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        UniProt - Swiss-Prot Protein Knowledgebase
        SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics; Geneva, Switzerland
        European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI); Hinxton, United Kingdom
        Protein Information Resource (PIR); Washington DC, USA

Description: Helicobacter pylori strain 26695: entries and gene names
Name:        helpy.txt
Release:     2018_02 of 28-Feb-2018


The complete genome (1'667'867 base pairs) of Helicobacter pylori strain 26695
has been determined by the Institute of Genomic Research (TIGR). See:

  [Pubmed: 9252185] [Article from publisher]
  Tomb J.-F., White O., Kerlavage A.R., Clayton R.A., Sutton G.G. et al.
  Nature 388:539-547(1997).

Various types of information about this genome can be found on the following
WWW server:

Warning: not all H.pylori strain 26695 genome predicted proteins are yet
incorporated into UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot

________________________ ___________ __________  ______  ______________________________
Ordered                  Swiss-Prot  AC          Length  Gene name
locus name               Entry name                      and synonyms
________________________ ___________ __________  ______  ______________________________
                         AROC_HELPY  P56122      365     aroC
C694_01785; HP_0352      FLIG_HELPY  O25119      343     fliG
C694_06360; HP_1232      DHPRS_HELPY O25830      380     folP
HP_0001                  NUSB_HELPY  O24853      138     nusB
HP_0002                  RISB_HELPY  O24854      156     ribH; ribE
HP_0003                  KDSA_HELPY  P56060      276     kdsA
HP_0004                  CYNT_HELPY  O24855      221     cynT
HP_0005                  PYRF_HELPY  P56155      227     pyrF
HP_0006                  PANC_HELPY  P56061      276     panC
HP_0010                  CH60_HELPY  P42383      546     groL; groEL; hsp60; hspB; mopA
HP_0011                  CH10_HELPY  P0A0R3      118     groS; groES; hsp10; hspA; mopB
HP_0012                  DNAG_HELPY  P56064      559     dnaG
HP_0021; C694_00100      LPXE_HELPY  O24866      190     lpxE
HP_0022; C694_00105      EPTA_HELPY  O24867      521     eptA
HP_0026                  CISY_HELPY  P56062      426     gltA
HP_0027                  IDH_HELPY   P56063      425     icd
HP_0029                  BIOD_HELPY  O24872      218     bioD
HP_0031                  Y031_HELPY  P64649      137     
HP_0032                  CLPS_HELPY  P56066      91      clpS
HP_0034                  PAND_HELPY  P56065      117     panD
HP_0035                  Y035_HELPY  O24876      97      
HP_0067                  UREH_HELPY  Q09067      265     ureH
HP_0068                  UREG_HELPY  Q09066      199     ureG
HP_0069                  UREF_HELPY  Q09065      254     ureF
HP_0070                  UREE_HELPY  Q09064      170     ureE
HP_0071                  UREI_HELPY  Q09068      195     ureI
HP_0072                  URE1_HELPY  P69996      569     ureB; hpuB
HP_0073                  URE23_HELPY P14916      238     ureA; hpuA
HP_0074                  LSPA_HELPY  P25178      157     lspA; ureD
HP_0075                  GLMM_HELPY  P25177      445     glmM; ureC
HP_0076                  RS20_HELPY  P56027      89      rpsT
HP_0077                  RF1_HELPY   P55998      352     prfA
HP_0083                  RS9_HELPY   P66637      129     rpsI
HP_0084                  RL13_HELPY  P56038      141     rplM
HP_0085                  Y085_HELPY  P64651      62      
HP_0086                  MQO_HELPY   O24913      450     mqo
HP_0088                  RPOD_HELPY  P55993      671     rpoD
HP_0089                  MQMTN_HELPY O24915      231     mtnN; mtn
HP_0098                  THRC_HELPY  O24924      486     thrC
HP_0100                  QUEH_HELPY  O24926      368     queH
HP_0105                  LUXS_HELPY  O24931      155     luxS
HP_0106                  METB_HELPY  P56069      380     metB
HP_0107                  CYSM_HELPY  P56067      306     cysM; cysK
HP_0109                  DNAK_HELPY  P55994      620     dnaK
HP_0110                  GRPE_HELPY  P55970      189     grpE
HP_0111                  HRCA_HELPY  O24933      266     hrcA
HP_0115                  FLAB_HELPY  Q07911      514     flaB
HP_0116                  TOP1_HELPY  P55991      736     topA
HP_0117                  Y117_HELPY  P56080      308     
HP_0121                  PPSA_HELPY  P56070      812     ppsA
HP_0122                  Y122_HELPY  P64653      43      
HP_0123                  SYT_HELPY   P56071      612     thrS
HP_0124                  IF3_HELPY   P55973      203     infC
HP_0125                  RL35_HELPY  P66269      64      rpmI
