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        European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI); Hinxton, United Kingdom
        Protein Information Resource (PIR); Washington DC, USA

Description: Coxiella burnetii strain RSA 493: entries and gene names
Name:        coxbu.txt
Release:     2018_02 of 28-Feb-2018


The complete genome (3'315'175 base pairs) of Coxiella burnetii strain
RSA 493 has been determined by the Institute of Genomic Research (TIGR). See:

  [Pubmed: 12704232] [Article from publisher]
  Seshadri R., Paulsen I.T., Eisen J.A., Read T.D., Nelson K.E. et al.
  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 100:5455-5460(2003).

Various types of information about this genome can be found on the following
WWW servers:


Warning: not all C.burnetii strain RSA 493 genome predicted proteins are yet
incorporated into UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot

________________________ ___________ __________  ______  ______________________________
Ordered                  Swiss-Prot  AC          Length  Gene name
locus name               Entry name                      and synonyms
________________________ ___________ __________  ______  ______________________________
CBU_0001                 DNAA_COXBU  Q83FD8      451     dnaA
CBU_0003                 RECF_COXBU  Q83FD6      357     recF
CBU_0006                 TRA1_COXBU  Q45968      364     
CBU_0010                 AROE_COXBU  Q83FD0      272     aroE
CBU_0024                 CSRA1_COXBU Q83FB6      68      csrA1; csrA-1
CBU_0026                 RPIA_COXBU  Q83FB4      220     rpiA
CBU_0040                 TRA1_COXBU  Q45968      364     
CBU_0041                 Y041_COXBU  Q83FA5      710     
CBU_0042                 HEMH_COXBU  Q83FA4      354     hemH
CBU_0043                 IXTPA_COXBU Q83FA3      200     
CBU_0054                 UBIC_COXBU  Q83F94      185     ubiC
CBU_0055                 UBIA_COXBU  Q83F93      287     ubiA
CBU_0081                 SYP_COXBU   Q83F67      566     proS
CBU_0090                 TOLB_COXBU  Q83F59      437     tolB
CBU_0094                 CLPB_COXBU  Q83F55      859     clpB
CBU_0107                 METN_COXBU  Q83F44      351     metN
CBU_0112                 TDH_COXBU   Q83F39      342     tdh
CBU_0114                 Y114_COXBU  Q83F37      160     
CBU_0115                 MRAZ_COXBU  Q83F36      152     mraZ
CBU_0116                 RSMH_COXBU  Q83F35      307     rsmH; mraW
CBU_0117                 FTSL_COXBU  Q83F34      115     ftsL
CBU_0123                 MURE_COXBU  Q83F28      489     murE
CBU_0125                 MRAY_COXBU  Q83F26      361     mraY
CBU_0131                 MURD_COXBU  Q83F20      442     murD
CBU_0132                 FTSW_COXBU  Q9XCY0      372     ftsW
CBU_0135                 MURG_COXBU  Q820X3      358     murG
CBU_0136                 MURC_COXBU  Q83F17      465     murC
CBU_0137                 MURB_COXBU  Q83F16      316     murB
CBU_0138                 FTSQ_COXBU  Q83F15      243     ftsQ
CBU_0141                 FTSZ_COXBU  Q83F12      386     ftsZ
CBU_0142                 LPXC_COXBU  Q83F11      303     lpxC
CBU_0147                 SECA_COXBU  Q83F06      913     secA
CBU_0150                 ZAPD_COXBU  Q83F03      258     zapD
CBU_0151                 QUEF_COXBU  Q83F02      278     queF
