  5mC  MTB5_NEIGO  (Q59605)
NgoFVII    GCSG^C                    T2F7_NEIGO  (Q50976)  5mC  MTF7_NEIGO  (Q59606)
NgoMIV     G^CCGGC                   T2M4_NEIGO  (P31032)  5mC  MTM4_NEIGO  (P31033)
NgoPII     GG^CC                     T2P2_NEIGO  (P24617)  5mC  MTP2_NEIGO  (P08455)
NlaIII     CATG^                     T2N3_NEILA  (Q51083)  6mA  MTN3_NEILA  (P24582)
NlaIV      GGN^NCC                   T2N4_NEILA  (P50183)  5mC  MTN4_NEILA  (P50182)
NmeDI      ?                         T2D1_NEIMC  (Q9RLM3)  5mC  MTD1_NEIMC  (Q9RLM4)
NspV       TT^CGAA                   T2N5_NOSS7  (P35677)    ?  MTN5_NOSS7  (P35678)
PaeR7I     C^TCGAG                   T2P7_PSEAI  (P05104)  6mA  MTP7_PSEAI  (P05103)
PspPI      G^GNCC                    N.A.                  5mC  MTP1_PSYTA  (O33481)
PstI       CTGCA^G                   T2PS_PROST  (P00640)  6mA  MTPS_PROST  (P00474)
PvuI       CGAT^CG                   T2P1_PROHU  (P31031)    ?  N.A.
PvuII      CAG^CTG                   T2P2_PROHU  (P23657)  4mC  MTP2_PROHU  (P11409)
RsrI       G^AATTC                   T2R1_RHOSH  (P21763)  6mA  MTR1_RHOSH  (P14751)
SacI       GAGCT^C                   T2S1_STRAH  (O31074)  5mC  MTS1_STRAH  (O31073)
SalI       G^TCGAC                   T2S1_STRAL  (Q53608)  6mA  MTS1_STRAL  (Q53609)
Sau3AI     ^GATC                     T2S3_STAAU  (P16667)  5mC  MTS3_STAAU  (P16668)
Sau96I     G^GNCC                    T2S9_STAAU  (P23736)  5mC  MTS9_STAAU  (P23737)
ScaI       AGT^ACT                   T2S1_STRCS  (O52691)  4mC  MTS1_STRCS  (O52692)
ScrFI      CC^NGG                    T2S1_LACLC  (O34104)  5mC  MTSA_LACLC  (P34877)
                                                                MTSB_LACLC  (P34878)
SfiI       GGCCNNNN^NGGCC            T2S1_STRFI  (O52512)  4mC  MTS1_STRFI  (O52513)
SinI       G^GWCC                    T2S1_SALIN  (P09796)  5mC  MTS1_SALIN  (P09795)
SmaI       CCC^GGG                   T2SM_SERMA  (P14229)  4mC  MTSM_SERMA  (P14230)
SsoII      ^CCNGG                    T2S2_SHISO  (P34880)  5mC  MTS2_SHISO  (P34879)
StsI       GGATG (15); CATCC (-14)   T2S1_STRSA  (P29346)  6mA  MTS1_STRSA  (P29347)
TaqI       T^CGA                     T2TA_THEAQ  (P14386)  6mA  MTTA_THEAQ  (P14385)
TthHB8I    T^CGA                     T2T8_THET8  (P29748)  6mA  MTT8_THET8  (P29749)
VspI       AT^TAAT                   N.A.                  6mA  MTV1_VIBS3  (Q03055)
XamI       G^TCGAC                   T2X1_XANCR  (P96189)  6mA  MTX1_XANCR  (P96188)
XcyI       C^CCGGG                   T2X1_XANCC  (P30773)  4mC  MTX1_XANCC  (P30774)
XhoI       C^TCGAG                   T2X1_XANVA  (Q9KVZ7)  6mA  MTX1_XANVA  (Q9KVZ8)
XorII      CGATC^G                   N.A.                  5mC  MTX2_XANOR  (P52311)