HP_0126                  RL20_HELPY  P56045      116     rplT
HP_0132                  SDHL_HELPY  P56072      455     sdaA
HP_0135                  Y135_HELPY  P64655      44      
HP_0136                  BCP_HELPY   P55979      152     bcp
HP_0147                  CCOP_HELPY  O24958      286     ccoP
HP_0153                  RECA_HELPY  P42445      347     recA
HP_0154                  ENO_HELPY   P48285      426     eno
HP_0157                  AROK_HELPY  P56073      162     aroK
HP_0160                  HCPD_HELPY  O24968      306     hcpD
HP_0162                  Y162_HELPY  O24970      240     
HP_0163                  HEM2_HELPY  P56074      323     hemB
HP_0169                  Y169_HELPY  P56113      422     
HP_0171                  RF2_HELPY   P55999      363     prfB
HP_0175                  Y175_HELPY  P56112      299     
HP_0176                  ALF_HELPY   P56109      307     fba
HP_0177                  EFP_HELPY   P56004      187     efp
HP_0178                  PSEI_HELPY  O24980      340     pseI
HP_0180                  LNT_HELPY   O24982      425     lnt
HP_0182                  SYK_HELPY   P56126      501     lysS
HP_0183                  GLYA_HELPY  P56089      416     glyA
HP_0189                  Y189_HELPY  O24989      177     
HP_0190                  Y190_HELPY  P56117      502     
HP_0191                  FRDB_HELPY  O06914      245     frdB
HP_0192                  FRDA_HELPY  O06913      714     frdA
HP_0193                  FRDC_HELPY  O06912      255     frdC
HP_0194                  TPIS_HELPY  P56076      234     tpiA; tpi
HP_0195                  FABI_HELPY  O24990      275     fabI
HP_0196                  LPXD_HELPY  O24991      336     lpxD
HP_0197                  METK_HELPY  P56460      385     metK
HP_0198                  NDK_HELPY   P56075      137     ndk
HP_0200                  RL32_HELPY  P56054      48      rpmF
HP_0201                  PLSX_HELPY  O24993      337     plsX
HP_0202                  FABH_HELPY  O24994      331     fabH
HP_0207                  APBC_HELPY  O24999      368     mrp
HP_0210                  HTPG_HELPY  P56116      621     htpG
HP_0211                  HCPA_HELPY  O25001      250     hcpA
HP_0212                  DAPE_HELPY  O25002      383     dapE
HP_0213                  MNMG_HELPY  P56138      621     mnmG; gidA
HP_0215                  CDSA_HELPY  O25004      266     cdsA
HP_0216                  DXR_HELPY   P56139      368     dxr
HP_0220                  ISCS_HELPY  O25008      387     iscS
HP_0223                  RADA_HELPY  P56148      448     radA; sms
HP_0224                  MSRAB_HELPY O25011      359     msrAB; msrA
HP_0230                  KDSB_HELPY  O25016      243     kdsB
HP_0232                  Y232_HELPY  O25018      215     
HP_0235                  HCPE_HELPY  O25021      355     hcpE
HP_0237                  HEM3_HELPY  P56140      306     hemC
HP_0238                  SYP_HELPY   P56124      577     proS
HP_0239                  HEM1_HELPY  P56125      449     hemA
HP_0243                  DPS_HELPY   P43313      144     dps; napA
HP_0245                  Y245_HELPY  P64657      105     
HP_0246                  FLGI_HELPY  O25028      342     flgI
HP_0247; C694_01250      RHPA_HELPY  O25029      492     rhpA
HP_0255                  PURA_HELPY  P56137      411     purA
HP_0258                  Y258_HELPY  P56136      348     
HP_0259                  EX7L_HELPY  O25039      420     xseA
HP_0262                  Y262_HELPY  O25042      193     
HP_0264                  CLPB_HELPY  P71404      856     clpB
HP_0266                  PYRX_HELPY  O25045      378     pyrC'
HP_0267; C694_01350      ADDE_HELPY  O25046      409     
HP_0269                  MIAB_HELPY  P56131      437     miaB
HP_0274                  Y274_HELPY  P56132      132     
HP_0281                  TGT_HELPY   O08314      371     tgt
HP_0283                  AROB_HELPY  P56081      343     aroB
HP_0285                  Y285_HELPY  P56130      418     
HP_0290                  DCDA_HELPY  P56129      405     lysA
HP_0294                  AMIE_HELPY  O25067      339     amiE
HP_0296                  RL21_HELPY  P56046      104     rplU
HP_0297                  RL27_HELPY  P56050      88      rpmA
HP_0303                  OBG_HELPY   O25074      360     obg
HP_0306                  GSA_HELPY   P56115      430     hemL
HP_0310; C694_01565      PGDAE_HELPY O25080      293     pgdA
HP_0315                  VAPD_HELPY  O05728      94      vapD
HP_0319                  SYR_HELPY   P56128      541     argS
HP_0320                  TATA_HELPY  O25088      79      tatA
HP_0321                  KGUA_HELPY  P56103      206     gmk
HP_0325                  FLGH_HELPY  O25092      237     flgH
HP_0326                  PSEFG_HELPY O25093      517     