CBU_0152                 COAE_COXBU  Q83F01      199     coaE
CBU_0179                 ANMK_COXBU  Q83EX9      372     anmK
CBU_0181                 SYY_COXBU   Q83EX7      399     tyrS
CBU_0199                 COAA_COXBU  Q83EV9      318     coaA
CBU_0205                 SYE1_COXBU  Q83EV3      469     gltX1; gltX-1
CBU_0221.2               EFTU_COXBU  Q83ES6      397     tufA; tuf-1
CBU_0226                 RL11_COXBU  Q83ET4      145     rplK
CBU_0227                 RL1_COXBU   Q83ET3      232     rplA
CBU_0228                 RL10_COXBU  Q83ET2      174     rplJ
CBU_0229                 RL7_COXBU   P0C8S3      126     rplL
CBU_0231                 RPOB_COXBU  P0C8S4      1375    rpoB
CBU_0232                 RPOC_COXBU  Q83ET0      1414    rpoC
CBU_0233                 RS12_COXBU  Q83ES9      124     rpsL
CBU_0234                 RS7_COXBU   Q83ES8      191     rpsG
CBU_0235                 EFG_COXBU   Q83ES7      699     fusA
CBU_0236                 EFTU_COXBU  Q83ES6      397     tufB; tuf-2
CBU_0237                 RS10_COXBU  Q83ES5      110     rpsJ
CBU_0238                 RL3_COXBU   Q83ES4      217     rplC
CBU_0239                 RL4_COXBU   Q83ES3      205     rplD
CBU_0240                 RL23_COXBU  Q83ES2      95      rplW
CBU_0241                 RL2_COXBU   Q83ES1      275     rplB
CBU_0242                 RS19_COXBU  Q83ES0      95      rpsS
CBU_0243                 RL22_COXBU  O85387      115     rplV
CBU_0244                 RS3_COXBU   O85388      227     rpsC
CBU_0245                 RL16_COXBU  Q83ER9      137     rplP
CBU_0246                 RL29_COXBU  Q83ER8      65      rpmC
CBU_0247                 RS17_COXBU  Q83ER7      89      rpsQ
CBU_0248                 RL14_COXBU  Q83ER6      122     rplN
CBU_0249                 RL24_COXBU  Q83ER5      107     rplX
CBU_0250                 RL5_COXBU   Q83ER4      182     rplE
CBU_0252                 RS8_COXBU   Q83ER2      130     rpsH
CBU_0253                 RL6_COXBU   Q83ER1      178     rplF
CBU_0254                 RL18_COXBU  Q83ER0      117     rplR
CBU_0255                 RS5_COXBU   Q83EQ9      168     rpsE
CBU_0256                 RL30_COXBU  Q83EQ8      63      rpmD
CBU_0257                 RL15_COXBU  Q83EQ7      143     rplO
CBU_0260                 RS13_COXBU  P59753      119     rpsM
CBU_0261                 RS11_COXBU  Q83EQ4      123     rpsK
CBU_0262                 RS4_COXBU   Q83EQ3      206     rpsD
CBU_0263                 RPOA_COXBU  Q83EQ2      327     rpoA
CBU_0264                 RL17_COXBU  Q83EQ1      126     rplQ
CBU_0270                 FABV_COXBU  Q83EP5      406     fabV
CBU_0271                 SSB_COXBU   Q83EP4      158     ssb
CBU_0275                 DCUP_COXBU  Q83EP0      361     hemE
CBU_0288                 COAD_COXBU  Q83EM7      159     coaD
CBU_0291                 RL28_COXBU  Q83EM4      79      rpmB
CBU_0293                 DUT_COXBU   Q45920      152     dut
CBU_0296                 PYRE_COXBU  Q45918      209     pyrE
CBU_0299                 RNPH_COXBU  Q83EL9      239     rph
CBU_0301                 KGUA_COXBU  Q83EL7      206     gmk
CBU_0302                 RPOZ_COXBU  Q83EL6      97      rpoZ
CBU_0309                 HTPG_COXBU  Q83EL0      633     htpG
CBU_0311                 OMP1_COXBU  Q83EK8      252     ompP1
CBU_0312                 FOLD_COXBU  Q83EK7      283     folD