M.BabI     GANTC                                           6mA  MTB1_BRUAB  (P0C116)
                                                                MTB1_BRUA2  (Q2YMK2)
M.BsuSpb   GGCC; GCNGC                                     5mC  MTBB_BPSPB  (P09389)
M.BsuSprI  GGCC; CCGG                                      5mC  MTBS_BPSPR  (P00476)
M.CcrmI    GANTC                                           6mA  MTC1_CAUVN  (B8GZ33)
M.CviBIII  TCGA                                            6mA  MTC3_PBCVC  (P10835)
M.EcoDcm   CCWGG                                           5mC  DCM_ECOLI   (P0AED9)
M.EcoDcm   CCWGG                                           5mC  DCM_ECO57   (P0AEE0)
M.EcoDam   GATC                                            6mA  DMA_ECOLI   (P0AEE8)
M.EcoDam   GATC                                            6mA  DMA_ECO57   (P0AEE9)
M.EcoT2Dam GATC                                            6mA  DMA_BPT2    (P12427)
M.EcoT4Dam GATC                                            6mA  DMA_BPT4    (P04392)
M.Eco67Dam GATC                                            6mA  DMA7_ECOLX  (P21311)
M.HindIV   GATC                                            6mA  DMA_HAEIN   (P44431)
M.LlaI     ?                                               6mA  MTL1_LACLL  (P35516)
M.NlaX     CCNGG                                           5mC  MTNX_NEILA  (P24581)
M.Phi3TI   GGCC; GCNGC                                     5mC  MTBP_BACSU  (P68585)
M.Phi3TI   GGCC; GCNGC                                     5mC  MTBP_BPPHT  (P68586)
M.Rho11sI  GGCC; GAGCTC                                    5mC  MTBR_BPRH1  (P09915)
M.SmaII    GATC                                            6mA  DMA_SERMA   (P45454)
M.SmeI     GANTC                                           6mA  MTS1_RHIME  (O30569)
M.StyDam   GATC                                            6mA  DMA_SALTY   (P0DMP3)
M.SPbetaI  GGCC                                            5mC  MTBB_BPSPB  (P09389)
M.SPRI     GGCC                                            5mC  MTBS_BPSPR  (P00476)
M.SssI     CG                                              5mC  MTSI_SPISQ  (P15840)
M.SpomI    CCWGG                                           5mC  PMT1M_SCHPO (P40999)
M.TpaI     GATC                                            6mA  DMA_TREPA   (O33844)
M.VchADam  GATC                                            6mA  DMA_VIBCH   (P0C6Q8)

Type I enzymes

_________ ___________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________
Name of   Recognition S protein            R protein            M protein
enzyme    sequence    Entry name  AC       Entry name  AC       Entry name  AC
_________ ___________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________
EcoAI     GAGN(7)GTCA T1SA_ECOLX  (P19704) T1RA_ECOLX  (Q07736) N.A.
EcoBI     TGAN(8)TGCT T1SB_ECOLX  (P06990) N.A.                 N.A.
EcoDI     TTAN(7)GTCY T1SD_ECOLX  (P06991) N.A.                 N.A.
EcoEI     GAGN(7)ATGC T1SE_ECOLX  (P19705) T1RE_ECOLX  (Q47281) T1ME_ECOLX  (Q47282)
EcoKI     AACN(6)GTGC T1SK_ECOLI  (P05719) T1RK_ECOLI  (P08956) T1MK_ECOLI  (P08957)
EcoprrI   CCAN(7)ATGC T1SP_ECOLX  (P17222) T1RP_ECOLX  (P17224) T1MP_ECOLX  (Q47163)
EcoR124II GAAN(6)RTCG T1S1_ECOLX  (P10485) T1R1_ECOLX  (P10486) T1M1_ECOLX  (P10484)
StySPI    AACN(6)GTRC T1S_SALPO   (P07990) N.A.                 T1M_SALPO   (P07989)
StySJI    GAGN(6)GTRC T1S_SALTY   (P06187) N.A.                 T1M_SALTY   (P40813)
MjaX      ?           T1SH_METJA  (Q60296) T1RH_METJA  (Q60295) T1MH_METJA  (Q60297)
_________ ___________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________

Type III enzymes

__________  _________________________  ____________________  ____________________
Name of     Recognition sequence       Mod protein           Res protein
enzyme                                 Entry name  AC        Entry name  AC
__________  _________________________  ____________________  ____________________
EcoPI       AGACC (?); GGTCT (?)       T3MO_BPP1   (P08763)  T3RE_BPP1   (P08764)
EcoP15I     CAGCAG (31); CTGCTG (-27)  T3MO_ECOLX  (P12364)  N.A.
StyLTI      CAGAG (?); CTCTG (?)       T3MO_SALTY  (P40814)  T3RE_SALTY  (P40815)
Bce10987IP  ?; ?                       N.A.                  T3RE_BACC1  (P25241)
HindVIP     ?; ?                       T3MH_HAEIN  (P71366)  T3RH_HAEIN  (P44105)
__________  _________________________  ____________________  ____________________

Type IV enzymes

_________ ____________________________________ ____________________ ____________________
Name of   Recognition sequence                 Subunit A            Subunit B
enzyme                                         entry name  AC       entry name  AC
_________ ____________________________________ ____________________ ____________________
BcgI      GCANNNNNNTCG (24) CGANNNNNNTGC (-10) T4BA_BACCO  (Q07605) T4BB_BACCO  (Q07606)
_________ ____________________________________ ____________________ ____________________

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