HP_0327                  PSEH_HELPY  O25094      180     pseH
HP_0328                  LPXK_HELPY  O25095      312     lpxK
HP_0329                  NADE_HELPY  O25096      260     nadE
HP_0330                  ILVC_HELPY  O25097      330     ilvC
HP_0331                  MIND_HELPY  O25098      268     minD
HP_0332                  MINE_HELPY  O25099      77      minE
HP_0334                  YQGF_HELPY  O25101      134     
HP_0336                  HCPB_HELPY  O25103      138     hcpB
HP_0347                  Y347_HELPY  O25114      298     
HP_0349                  PYRG_HELPY  O25116      538     pyrG
HP_0354                  DXS_HELPY   O25121      618     dxs
HP_0355                  LEPA_HELPY  O25122      602     lepA
HP_0361                  TRUA_HELPY  P56144      242     truA; hisT
HP_0363                  PIMT_HELPY  P56133      209     pcm
HP_0364                  RIR2_HELPY  P55983      341     nrdB
HP_0366                  PSEC_HELPY  O25130      375     pseC
HP_0372                  DCD_HELPY   O25136      188     dcd
HP_0374                  RSME_HELPY  O25138      226     rsmE
HP_0376                  HEMH_HELPY  P56107      334     hemH
HP_0380                  DHE4_HELPY  P55990      448     gdhA
HP_0386                  Y386_HELPY  P64659      78      
HP_0387                  PRIA_HELPY  O25149      619     priA
HP_0388                  CMOA_HELPY  O25150      243     cmoA
HP_0389                  SODF_HELPY  P43312      213     sodB
HP_0390                  TPX_HELPY   O25151      166     tpx
HP_0395                  PLPHP_HELPY O25156      222     
HP_0396                  Y396_HELPY  O25157      616     
HP_0399                  RS1_HELPY   P56008      556     rpsA
HP_0400                  ISPH_HELPY  P65185      274     ispH; lytB
HP_0401                  AROA_HELPY  P56197      429     aroA
HP_0402                  SYFB_HELPY  P56145      764     pheT
HP_0403                  SYFA_HELPY  P56146      328     pheS
HP_0404                  YHIT_HELPY  P64382      104     
HP_0409                  GUAA_HELPY  O25165      508     guaA
HP_0415                  Y415_HELPY  O25170      623     
HP_0417                  SYM_HELPY   P56127      650     metG
HP_0419                  CMOB_HELPY  O25173      261     cmoB
HP_0451                  Y451_HELPY  Q9WXL5      94      
HP_0476                  SYE1_HELPY  P96551      463     gltX1
HP_0480                  TYPA_HELPY  O25225      599     typA
HP_0491                  RL28_HELPY  P66142      62      rpmB
HP_0493                  MRAY_HELPY  O25235      353     mraY
HP_0494                  MURD_HELPY  O25236      422     murD
HP_0495                  Y495_HELPY  O25237      86      
HP_0496                  YBGC_HELPY  P94842      133     ybgC
HP_0500                  DPO3B_HELPY O25242      374     dnaN
HP_0501                  GYRB_HELPY  P55992      773     gyrB
HP_0508                  PGBA_HELPY  O25249      452     pgbA
HP_0510                  DAPB_HELPY  P94844      254     dapB
HP_0512                  GLN1B_HELPY P94845      481     glnA
HP_0514                  RL9_HELPY   P56035      149     rplI
HP_0515                  HSLV_HELPY  O25253      180     hslV
HP_0516                  HSLU_HELPY  O25254      443     hslU
HP_0517                  ERA_HELPY   P56059      301     era
HP_0532                  CAGT_HELPY  P97245      280     cagT; cag12
HP_0534                  CAGS_HELPY  P97227      196     cagS; cag13
HP_0544                  CAGE_HELPY  Q48252      983     cagE; cag23; picB
HP_0547                  CAGA_HELPY  P55980      1186    cagA; cag26; cai
HP_0549                  MURI_HELPY  P56068      255     murI; glr
HP_0550                  RHO_HELPY   P56466      438     rho
HP_0551                  RL31_HELPY  P66185      67      rpmE
HP_0552                  RSMI_HELPY  P56204      287     rsmI
HP_0557                  ACCA_HELPY  O25283      312     accA
HP_0559                  ACP_HELPY   P56464      78      acpP
HP_0560                  Y560_HELPY  P64661      26      
HP_0562                  RS21_HELPY  P56028      70      rpsU
HP_0566                  DAPF_HELPY  O25290      273     dapF
HP_0567                  Y567_HELPY  O25291      348     
HP_0570                  AMPA_HELPY  O25294      496     pepA
HP_0572                  APT_HELPY   O25296      179     apt
HP_0576                  LEP_HELPY   O25300      290     lepB
HP_0577                  FOLD_HELPY  P56467      290     folD
HP_0581                  PYRC_HELPY  P56465      339     pyrC
HP_0585.1                FEOA_HELPY  P57798      76      
HP_0598                  BIOF_HELPY  O25320      373     
HP_0601                  FLAA_HELPY  P0A0S1      510     flaA
HP_0604                  DCUP_HELPY  O25325      339     hemE