CBU_0316                 RNH_COXBU   Q83EK3      154     rnhA
CBU_0330                 THIC_COXBU  Q83EJ0      554     thiC
CBU_0333                 THIG_COXBU  Q83EI7      259     thiG
CBU_0341                 PFKA_COXBU  Q83EH9      326     pfkA
CBU_0350                 UBIG_COXBU  Q820B5      234     ubiG
CBU_0384                 TRA1_COXBU  Q45968      364     
CBU_0385                 RL21_COXBU  Q83EE0      115     rplU
CBU_0386                 RL27_COXBU  Q83ED9      90      rpmA
CBU_0387                 OBG_COXBU   Q83ED8      339     obg
CBU_0389                 RS20_COXBU  Q83ED6      90      rpsT
CBU_0396                 SYI_COXBU   Q83EC9      936     ileS
CBU_0397                 LSPA_COXBU  Q83EC8      163     lspA
CBU_0422                 PAND_COXBU  Q83EA4      111     panD
CBU_0423                 PANC_COXBU  Q83EA3      257     panC
CBU_0424                 PANB_COXBU  Q83EA2      266     panB
CBU_0430                 SYK_COXBU   Q83E97      498     lysS
CBU_0442                 RL19_COXBU  Q83E85      115     rplS
CBU_0443                 TRMD_COXBU  Q820X1      246     trmD
CBU_0444                 RIMM_COXBU  Q83E84      168     rimM
CBU_0445                 RS16_COXBU  Q83E83      137     rpsP
CBU_0454                 KAD_COXBU   Q83E75      231     adk
CBU_0456                 HQ1_COXBU   Q45881      117     hcbA
CBU_0467                 BIOC1_COXBU Q83E64      282     bioC1
CBU_0468                 EX7S_COXBU  Q83E63      82      xseB
CBU_0479                 KDSB_COXBU  Q83E52      249     kdsB
CBU_0491                 RL32_COXBU  Q83E41      64      rpmF
CBU_0492                 PLSX_COXBU  Q83E40      343     plsX
CBU_0493                 FABH_COXBU  Q820X0      319     fabH
CBU_0497                 FABF_COXBU  Q83E37      414     fabF
CBU_0499                 KTHY_COXBU  Q83E35      227     tmk
CBU_0518                 UVRB_COXBU  Q83E18      672     uvrB
CBU_0523                 TRA1_COXBU  Q45968      364     
CBU_0525                 SERC_COXBU  Q83E12      360     serC
CBU_0526                 AROA_COXBU  Q83E11      438     aroA
CBU_0527                 KCY_COXBU   Q83E10      237     cmk
CBU_0528                 RS1_COXBU   Q83E09      551     rpsA
CBU_0531                 PYRF_COXBU  Q83E06      236     pyrF
CBU_0540                 SMC_COXBU   Q81ZL2      1169    smc
CBU_0542                 DNLJ_COXBU  Q83DZ6      673     ligA
CBU_0554                 TRA1_COXBU  Q45968      364     
CBU_0556                 NADD_COXBU  Q83DY4      215     nadD
CBU_0559                 SYL_COXBU   Q83DY1      820     leuS
CBU_0564                 LNT_COXBU   Q820B4      485     lnt
CBU_0567                 YBEY_COXBU  Q83DX5      152     ybeY
CBU_0569                 MIAB_COXBU  Q83DX3      439     miaB
CBU_0587                 GLPE_COXBU  Q83DV5      107     glpE
CBU_0613                 LPXD_COXBU  Q83DT0      342     lpxD
CBU_0614                 FABZ_COXBU  Q820W7      145     fabZ
CBU_0620                 LPXB_COXBU  Q83DS5      376     lpxB
CBU_0630                 MIP_COXBU   P51752      230     mip
CBU_0648                 RISB_COXBU  Q83DP8      151     ribH
CBU_0656                 Y656_COXBU  Q83DP1      110     
CBU_0657                 RECR_COXBU  Q83DP0      201     recR
CBU_0658                 Y658_COXBU  Q83DN9      143     
CBU_0666                 DAPE_COXBU  Q83DN2      374     dapE