HP_0615                  DNLJ_HELPY  O25336      656     ligA; lig
HP_0617                  SYDND_HELPY P56459      577     aspS
HP_0618                  KAD_HELPY   P56104      191     adk
HP_0620                  IPYR_HELPY  P56153      173     ppa
HP_0621                  MUTS2_HELPY O25338      762     mutS2; mutSB
HP_0623                  MURC_HELPY  O25340      449     murC
HP_0625                  ISPG_HELPY  O25342      359     ispG
HP_0626                  DAPD_HELPY  O25343      401     dapD
HP_0639                  QUEC_HELPY  O25356      226     queC
HP_0643                  SYE2_HELPY  O25360      439     gltX2
HP_0648                  MURA_HELPY  P56189      422     murA; murZ
HP_0649                  ASPA_HELPY  P56149      468     aspA
HP_0653                  FTN_HELPY   P52093      167     ftnA; pfr
HP_0655                  BAMA_HELPY  O25369      916     bamA
HP_0658                  GATB_HELPY  O25372      474     gatB
HP_0661                  RNH_HELPY   P56120      143     rnhA
HP_0662                  RNC_HELPY   P56118      239     rnc
HP_0664                  Y664_HELPY  P64663      171     
HP_0665                  HEMN_HELPY  O25376      457     hemN
HP_0675                  XERH_HELPY  O25386      362     xerH
HP_0680                  RIR1_HELPY  P55982      788     nrdA
HP_0683                  GLMU_HELPY  O25393      433     glmU
HP_0687                  FEOB_HELPY  O25396      642     feoB
HP_0691                  SCOA_HELPY  P56006      232     scoA
HP_0692                  SCOB_HELPY  P56007      207     scoB
HP_0700                  KDGL_HELPY  P56411      128     dgkA
HP_0701                  GYRA_HELPY  P48370      827     gyrA
HP_0705                  UVRA_HELPY  P56474      935     uvrA
HP_0707                  RSMH_HELPY  O25411      308     rsmH; mraW
HP_0714                  RP54_HELPY  P56143      414     rpoN
HP_0723                  ASPG_HELPY  O25424      330     ansA; asn
HP_0724                  DCUA_HELPY  O25425      443     dcuA
HP_0727                  DUS_HELPY   O25427      328     dus
HP_0728                  TILS_HELPY  O25428      336     tilS
HP_0734                  RIMO_HELPY  O25434      439     rimO
HP_0736                  Y736_HELPY  O25436      369     
HP_0738                  DDL_HELPY   P56191      347     ddl; ddlA
HP_0742                  KPRS_HELPY  P56184      318     prs; prsA
HP_0743                  RODA_HELPY  P56098      381     mrdB; rodA
HP_0745                  Y745_HELPY  O25441      327     
HP_0747                  TRMB_HELPY  O25443      393     trmB
HP_0752                  FLID_HELPY  P96786      685     fliD
HP_0760                  RNY_HELPY   O25455      529     rny
HP_0763                  FTSY_HELPY  O25458      293     ftsY
HP_0768                  MOAA_HELPY  P56414      321     moaA
HP_0769                  MOBA_HELPY  P56415      201     mobA
HP_0770                  FLHB_HELPY  P56416      358     flhB
HP_0774                  SYY_HELPY   P56417      402     tyrS
HP_0776                  RPOZ_HELPY  P60325      74      rpoZ
HP_0777                  PYRH_HELPY  P56106      240     pyrH
HP_0779                  ACNB_HELPY  P56418      852     acnB
HP_0785                  LOLA_HELPY  O25474      184     lolA
HP_0786                  SECA_HELPY  O25475      865     secA
HP_0791                  HMCT_HELPY  Q59465      686     cadA
HP_0793                  DEF_HELPY   P56419      174     def
HP_0794                  CLPP_HELPY  P56156      196     clpP
HP_0795                  TIG_HELPY   P56420      451     tig
HP_0797                  HPAA_HELPY  P55969      260     hpaA
HP_0798                  MOAC_HELPY  Q48260      158     moaC
HP_0799                  MOG_HELPY   P56421      176     mog; mogA
HP_0800                  MOAE_HELPY  P56422      145     moaE
HP_0802                  RIBA_HELPY  O08315      192     ribA
HP_0804                  RIBB_HELPY  O25484      344     ribB
HP_0808                  ACPS_HELPY  O25488      119     acpS
HP_0815                  MOTA_HELPY  P65410      257     motA
HP_0816                  MOTB_HELPY  P56427      257     motB
HP_0821                  UVRC_HELPY  P56428      594     uvrC
HP_0822                  DHOM_HELPY  P56429      421     hom
HP_0823                  Y823_HELPY  O25499      114     
HP_0824                  THIO_HELPY  P66928      106     trxA
HP_0825                  TRXB_HELPY  P56431      311     trxB
HP_0828                  ATP6_HELPY  P56085      226     atpB
HP_0829                  IMDH_HELPY  P56088      481     guaB
HP_0830                  GATA_HELPY  P56114      453     gatA
HP_0831                  COAE_HELPY  O25502      196     coaE
HP_0832                  SPEE_HELPY  O25503      262     speE
HP_0834                  DER_HELPY   O25505      458     der; engA