CBU_0667                 DAPD_COXBU  Q83DN1      271     dapD
CBU_0721                 DHSL_COXBU  P59650      352     
CBU_0737                 TIG_COXBU   Q83DJ3      442     tig
CBU_0738                 CLPP_COXBU  Q83DJ2      195     clpP
CBU_0739                 CLPX_COXBU  Q83DJ1      422     clpX
CBU_0751                 MURA_COXBU  Q83DI0      434     murA
CBU_0781                 Y781_COXBU  Q83DF6      338     
CBU_0795                 GCH1_COXBU  Q83DE3      184     folE
CBU_0808                 SYV_COXBU   Q83DD0      920     valS
CBU_0811                 RF3_COXBU   Q83DC7      525     prfC
CBU_0848                 G6PI_COXBU  Q83D91      547     pgi
CBU_0851                 RS15_COXBU  Q83D88      89      rpsO
CBU_0852                 PNP_COXBU   Q83D87      696     pnp
CBU_0853                 MGSA_COXBU  Q83D86      143     mgsA
CBU_0856                 MSBA_COXBU  Q83D84      589     msbA
CBU_0857                 LPXK_COXBU  Q83D83      325     lpxK
CBU_0864                 RS6_COXBU   Q83D76      127     rpsF
CBU_0865                 RS18_COXBU  Q83D75      73      rpsR
CBU_0867                 RL9_COXBU   Q83D73      152     rplI
CBU_0869                 ALR_COXBU   Q83D71      364     alr
CBU_0870                 SDHE_COXBU  Q83D70      82      sdhE
CBU_0874                 AROC_COXBU  Q83D67      352     aroC
CBU_0888                 BDBC_COXBU  Q83D55      147     
CBU_0893                 ACCD_COXBU  Q83D51      291     accD
CBU_0905                 RL31_COXBU  Q83D39      79      rpmE
CBU_0908                 YCIB_COXBU  Q83D36      181     
CBU_0928                 PDXH_COXBU  Q83D18      196     pdxH
CBU_0932                 GLPK_COXBU  Q83D14      501     glpK; gplK
CBU_0937                 Y937_COXBU  Q83D09      465     
CBU_0941                 FETP_COXBU  Q83D06      90      
CBU_0952                 Y952_COXBU  Q83CZ8      227     
CBU_0963                 BCP_COXBU   Q83CY8      151     bcp
CBU_0971                 PYRD_COXBU  Q83CY0      347     pyrD
CBU_0986                 RLMB_COXBU  Q83CW6      250     rlmB
CBU_0988                 UNG_COXBU   Q83CW4      229     ung
CBU_0993                 DEF1_COXBU  Q83CV9      170     def1
CBU_0996                 CYOE_COXBU  Q83CV6      305     cyoE
CBU_0998                 PURA_COXBU  Q83CV4      435     purA
CBU_1000                 LOLD_COXBU  Q83CV2      233     lolD
CBU_1004                 BIOC2_COXBU Q83CU8      248     bioC2
CBU_1007                 BIOB_COXBU  Q83CU5      321     bioB
CBU_1050                 CSRA2_COXBU Q83CQ8      70      csrA2; csrA-2
CBU_1052                 SYA_COXBU   Q83CQ6      865     alaS
CBU_1054                 RECA_COXBU  Q83CQ4      343     recA
CBU_1056                 MUTS_COXBU  Q83CQ2      859     mutS
CBU_1060                 SCPBL_COXBU Q83CP9      209     scpB
CBU_1061                 SCPA_COXBU  Q83CP8      266     scpA
CBU_1067                 TTCA_COXBU  Q83CP2      256     ttcA
CBU_1082                 MIAA_COXBU  Q820W3      311     miaA
CBU_1083                 MUTL_COXBU  Q83CM9      574     mutL
CBU_1088                 NNR_COXBU   Q83CM5      488     nnr
CBU_1090                 TRA1_COXBU  Q45968      364     
CBU_1096                 FUMC_COXBU  Q83CL8      459     fumC
CBU_1123                 CBPA_COXBU  Q83CJ2      313     cbpA
CBU_1124                 CBPM_COXBU  Q83CJ1      106     cbpM
CBU_1147                 MNMA_COXBU  Q820W2      362     mnmA; trmU
CBU_1156                 TRPA_COXBU  Q83CG2      267     trpA
CBU_1181                 THII_COXBU  Q83CD9      392     thiI
CBU_1185                 UVRC_COXBU  Q83CD5      609     uvrC
CBU_1186                 TRA1_COXBU  Q45968      364     
CBU_1188                 SYS_COXBU   P39919      423     serS
CBU_1189                 RARA_COXBU  P39918      440     rarA
CBU_1190                 LOLA_COXBU  P39917      211     lolA
CBU_1191                 FTSK_COXBU  P39920      778     ftsK; spoIIIE
CBU_1193                 TRXB_COXBU  P39916      320     trxB
CBU_1195                 IF1_COXBU   Q83CD1      83      infA
CBU_1200                 IDH_COXBU   Q9ZH99      427     icd
CBU_1201                 QUEA_COXBU  Q83CC6      343     queA
CBU_1217.1               TRA1_COXBU  Q45968      364     
CBU_1220                 PUR7_COXBU  Q83CA8      240     purC
CBU_1222                 DAPA_COXBU  Q83CA6      289     dapA
CBU_1235                 ORN_COXBU   Q83C93      183     orn
CBU_1239                 PLSY_COXBU  Q83C89      193     plsY
CBU_1240                 TSAD_COXBU  Q83C88      339     tsaD; gcp
CBU_1241                 MDH_COXBU   Q83C87      328     mdh
CBU_1245                 DER_COXBU   Q83C83      443     der; engA
CBU_1248                 SYH_COXBU   Q83C80      421     hisS
CBU_1252                 RLMN_COXBU  Q83C77      370     rlmN
CBU_1258                 NDK_COXBU   Q83C71      144     ndk
CBU_1260                 Y1260_COXBU Q83C69      248     
CBU_1265                 LIPB_COXBU  Q83C64      242     lipB
CBU_1266                 LIPA_COXBU  Q83C63      315     lipA
CBU_1267.1               SCVA_COXBU  Q45966      30      scvA
CBU_1289                 DNAJ_COXBU  P42381      374     dnaJ
CBU_1290                 DNAK_COXBU  O87712      656     dnaK; hsp71
CBU_1293                 GRPE_COXBU  Q83C41      204     grpE
CBU_1296                 NADK_COXBU  Q83C38      299     nadK
CBU_1303                 Y1303_COXBU Q83C31      101     
CBU_1305                 SSRP_COXBU  Q83C29      159     smpB
CBU_1320                 IHFA_COXBU  Q83C16      103     ihfA; himA
CBU_1321                 SYFB_COXBU  Q83C15      792     pheT
CBU_1322                 SYFA_COXBU  Q83C14      328     pheS
CBU_1323                 RL20_COXBU  Q83C13      119     rplT
CBU_1324                 RL35_COXBU  Q83C12      64      rpmI
CBU_1325                 IF3_COXBU   Q83C11      185     infC
CBU_1326                 SYT_COXBU   Q83C10      651     thrS
CBU_1338                 DDL_COXBU   Q83BZ9      372     ddl
CBU_1339                 RNH2_COXBU  Q83BZ8      202     rnhB
CBU_1341                 GUAA_COXBU  Q83BZ6      524     guaA
CBU_1350                 GLMM_COXBU  Q83BY7      446     glmM
CBU_1353                 RLME_COXBU  Q83BY4      212     rlmE; ftsJ; rrmJ
CBU_1382                 UPPS_COXBU  Q83BV5      237     uppS
CBU_1383                 RRF_COXBU   Q83BV4      185     frr
CBU_1384                 PYRH_COXBU  Q83BV3      243     pyrH
CBU_1385                 EFTS_COXBU  Q9X5U9      296     tsf
CBU_1386                 RS2_COXBU   Q9X5U8      313     rpsB
CBU_1396                 SUCD_COXBU  P53591      294     sucD
CBU_1397                 SUCC_COXBU  P53592      390     sucC