HP_0835                  DBH_HELPY   O25506      94      hup
HP_0840                  PSEB_HELPY  O25511      333     pseB; flaA1
HP_0843                  THIE_HELPY  O25514      219     thiE
HP_0844                  THID_HELPY  O25515      270     thiD
HP_0845                  THIM_HELPY  O25516      259     thiM
HP_0854                  GUAC_HELPY  O25525      327     guaC
HP_0855; C694_04380      PATA_HELPY  O25526      527     patA
HP_0857                  GMHA_HELPY  O25528      192     gmhA
HP_0858                  HLDE_HELPY  O25529      461     hldE; rfaE; waaE
HP_0860                  GMHBB_HELPY O25531      173     gmhB
HP_0862                  COAX_HELPY  O25533      223     coaX; coaA
HP_0863                  PGBB_HELPY  O25534      542     pgbB
HP_0865                  DUT_HELPY   O25536      145     dut
HP_0866                  GREA_HELPY  P64275      164     greA
HP_0867                  LPXB_HELPY  O25537      360     lpxB
HP_0869                  HYPA_HELPY  P0A0U4      117     hypA
HP_0870                  FLGE_HELPY  P50610      718     flgE
HP_0871                  CDH_HELPY   Q48248      244     cdh
HP_0875                  CATA_HELPY  P77872      505     katA
HP_0877                  RUVC_HELPY  O25544      157     ruvC
HP_0883                  RUVA_HELPY  O25549      183     ruvA
HP_0885                  MURJ_HELPY  O25551      461     murJ; mviN
HP_0886                  SYC_HELPY   P41259      465     cysS
HP_0887                  VACA_HELPY  P55981      1290    vacA
HP_0888                  Y888_HELPY  O05732      255     
HP_0889                  Y889_HELPY  O05731      326     
HP_0890                  VDLC_HELPY  O05730      284     vdlC
HP_0891                  VDLD_HELPY  P0A0Q7      174     vdlD
HP_0900                  HYPB_HELPY  O25560      242     hypB
HP_0919                  CARB_HELPY  O25577      1085    carB
HP_0920                  Y920_HELPY  O25578      230     
HP_0921                  G3P_HELPY   P55971      332     gapA; gap
HP_0924                  Y924_HELPY  O25581      68      
HP_0925                  RECR_HELPY  P56214      193     recR
HP_0926                  TRUD_HELPY  P55985      381     truD
HP_0927                  HTPX_HELPY  O25582      310     htpX
HP_0928                  GCH1_HELPY  P56462      180     folE
HP_0930                  SURE_HELPY  O25584      267     surE
HP_0933                  QUED_HELPY  O25587      200     queD
HP_0941                  ALR_HELPY   O25595      377     alr
HP_0943                  DADA_HELPY  O25597      410     dadA
HP_0944                  Y944_HELPY  O25598      125     
HP_0945.1                TRL_HELPY   O87326      86      trl
HP_0945                  Y945_HELPY  O25599      98      
HP_0949                  RLMH_HELPY  O25603      150     rlmH
HP_0954                  RDXA_HELPY  O25608      210     rdxA
HP_0955                  LGT_HELPY   O25609      284     lgt
HP_0956                  Y956_HELPY  O25610      242     
HP_0959                  GTPC1_HELPY O25613      243     
HP_0960                  SYGA_HELPY  P56453      303     glyQ
HP_0961                  GPDA_HELPY  O25614      312     gpsA
HP_0967                  VAD2_HELPY  O25620      95      
HP_0972                  SYGB_HELPY  P56454      701     glyS
HP_0974                  GPMI_HELPY  P56196      491     gpmI; pgm
HP_0975                  GATC_HELPY  O25626      93      gatC
HP_0976                  BIOA_HELPY  O25627      436     bioA
HP_0978                  FTSA_HELPY  O25629      492     ftsA
HP_0979                  FTSZ_HELPY  P56097      385     ftsZ
HP_1010                  PPK1_HELPY  O25654      675     ppk
HP_1011                  PYRD_HELPY  O25655      351     pyrD
HP_1013                  DAPA_HELPY  O25657      300     dapA
HP_1020                  ISPDF_HELPY O25664      406     ispDF
HP_1027                  FUR_HELPY   O25671      150     fur
HP_1034                  YLXH_HELPY  O25678      294     ylxH
HP_1035                  FLHF_HELPY  O25679      459     flhF
HP_1036                  HPPK_HELPY  O25680      163     folK
HP_1037; C694_05365      AMPEP_HELPY O25681      357     
HP_1038                  AROQ_HELPY  Q48255      167     aroQ
HP_1040                  RS15_HELPY  P56022      90      rpsO
HP_1041                  FLHA_HELPY  O06758      733     flhA; flbA
HP_1042                  CNPDE_HELPY O25683      348     
HP_1044                  Y1044_HELPY O25685      370     
HP_1045                  ACSA_HELPY  O25686      662     acsA; acs
HP_1046                  RIMP_HELPY  O25687      146     rimP
HP_1047                  RBFA_HELPY  O25688      111     rbfA
HP_1048                  IF2_HELPY   P55972      944     infB
HP_1050                  KHSE_HELPY  O25690      293     thrB