CBU_1399                 ODO1_COXBU  P51056      934     sucA
CBU_1400                 SDHB_COXBU  P51053      235     sdhB
CBU_1401                 SDHA_COXBU  P51054      587     sdhA
CBU_1402                 DHSD_COXBU  P51057      115     sdhD
CBU_1403                 DHSC_COXBU  P51055      125     sdhC
CBU_1410                 CISY_COXBU  P18789      430     gltA
CBU_1413                 Y1413_COXBU Q83BT9      259     
CBU_1416                 Y1416_COXBU Q83BT6      216     
CBU_1417                 NUSB_COXBU  Q83BT5      138     nusB
CBU_1418                 NRDR_COXBU  Q83BT4      157     nrdR
CBU_1419                 GLYA_COXBU  Q83BT3      419     glyA
CBU_1430                 TRUB_COXBU  Q4AAX7      309     truB
CBU_1431                 RBFA_COXBU  Q83BS2      119     rbfA
CBU_1432                 IF2_COXBU   Q83BS1      803     infB
CBU_1433                 NUSA_COXBU  Q83BS0      503     nusA
CBU_1434                 RIMP_COXBU  Q83BR9      153     rimP
CBU_1435                 NUON_COXBU  Q83BR8      482     nuoN
CBU_1438                 NUOK_COXBU  Q83BR5      101     nuoK
CBU_1440                 NUOI_COXBU  Q83BR3      163     nuoI
CBU_1441                 NUOH_COXBU  Q83BR2      340     nuoH
CBU_1445                 NUOD_COXBU  Q83BQ8      417     nuoD
CBU_1446                 NUOC_COXBU  Q83BQ7      227     nuoC
CBU_1447                 NUOB_COXBU  Q83BQ6      161     nuoB
CBU_1448                 NUOA_COXBU  Q83BQ5      120     nuoA
CBU_1450                 TPIS_COXBU  Q83BQ3      255     tpiA
CBU_1474                 GATA_COXBU  Q83BM9      483     gatA
CBU_1475                 GATB_COXBU  Q83BM8      477     gatB
CBU_1478                 AHPD_COXBU  Q83BM5      177     ahpD
CBU_1487                 SYC_COXBU   Q83BL7      460     cysS
CBU_1488                 SYE2_COXBU  Q83BL6      465     gltX2; gltX-2
CBU_1489                 LPXH_COXBU  Q83BL5      243     lpxH
CBU_1494                 PDXJ_COXBU  Q83BL1      240     pdxJ
CBU_1501                 RECO_COXBU  P51838      231     recO
CBU_1502                 ERA_COXBU   P51836      295     era
CBU_1503                 RNC_COXBU   P51837      233     rnc
CBU_1505                 LEPA_COXBU  Q83BK3      602     lepA
CBU_1509                 TILS_COXBU  Q83BJ9      449     tilS
CBU_1510                 ACCA_COXBU  Q83BJ8      316     accA
CBU_1518                 GPDA_COXBU  Q83BJ0      332     gpsA
CBU_1519                 SECB_COXBU  Q83BI9      161     secB
CBU_1536                 GPMI_COXBU  Q83BH2      519     gpmI
CBU_1547                 TYSY_COXBU  Q83BG2      264     thyA
CBU_1549                 LGT_COXBU   Q83BG0      261     lgt
CBU_1551                 RPPH_COXBU  Q83BF8      228     rppH; nudH
CBU_1565                 SYDND_COXBU Q83BE5      590     aspS
CBU_1566                 Y1566_COXBU Q83BE4      244     
CBU_1567                 RUVC_COXBU  Q83BE3      172     ruvC
CBU_1568                 RUVA_COXBU  Q83BE2      200     ruvA
CBU_1570.2               TRA1_COXBU  Q45968      364     
CBU_1570                 RUVB_COXBU  Q83BE0      351     ruvB
CBU_1578                 Y1578_COXBU Q83BD3      278     
CBU_1590.2               TRA1_COXBU  Q45968      364     
CBU_1593                 RS21_COXBU  Q83BB9      74      rpsU
CBU_1596                 RPOD_COXBU  Q83BB6      698     rpoD
CBU_1600                 Y1600_COXBU Q83BB2      181     