HP_1052                  LPXC_HELPY  O25692      295     lpxC
HP_1053                  MINC_HELPY  O25693      195     minC
HP_1058                  PANB_HELPY  O25698      270     panB
HP_1059                  RUVB_HELPY  O25699      336     ruvB
HP_1060                  TATB_HELPY  O25700      160     tatB
HP_1061                  TATC_HELPY  O25701      253     tatC
HP_1062                  QUEA_HELPY  O25702      345     queA
HP_1063                  RSMG_HELPY  O25703      178     rsmG
HP_1067                  CHEY_HELPY  P71403      124     cheY
HP_1068                  PRMA_HELPY  O07678      333     prmA; hsm
HP_1069                  FTSH_HELPY  P71408      632     ftsH
HP_1070                  Y1070_HELPY O07680      84      
HP_1071                  PSS_HELPY   Q48269      237     pssA; ptr
HP_1072                  COPA_HELPY  P55989      745     copA
HP_1073                  COPP_HELPY  Q48271      66      copP
HP_1077                  NIXA_HELPY  Q48262      331     nixA
HP_1079; C694_05575      ATGTP_HELPY O25711      370     
HP_1084                  PYRB_HELPY  O25716      307     pyrB
HP_1090                  FTSK_HELPY  O25722      858     ftsK
HP_1098                  HCPC_HELPY  O25728      290     hcpC
HP_1100                  EDD_HELPY   P56111      608     edd
HP_1101                  G6PD_HELPY  P56110      425     zwf
HP_1102                  6PGL_HELPY  O25730      227     pgl; devB
HP_1103                  GLK_HELPY   O25731      336     glk
HP_1112                  PUR8_HELPY  P56468      440     purB
HP_1114                  UVRB_HELPY  P94846      658     uvrB
HP_1123                  SLYD_HELPY  O25748      185     slyD
HP_1126                  TOLB_HELPY  O25751      417     tolB
HP_1129                  EXDL1_HELPY O25754      133     
HP_1130                  EXBL1_HELPY O25755      189     
HP_1131                  ATPE_HELPY  P56084      123     atpC
HP_1132                  ATPB_HELPY  P55988      469     atpD
HP_1133                  ATPG_HELPY  P56082      301     atpG
HP_1134                  ATPA_HELPY  P55987      503     atpA
HP_1136                  ATPF_HELPY  P56086      171     atpF
HP_1138                  PARB_HELPY  O25758      290     parB
HP_1141                  FMT_HELPY   P56461      303     fmt
HP_1147                  RL19_HELPY  P56044      118     rplS
HP_1148                  TRMD_HELPY  O25766      229     trmD
HP_1149                  RIMM_HELPY  O25767      184     rimM
HP_1151                  RS16_HELPY  P56023      76      rpsP
HP_1152                  SRP54_HELPY P56005      448     ffh
HP_1153                  SYV_HELPY   P56000      874     valS
HP_1154                  FLIW1_HELPY O25769      135     fliW1
HP_1155                  MURG_HELPY  O25770      353     murG
HP_1158                  P5CR_HELPY  O25773      257     proC
HP_1160                  YBEY_HELPY  O25775      140     ybeY
HP_1161                  FLAV_HELPY  O25776      164     fldA
HP_1166                  G6PI_HELPY  O25781      545     pgi
HP_1168                  CSTA_HELPY  P56190      687     cstA
HP_1174                  GLUP_HELPY  O25788      407     gluP
HP_1178                  DEOD_HELPY  P56463      233     deoD
HP_1179                  DEOB_HELPY  P56195      413     deoB
HP_1180                  NUPC_HELPY  O25792      418     nupC
HP_1185                  SOTB_HELPY  O25797      391     sotB
HP_1189                  DHAS_HELPY  O25801      346     asd
HP_1190                  SYH_HELPY   P56455      442     hisS
HP_1195                  EFG_HELPY   P56002      692     fusA
HP_1196                  RS7_HELPY   P66609      155     rpsG
HP_1197                  RS12_HELPY  P0A0X4      135     rpsL
HP_1198                  RPOBC_HELPY O25806      2890    rpoBC
HP_1199                  RL7_HELPY   P55834      125     rplL
HP_1200                  RL10_HELPY  P56036      164     rplJ
HP_1201                  RL1_HELPY   P56029      234     rplA
HP_1202                  RL11_HELPY  P66052      141     rplK
HP_1203                  NUSG_HELPY  P55976      176     nusG
HP_1204                  RL33_HELPY  P66217      52      rpmG
HP_1205                  EFTU_HELPY  P56003      399     tuf; tufA
HP_1210                  CYSE_HELPY  P71405      171     cysE
HP_1212                  ATPL_HELPY  P56087      105     atpE
HP_1213                  PNP_HELPY   O25812      688     pnp
HP_1218                  PUR2_HELPY  O25817      424     purD
HP_1221                  ISPT_HELPY  P55984      234     uppS
HP_1225                  CRCB_HELPY  O25823      130     crcB
HP_1227                  CY553_HELPY O25825      96      
HP_1228                  RPPH_HELPY  O25826      155     rppH; nudH
HP_1229                  AK_HELPY    O25827      405     lysC