CBU_1602                 RIMK_COXBU  Q83BB0      301     rimK
CBU_1639.3               TRA1_COXBU  Q45968      364     
CBU_1655                 HLDE_COXBU  Q83B60      475     hldE; rfaE
CBU_1669                 RPOS_COXBU  Q9KI19      352     rpoS
CBU_1671                 SURE_COXBU  Q9KI21      258     surE
CBU_1673                 FTSB_COXBU  Q83B45      89      ftsB
CBU_1674                 ENO_COXBU   Q83B44      428     eno
CBU_1675                 KDSA_COXBU  Q83B43      280     kdsA
CBU_1682                 PYRG_COXBU  Q83B36      555     pyrG
CBU_1688                 DCD_COXBU   Q83B31      188     dcd
CBU_1695                 SYM_COXBU   Q83B24      546     metG
CBU_1699.1               TRA1_COXBU  Q45968      364     
CBU_1708                 SODF_COXBU  P19685      193     sodB
CBU_1709                 DAPB_COXBU  P24703      239     dapB
CBU_1713                 GCSPB_COXBU Q83B09      491     gcvPB
CBU_1714                 GCSPA_COXBU Q83B08      446     gcvPA
CBU_1715                 GCSH_COXBU  Q83B07      130     gcvH
CBU_1716.1               TRA1_COXBU  Q45968      364     
CBU_1716                 GCST_COXBU  Q83B06      363     gcvT
CBU_1718                 CH60_COXBU  P19421      552     groL; groEL; htpB; mopA
CBU_1719                 CH10_COXBU  P19422      96      groS; groES; htpA
CBU_1729                 HEM6_COXBU  Q83AZ6      310     hemF
CBU_1736                 PUR5_COXBU  Q83AZ0      352     purM
CBU_1742                 Y1742_COXBU Q83AY5      120     
CBU_1743                 GMHA_COXBU  Q83AY4      199     gmhA
CBU_1747                 SSPA_COXBU  Q83AY0      209     sspA
CBU_1748                 RS9_COXBU   Q83AX9      139     rpsI
CBU_1749                 RL13_COXBU  Q83AX8      142     rplM
CBU_1754                 Y1754_COXBU Q83AX3      198     
CBU_1758.1               TRA1_COXBU  Q45968      364     
CBU_1772                 ENGB_COXBU  Q83AV6      205     engB
CBU_1782                 PGK_COXBU   Q83AU6      391     pgk
CBU_1812                 PDXB_COXBU  Q83AR8      366     pdxB
CBU_1816                 EFP_COXBU   Q83AR4      188     efp
CBU_1818                 Y1818_COXBU Q83AR2      481     
CBU_1819                 Y1819_COXBU Q83AR1      377     
CBU_1826                 PSD_COXBU   Q83AQ4      282     psd
CBU_1827                 CCA_COXBU   Q820V9      376     cca
CBU_1829                 LOLB_COXBU  Q83AQ2      210     lolB
CBU_1830                 KPRS_COXBU  Q83AQ1      319     prs; prsA
CBU_1840                 RL25_COXBU  Q83AP1      244     rplY; ctc
CBU_1841                 PTH_COXBU   Q83AP0      187     pth
CBU_1870                 COQ7_COXBU  Q83AL3      215     coq7
CBU_1873                 DJLA_COXBU  Q45885      270     djlA; mucZ
CBU_1875                 GSHB_COXBU  Q83AL0      321     gshB
CBU_1876                 RSMJ_COXBU  Q83AK9      254     rsmJ
CBU_1878                 ERPA_COXBU  Q83AK7      134     erpA
CBU_1879                 DEF2_COXBU  Q83AK6      209     def2
CBU_1882                 GSA_COXBU   Q83AK3      435     hemL
CBU_1892                 AROK_COXBU  Q83AJ3      179     aroK
CBU_1893                 AROB_COXBU  Q83AJ2      360     aroB
CBU_1896.1               TRA1_COXBU  Q45968      364     
CBU_1913                 SYGA_COXBU  P94616      319     glyQ
CBU_1914                 SYGB_COXBU  P45651      689     glyS