HP_1234                  Y1234_HELPY O25832      298     
HP_1237                  CARA_HELPY  O25835      375     carA
HP_1238                  AMIF_HELPY  O25836      334     amiF
HP_1240                  Y1240_HELPY O25838      190     
HP_1241                  SYA_HELPY   P56452      847     alaS
HP_1244                  RS18_HELPY  P66459      85      rpsR
HP_1245                  SSB_HELPY   O25841      179     ssb
HP_1246                  RS6_HELPY   P56013      142     rpsF
HP_1247                  Y1247_HELPY O25842      340     
HP_1248                  RNR_HELPY   P56123      644     rnr; vacB
HP_1249                  AROE_HELPY  P56119      263     aroE
HP_1253                  SYW_HELPY   P56396      326     trpS
HP_1255                  SECG_HELPY  O25847      199     secG
HP_1256                  RRF_HELPY   P56398      185     frr
HP_1257                  PYRE_HELPY  P56162      201     pyrE
HP_1259                  NPD_HELPY   O25849      229     cobB
HP_1261                  NUOB_HELPY  O25851      159     nuoB
HP_1263                  NUOD_HELPY  O25853      409     nuoD
HP_1267                  NUOH_HELPY  O25857      329     nuoH
HP_1268                  NUOI_HELPY  O25858      220     nuoI
HP_1270                  NUOK_HELPY  O25860      100     nuoK
HP_1277                  TRPA_HELPY  P56141      262     trpA
HP_1278                  TRPB_HELPY  P56142      393     trpB
HP_1279                  TRPC_HELPY  O25867      452     trpC
HP_1280                  TRPD_HELPY  P56737      335     trpD
HP_1281                  TRPG_HELPY  O25868      194     trpG
HP_1282                  TRPE_HELPY  O25869      500     trpE
HP_1292                  RL17_HELPY  P56042      116     rplQ
HP_1293                  RPOA_HELPY  P56001      344     rpoA
HP_1294                  RS4_HELPY   P56011      208     rpsD
HP_1295                  RS11_HELPY  P56018      131     rpsK
HP_1296                  RS13_HELPY  P56020      120     rpsM
HP_1297                  RL36_HELPY  P56058      37      rpmJ
HP_1298                  IF1_HELPY   P65108      72      infA
HP_1299                  MAP1_HELPY  P56102      253     map
HP_1300                  SECY_HELPY  O25879      420     secY
HP_1301                  RL15_HELPY  P56040      133     rplO
HP_1302                  RS5_HELPY   P66572      147     rpsE
HP_1303                  RL18_HELPY  P56043      119     rplR
HP_1304                  RL6_HELPY   P56034      178     rplF
HP_1305                  RS8_HELPY   P66621      131     rpsH
HP_1306                  RS14Z_HELPY P56021      61      rpsZ; rpsN
HP_1307                  RL5_HELPY   P56033      181     rplE
HP_1308                  RL24_HELPY  P56049      73      rplX
HP_1309                  RL14_HELPY  P56039      122     rplN
HP_1310                  RS17_HELPY  P66449      86      rpsQ
HP_1311                  RL29_HELPY  P56052      66      rpmC
HP_1312                  RL16_HELPY  P56041      141     rplP
HP_1313                  RS3_HELPY   P56010      234     rpsC
HP_1314                  RL22_HELPY  P56047      122     rplV
HP_1315                  RS19_HELPY  P56026      93      rpsS
HP_1316                  RL2_HELPY   P56030      276     rplB
HP_1317                  RL23_HELPY  P66119      93      rplW
HP_1318                  RL4_HELPY   P56032      215     rplD
HP_1319                  RL3_HELPY   P56031      191     rplC
HP_1320                  RS10_HELPY  P66328      104     rpsJ
HP_1323                  RNH2_HELPY  P56121      209     rnhB
HP_1325                  FUMC_HELPY  O25883      463     fumC
HP_1330                  Y1330_HELPY O25888      115     
HP_1331                  Y1331_HELPY O25889      228     
HP_1332                  DNAJ_HELPY  O25890      369     dnaJ
HP_1335                  MNMA_HELPY  O25893      342     mnmA; trmU
HP_1337                  NADD_HELPY  O25895      174     nadD
HP_1338                  NIKR_HELPY  O25896      148     
HP_1339                  EXBB_HELPY  O25897      145     exbB
HP_1340                  EXBD_HELPY  O25898      129     exbD
HP_1341                  TONB_HELPY  O25899      285     tonB
HP_1344                  CORA_HELPY  O25901      318     corA
HP_1345                  PGK_HELPY   P56154      402     pgk
HP_1347                  UNG_HELPY   P56397      233     ung
HP_1348                  PLSC_HELPY  O25903      240     plsC
HP_1355                  NADC_HELPY  O25909      273     nadC
HP_1356                  NADA_HELPY  O25910      336     nadA
HP_1357                  PSD_HELPY   O25911      267     psd
HP_1362                  DNAB_HELPY  O25916      488     dnaB
HP_1363                  NNR_HELPY   P56176      466     nnr
HP_1374                  CLPX_HELPY  O25926      446     clpX