CBU_1915                 RSMB_COXBU  P45679      430     rsmB; rrmB; sun
CBU_1916                 USPA2_COXBU P45680      146     uspA2; uspA
CBU_1917                 RL34_COXBU  P45647      44      rpmH
CBU_1918                 RNPA_COXBU  P45648      121     rnpA
CBU_1919                 YIDD_COXBU  P45649      88      
CBU_1920                 YIDC_COXBU  P45650      566     yidC
CBU_1922                 MNME_COXBU  P94612      452     mnmE; trmE
CBU_1924                 MNMG_COXBU  P94613      627     mnmG; gidA
CBU_1925                 RSMG_COXBU  P94614      204     rsmG; gidB
CBU_1927                 PARB_COXBU  Q83AH2      290     parB
CBU_1939                 ATP6_COXBU  Q83AG1      264     atpB
CBU_1941                 ATPF_COXBU  Q83AF9      156     atpF
CBU_1942                 ATPD_COXBU  Q83AF8      185     atpH
CBU_1943                 ATPA_COXBU  Q83AF7      515     atpA
CBU_1944                 ATPG_COXBU  Q83AF6      289     atpG
CBU_1945                 ATPB_COXBU  Q83AF5      461     atpD
CBU_1946                 ATPE_COXBU  Q83AF4      142     atpC
CBU_1947                 GLMU_COXBU  Q83AF3      455     glmU
CBU_1959.2               TRA1_COXBU  Q45968      364     
CBU_1964                 PRMC_COXBU  Q83AD8      277     prmC; hemK
CBU_1965                 RF1_COXBU   P47849      361     prfA
CBU_1966                 HEM1_COXBU  P47846      413     hemA
CBU_1970                 DAPF_COXBU  Q83AD4      276     dapF
CBU_1978                 LPTD_COXBU  Q83AC6      870     lptD; imp; ostA
CBU_1982                 RSMA_COXBU  Q83AC2      258     rsmA; ksgA
CBU_1983                 USPA1_COXBU Q83AC1      144     uspA1
CBU_1987.2               TRA1_COXBU  Q45968      364     
CBU_1987                 APAH_COXBU  Q83AB7      291     apaH
CBU_1995                 ACYP_COXBU  Q83AB0      95      acyP
CBU_1997                 FMT_COXBU   Q83AA8      314     fmt
CBU_1999                 SMG_COXBU   Q83AA6      158     smg
CBU_2003                 TSAC_COXBU  Q83AA2      186     tsaC; rimN
CBU_2008                 SYR_COXBU   Q83A98      592     argS
CBU_2011                 HSLV_COXBU  Q83A95      181     hslV
CBU_2012                 HSLU_COXBU  Q83A94      447     hslU
CBU_2017                 UBIE_COXBU  Q83A90      250     ubiE
CBU_2025                 METC_COXBU  Q83A83      387     metC
CBU_2030                 METK_COXBU  Q83A78      393     metK
CBU_2031                 SAHH_COXBU  Q83A77      438     ahcY
CBU_2048                 METE_COXBU  Q83A62      775     metE
CBU_2069                 KITH_COXBU  Q83A42      196     tdk
CBU_2074                 HEM3_COXBU  Q83A37      307     hemC
CBU_2075                 AROD_COXBU  Q83A36      233     aroD
CBU_2079                 Y2079_COXBU Q83A32      134     
CBU_2083                 QUEC_COXBU  Q83A28      226     queC
CBU_2092                 PCKA_COXBU  Q83A19      517     pckA
CBU_2093                 Y2093_COXBU Q83A18      194     
CBU_2094                 YQGF_COXBU  Q83A17      141     
CBU_2095                 PYRB_COXBU  Q83A16      310     pyrB
CBU_2097                 RL36_COXBU  Q4AAY2      40      rpmJ
CBUA0006                 Y3006_COXBU Q45952      341     
CBUA0016                 CBHE_COXBU  P26688      341     cbhE
CBUA0032                 CPDA_COXBU  Q839Z9      248     cpdA

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