HP_1375                  LPXA_HELPY  O25927      270     lpxA
HP_1376                  FABZ_HELPY  O25928      159     fabZ
HP_1377                  FLIW2_HELPY O25929      129     fliW2
HP_1378                  BAMD_HELPY  O25930      220     bamD
HP_1379                  LON_HELPY   P55995      835     lon
HP_1385                  F16PA_HELPY O25936      290     fbp
HP_1386                  RPE_HELPY   P56188      217     rpe
HP_1393                  RECN_HELPY  O25943      524     recN
HP_1394                  NADK_HELPY  O25944      284     nadK
HP_1406                  BIOB_HELPY  O25956      282     bioB
HP_1413                  QUEF_HELPY  O25959      148     queF
HP_1415                  MIAA_HELPY  O25961      311     miaA
HP_1418                  MURB_HELPY  O25963      259     murB
HP_1419                  FLIQ_HELPY  P0A0S3      88      fliQ
HP_1420                  FLII_HELPY  O07025      434     fliI
HP_1422                  SYI_HELPY   P56456      920     ileS
HP_1423                  Y1423_HELPY O25966      84      
HP_1427                  HPN_HELPY   P0A0V6      60      hpn
HP_1428                  RLMN_HELPY  O25970      357     rlmN
HP_1429                  Y1429_HELPY O25971      329     
HP_1430                  RNJ_HELPY   P56185      689     rnj
HP_1431                  RSMA_HELPY  O25972      271     rsmA; ksgA
HP_1441                  PPIA_HELPY  O25982      163     ppiA
HP_1442                  CSRA_HELPY  O25983      76      csrA
HP_1443                  ISPE_HELPY  O25984      268     ispE
HP_1444                  SSRP_HELPY  O25985      152     smpB
HP_1445                  EXBL2_HELPY O25986      150     
HP_1446                  EXDL2_HELPY P64101      133     
HP_1447                  RL34_HELPY  P66246      44      rpmH
HP_1448                  RNPA_HELPY  P55997      161     rnpA
HP_1449                  YIDD_HELPY  O25988      117     
HP_1450                  YIDC_HELPY  O25989      547     yidC
HP_1452                  MNME_HELPY  O25991      461     mnmE; thdF; trmE
HP_1456                  LPP20_HELPY P0A0V0      175     lpp20
HP_1459                  Y1459_HELPY P55986      262     
HP_1460                  DPO3A_HELPY P56157      1211    dnaE
HP_1468                  ILVE_HELPY  O26004      340     ilvE
HP_1470                  DPO1_HELPY  P56105      891     polA
HP_1474                  KTHY_HELPY  O26009      191     tmk
HP_1475                  COAD_HELPY  O26010      157     coaD; kdtB
HP_1476                  UBIX_HELPY  O26011      187     ubiX
HP_1480                  SYS_HELPY   P56458      415     serS
HP_1482                  EX7S_HELPY  O26016      86      xseB
HP_1484                  Y1484_HELPY O26018      148     
HP_1488                  AN36_HELPY  P94851      329     
HP_1491                  Y1491_HELPY O26024      533     
HP_1494                  MURE_HELPY  O26027      447     murE
HP_1495                  TAL_HELPY   P56108      316     tal
HP_1496                  RL25_HELPY  P56078      178     rplY; ctc
HP_1497                  PTH_HELPY   P56077      186     pth
HP_1509                  PLSY_HELPY  O26039      220     plsY
HP_1513                  SELA_HELPY  O26043      386     selA
HP_1514                  NUSA_HELPY  P55977      395     nusA
HP_1523                  RECG_HELPY  O26051      623     recG
HP_1529                  DNAA_HELPY  O26057      457     dnaA
HP_1531                  Y1531_HELPY P64665      79      
HP_1532                  GLMS_HELPY  O26060      597     glmS
HP_1533                  THYX_HELPY  O26061      208     thyX
HP_1541                  MFD_HELPY   O26066      999     mfd
HP_1547                  SYL_HELPY   P56457      806     leuS
HP_1549                  SECF_HELPY  O26073      323     secF
HP_1550                  SECD_HELPY  O26074      525     secD
HP_1551                  YAJC_HELPY  O26075      127     yajC
HP_1552                  NHAA_HELPY  O26076      438     nhaA
HP_1554                  RS2_HELPY   P56009      264     rpsB
HP_1555                  EFTS_HELPY  P55975      355     tsf
HP_1557                  FLIE_HELPY  P67708      109     fliE
HP_1560                  FTSW_HELPY  P56096      388     ftsW
HP_1563                  AHPC_HELPY  P21762      198     ahpC; tsaA
HP_1567                  ENGB_HELPY  O26087      208     engB
HP_1571                  RLPA_HELPY  O26091      315     rlpA
HP_1576                  METN_HELPY  O26096      327     metN
HP_1582                  PDXJ_HELPY  O26102      262     pdxJ
HP_1583                  PDXA_HELPY  O26103      307     pdxA
HP_1584                  TSAD_HELPY  P55996      340     tsaD; gcp
HP_1587                  Y1587_HELPY O26106      209     
HP_1588                  Y1588_HELPY O26107      253     

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